Waypoints Edition!

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Harvest them with style <3

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Hope you enjoy with this <3

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  • Waypoints is back! All but no Ore Edition! :3
  • (Make sure you disable [Meteorite Waypoint] if you had it on, then enjoy new one <3)
  • I'm afraid that Meteorite will be alone forever, So I made this . . . now you can find his friends when they're in your sight!
  • 7 Thingies you can find with this mod
  • Don't forget to group up with your friends and go harvest them all!
  • Not Poke Stop, umm k?



                 Sample :

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liked this! This has been a life saver but mine just stopped working and I don't have any override folders?
liked this!

With the eclipse update this mod doesn't work anymore: could you please update it?

Delete all folder "overide" and you're mod is on

WE WANT A Ore Edition!



Ores are not voxels. so it's impossible :)


i would love for you to make it so it also finds where Ores are, it would be great to have

liked this!

Kewl mod. One of those mods you go from "I don't need it. Eh, I'll install it just for laughs." to "Dayum, how did I even played without it?!"

ores use the same model but different textures, so is harder to made a waypoint for them

liked this!

it will be very great if u add golden soul too...

This has so much potentual and you NEED to add ore waypoints to this. they will boost it through the roof making this one of the best mods out there in my opinion

liked this!

vry useful mod.


I got ancient dragon freaking easy with this.

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Author: KawaiiCaretaker

Tags: Cosmetics,waypoint

Notes: Harvest them with style <3 [All Edition]

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  • blueprint 7+
    • entity_harvesting_bottle_plant
    • entity_harvesting_cupcake_plant
    • entity_harvesting_dragonskull
    • entity_harvesting_meteor
    • entity_harvesting_treestump
    • e_f_cave_mushroom_03
    • e_f_mushroom_01
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    • cover
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Created: January 25, 2017

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