Mod Packs

Mod Packs are lists of mods grouped together, anyone can create one if they are logged in and can be used to help group mods you like, or follow a similar theme.

List of Mod Packs

Listing all Mod Packs.


November 15, 2020 SkyRider3217 Closed List The Dominating Dolphins Pack

|| Dolphin Pod (A group of Dolphins)||Introducing the playful yet curious creatures of the seas. These marine creatures come in many different types to occupy their surroundings.All mount variations replace the [collection=Frolicksome Fox Spirit] (An Adventure Box Fox Spirit mount)Also replaces [collection=Racing Raptor] for those who do not have the mount.

October 30, 2020 TheStimerGames Closed List Restored from files stuff

I thought that having pack filled with stuff that was restored from game's files would be better...

October 28, 2020 octarock Closed Release The Able gamers Mod Pack

Hi I want to make this Pack for the game as I part of the able gamers stream team an will be stream trove on the 28th of Oct at 6pm EST @  For Gamigo20th

October 24, 2020 KRBuildGenius Closed List Pokemon in Geode


October 24, 2020 KRBuildGenius Closed Release Rainbow Dragon Remake


October 20, 2020 Aspiicote Closed List Aspii's Essential mods packerino

Simple modpack to make Trove playable

October 16, 2020 KRBuildGenius Closed Release Kamen Rider Build Series


October 4, 2020 octarock Closed Release Gamigo 20th Anniversary

Gamigo 20th Anniversary  Pack

September 30, 2020 octarock Closed Release The Pet Shop Fish Pack

the fish shop pet shop pack more will added i off click del on the pack

September 12, 2020 TheStimerGames Closed Release Lobster/Crab attack!

Pack which contains allies made on Hermitcrab rig. All of them used items' models for design, because well... most of them were these items in past or just a fusion happened... Anyways, they are living, are moving, are love))