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Feels bad for Dr. Darknik if he deals with this every day.


If only the allies were a little smarter…

Color palette form the glowing blocks of the costume. Made the outline transparent to have the negative space make my outlines.

I really need to do daughter again… Ugh. Also, 4TH WALL BREAKING!!

If only… Also, I feel bad that SkyRider got a Princey McEvilface on PTS and not on Live.

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Don’t ever challenge a Draco to a racing contest when there’s lava involved.

Well, let's just say this was expected...

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t get what you want? In this case, something really good for others but not for you? Also, lucky number 7 for SkyRider.

Commission for LordMix of his Dino Tamer and Revenant

Seriously, the gems really like to roll to Maximum Health all the time! I swear!


Happy B-Day Chrono!!



I should really be at the club world 10 minutes before a rampage starts…



Rampages don’t care what you’re doing… IT’S RAMPAGE TIME!!

I do plan on making a variety of sail designs. Why not, we do need more sail mods out there. :D



I am known as SkyTheVirus... or Commander Vitus. A well known Trove Artist who is also a virus :P jk...

Check out all my other art on my DeviantArt!  

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