Etaewday Celebrations

August 29, 2016 | Etaew | 2,257

To celebrate Etaewday, the day where Etaew tries to comfort himself that he is getting older. We'll be hosting a few community events, check out the list below.


Etaewday will run for 3 days from Monday, August 29 to Wednesday, August 31.

For specific times please check the calendar on the front page.

Badly Drawn Etaew

Courtesy of Chronozilla, you don't want to see my attempt.

  • Draw a representation of Etaew, badly or well
  • Submit your attempt to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Badly Drawn Etaew
  • 2 random winners will receive a Trove Pack
  • 1 winner that is well drawn will be chosen by Etaew to receive a Trove Pack

Dress Like Etaew

You all want to, look at that mustache!

Can you match Etaew's in-game appearance?

  • Dress your character like Etaew
  • Submit a screenshot to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Dress Like Etaew Screenshot
  • 2 random winners will receive a Trove Pack.

How do you say Etaew?

Nobody knows.

  • Leave a comment on this article with how you think Etaew is pronounced
  • A random commenter that attempts this will receive a Trove Pack. 

e.g. Avarem might be pronounced Av-er-em, who knows.

Badly Drawn Etaew

Dress Like Etaew Screenshot


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