Mod Packs

Mod Packs are lists of mods grouped together, anyone can create one if they are logged in and can be used to help group mods you like, or follow a similar theme.

List of Mod Packs

Listing all Mod Packs.


August 14, 2021 Cr0nicl3D3str0y3r Closed List Lava UI


August 10, 2021 SkyRider3217 Closed List Mega Axolotl Collaboration Pack

A pack dedicated to the Axolotl! 

August 8, 2021 TheStimerGames Open List Joke Mods

A pack that contains mods that were made just as a joke and weren't mean to be serious)) ?

August 4, 2021 MrrrConneCT Closed List What mods uses "MrrrConneCT"?


July 10, 2021 NUMBER55 Closed List PACKAGE55


July 7, 2021 TheStimerGames Closed List A modpack with what Stimer often plays

Just a pack which i use to play Trove, nothing interesting

July 5, 2021 uRaveen Closed List uRaveen's mod pack 2021


June 25, 2021 PouapMoiSiTuPeux Closed Release Pouap Mods 2021

Les mods que j'utilise actuellement

June 14, 2021 Etaew Open List Bard Challenge

Mods for the Bard modding challenge

June 13, 2021 PichuYang Closed List PY Mod Collection

This is because many modders name their .tmod files with a DIFFERENT name than the Trovesaurus site.The tool will not link installed mod properly to check for update/info. So, please consider install from the tool MANUALLY.