Remember me? no, you don't.

0.05% chance? LMAO. Is that the fragment drop-rate?

Anyway GL to all

Bend time itself to your will. (ง '-' )ง


It can lift its own weight but not with you, stupid.


COSTUME ( Pirate Captain)

turret ulti decoy coming soon

No description entered

Last wave code send, from now on I'll be dead for weeks +, gotta enjoy entries clogged

I'll be back on 4th Dec, feel free to submit entries. I'll check it out later after I'm free ASAP.


Also Good luck best wish o/

After long years have passed, The pandas have come and met each other again at Forbidden Spires.

fun experiment 

No description entered

No description entered

No description entered


Was doing it for fun \o/, hope you will like it

500 บาทจ่ายมาค่าเข้าคลับ รับ formicitefor my builder friend ^^

6 hours spend sniff *bburn

20 code left until event finished GL

60 codes + sent, still 3 days left, gl to everyone b4 my code ran out

*shrug, I steal ya FREEDOM

depended on a piece of work, I tend to look at fan art more than coloring, but yeah I just looking for the one that "impressed" me

I'll send a code to participants each day so don't worry if I'm going to send it at end of the promo.

Also for the extra, if you really did a great job on the piece of work. I would tip you a Wyntegra code [Glacial shard dragon]

Saw old work just want to do some doodle out of it. Been cleaning drive and junk.

now it does, just update your :P

added clip to description box, check ettt out

hmm idk what to write but Footage vid is coming soon tm


Let's see how long this will last? As I officially done with the game.

For me, Trove is like a Love-Hate relationship. Well, that's it :\

From love to hate as soon as I dug deep down and discovered the truth

Ign: Ainogommon
Title: Salty aino


My art storage site. If you want to look at my works, never lowball, most of the stuff I get returned to decent fanart

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