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I think, he first time I visited this website was in august/september 2015. I was looking for info about few things in trove I couldn't found how to get inside the game, and then I found trovesaurus serching on internet.


The first two months I couldn't see the things well until trovesarus change the website.

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I think like the others, the most important is news. Unless it can be also the guides, and I can help to translate some of them into spanish.

In "played games", the rewards are for people that played that amount of hours in the past or during the event?

Voted: Pirate Captain

I think I found an error: Funereal Pharaoh category changed from 'Tomb Raiser' to 'InProgress'


It is already in the game, I think.

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I think that you have had help from other people, doesn't it?

The third is impossible to me, I don't know how are that amount of people that found the soultion! Luck to all people that found all answers.

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As always, it is amazing, but I prefer the others you'd done.

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Voted: Ice Sage

Really difficult to win something now. Congrat to the winners, looks awesome that mods. :)))

COSTUME ( Dino Tamer)

-Change the costume. The mod had been created with the purpose to be laughing a lot of hours watching this "thing" moving.

You can use OBS.

WOW, for new players is really well, bu for old like me, I have all.


Before MOP edition, the cost of class were lowest, didn't it??


First of all. The spanish the was selected was badly translated. In spanish we use ¿? also another type of interrogation mark to make questions. This translation, has also a few trasnlated words that are not correct translated, so, why don't we choose another spanish translation?


For example, the word ago must be translated as "hace" instead of "atrás". Two months ago-"Hace dos meses" and not "Atrás dos meses" that has been translated in that "language pack".

The accent marks are not correctly used, so; can we choose another?


Could you make a poll to use in each language the pack that we most like?

I like tha updates every 2 weeks, I said 9 months ago and they do that. Great job trion for 1st time. When will they fix map?

If the winner of dino tamer class unlock has already the class, what happens??; I want to participate if I found I guide to make mods, but I want to unlockthe dino tamer this afternoon after the patch.

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