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Trove themed fan-art, images are uploaded by the user and can be assigned a category and various tags. All uploads must be your own original work.

To join the art discussion you can visit the #artists channel in the Trovesaurus Discord server.


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Faetember Results

Etaew October 2, 2017 0 0

Thanks for taking part in our Faetember art contest, to continue our rotation of judges this week we have [user=Pasteis] (because FAE!!!), [user=WyvernWarrior223], Luone and Junebug_Poop (because Fae Queen).

Club Leader Spotlight - Nina

Etaew July 23, 2019 5 17

This time on our Club Leader Spotlight we talk to Nina, who is the leader of Alpha Legacy and Legalize Sunlight Bulbs as well as manages the Trove Club Quests Discord Server.