Rosain promotes - suggarrhighh! 24

Watch Stream Badge runs, And i swear - ill make my 550 mr today


Rampages don’t care what you’re doing… IT’S RAMPAGE TIME!!

I do plan on making a variety of sail designs. Why not, we do need more sail mods out there. :D

Was gonna make this a sail design but it was too busy so I decided to post this as art. :P

You'll have to go to the border of Neon City and Forbidden Spires, make a plasma stream going into Forbidden Spires and then you can be able to fish for the Lionfish. As far as I know, there aren't any Lairs or Dungeons with the plasma so you'll have to do what I explained.

If I'm wrong about there being any plasma in dungeons, let me know.

One of the new commands that became an afterthought cause Trion didn’t share it with the world on the patch notes when it went live. Go around and share this with your fellow Trovians so we can raise awareness.

Use for Contest Art, not an entry

The greatest mystery of the unknown texture is solved! Still, don’t know what those chains do…

Sorry if this takes too long to load the image fully, its big enough for a good background for your desktop wallpaper.


Sometimes, it’s annoying to fish in prime worlds.


COSTUME ( Ice Sage)

No description entered

The number of dragons he finds every day is ridiculous!

Happy birthday, CryoGX!! 

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You’re such a good boss design-wise, but you are such an annoying boss to fight…

It happens to the best of us... and Virum, you got a good point. Those things ARE pretty precious and unobtainable.

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YYYEEEEEESSSSS!! Finally something good in Luxion's market! Great job Trion, you listened to the community!

Art for contest use, not as an entry.

You’d be lucky to get SOMETHING from a dev stream.

Happy Birthday man!! \o/



I am known as SkyTheVirus... or Commander Vitus. A well known Trove Artist who is also a virus :P jk...

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