I didn't know if her Neon ninja was male or female, so I just decided male.  It was fun drawing the glow, but the butterfly is so sloppily drawn, ahaha

:3 cute!

Ridiculous colored lineart because I didn't have time to really color it (yet).... it looks like I spilled paint all over it, lol


Happy Birthday, Tali! :3

"Curse you, Quinnce" -Chicken with Pumpkin Costume

SkyRider's character is male.  SkyRider is female.  So I combined them and made a female version of her char :p

:O Wowzers! Nice job, Blackie!

Oh man, should I enter? O_O

I have no idea what I would draw though...  but it would be fun drawing a modders mod.

It's exciting seeing where people are from, especially when its unexpected :D

congratz to the winners!

A.K.A Quinnce, Kilikclia, Ardnak   |   DeviantArt

xD thanks

I actually drew this picture last year and never finished colored it >.< I'm so so sorry for procratinating.

Oh wow! That's one yummy cake; good job! :D

Original Art

Original Art

A.K.A Quinnce, Kilikclia, Ardnak   |   DeviantArt

If you type in "T-Shirt Contest" in the tags, it should be submitted to the contest :>

For Ainogommon and KawaiiCaretaker's contest.

For Ainogommon and KawaiiCaretaker's contest.

My "quick" entry for Gaugekelley's Contest. Thought of ideas and decided to go for a simple, cute, gif animation. :3

I know this is late, but I still wanted to submit it :3  Best of Luck, Avarem!


Just a Trove player who wants to keep leveling, enter contests, and draw fanart.

O_O My Trovesaurus TroveTools link isn't working with Trove.  Despite what it says, I have logged in the past few days.

My DeviantArt | A.K.A Kilikclia, Ardnak | 3YJG7HCX7FKNCNX36W2J |

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