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Not as flashy as the others, but very fitting. Great atmosphere.

Voted: Ice Sage

I really like the aspect of the transforming back. It makes him look so much more menacing. Aside from his minion...

You might want to think about changing the following construct: "Ends [TIME] from now" into "Ends in [TIME]". That's cleaner and should be way easier to translate. At least in German it sounds incredibly stupid if you try to stick to the "from now".

And if you can manage for the German pages you should change the order from: "[TIME] ago" to "[German word for ago] [TIME]". It's not as bad as the first issue, but still bad.


Cool project!

Information on how to obtain certain items is still missing in many places. Additionally, you should display that information not only on the overview page where all items of the same category are listed, but also on the items' pages themselves. Like you already do with craftables.

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On second thought maybe it sounds more like:


 Happy birthday, Etaew, you're managing a very promising website!


My guess for the pronounciation of your interesting name is:


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Nice interview. I like how we get information about so many topics. Adventuring, crafting, gearing philosophy and much more.

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Will the new biome have its own new crafting material? Like Bleached Bones in Dragonfire Peaks, Robotic Salvage in Neon City or Glacial Shards in Permafrost?

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