We've updated the Trovesaurus database for the Rise of the Shadow Tower Update.

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Shadow Tower

  • Dream Brony category changed from Shadow Arena to Shadow Tower
  • Magic Carpet category changed from Shadow Arena to Shadow Tower
  • Shadow Ray name changed from Shadow Manta Ray
  • Shadow Ray icon updated from to
  • Shadow Ray category changed from InProgress to Shadow Tower
  • Insanisteed category changed from Shadow Arena to Shadow Tower
  • Shadow Crawler category changed from InProgress to Shadow Tower
  • Spikewalker Hatchling - Laying spikes in some musty tower is old hat, this little guy wants something more out of life.
  • Kami of Smoldering Scorn - Its head hangs languid in defeat, but Vengeance is restless and never lies low for long.
  • Twitching Tentacle category changed from InProgress to Shadow Tower
  • Momoonga the Mischievous - Favoured of the Moon Goddess, she's always up for a spot of fun
  • Lunar Veil - A whimsical wisp of light, just barely solid enough to carry your weight.

Shadow Arena

  • Chaotic Sail category changed from InProgress to Shadow Arena


In Progress

Lunar Lancer



  • Eye Encyclopedia - Accumulates experience as you do. When fully charged it produces 300 Eyes of Q'bthulhu. Obtained from the Shadowy Market in the Shadow Tower
  • Tentacle Tract - Accumulates experience as you do. When fully charged it produces 20 Tentacles of Q'bthulhu. Obtained from the Shadowy Market in the Shadow Tower
  • Dragon Coin Digest - Accumulates experience as you do. When fully charged it produces 3 Dragon Coins.
  • Chaos Codex - Accumulates experience as you do. When fully charged it produces 10 Chaos Chests.




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  • Crimson Straightedge by Trove Team - A weapon of unusual manufacture, but modest quality
  • Straight Steel by Trove Team - Unerringly strikes without swerving from its target
  • 'Chiefed Chopper by Cretoriani - Tied to its shaft is the token of some forgotten love
  • Pitch Fork by fatherGIGA - For when every field is a battlefield
  • Torment Stoker by Razkharn - Its sole purpose is to inflict pain as punishment
  • Broadblade Bill by Destral - Its heavily reinforced head is highly effective against armored foes
  • Gold-Flanged Ranseur by Swashbuckler - This guardsman's polearm is likely worth more than its wielder's wages
  • Golden Darter by Destral - In skilled hands, its blows are lightning-quick and impossible to avoid
  • Sweeping Gale by Trove Team - Spin it around and blow your foes away
  • Gilded Gouger by Afalach - It is suprising how such a beautiful weapon leaves such hideous wounds
  • Pole Cleaver by Rivale - The hefty blade on the end makes quick work of lightly armored foes
  • Golden Threader by Trove Team - So accurate, it has been known to shatter rocks with a well-placed tap
  • Rise High, Lay Low by Trove Team - Destined for a great hero tasked with taking down numerous nefarious nemeses
  • Graphic Violence by Trove Team - The numbers don't lie - they only go up
  • Whirlwind's Wake by Destral - The weapon of a young heroine who razed and rebuilt a mighty empire
  • Crescent Crest by Trove Team - This magnificent lunar lance once belonged to the Moondaughter, who wielded it with swift ferocity
  • Decisive Dawnstar by CreepnChristian - Named after a mysterious celestial body sometimes visible at sunrise
  • Draccoon's Dirge by Trove Team - Draccoons habitually entered battle with bellowed songs in honor of those about to be slain
  • Darkened Drake by Trove Team - Even Zehira's brood were not immune to the corrupting influence of Shadow
  • Herald of the Harrowing by Trove Team - It appears to represent some unfathomable extradimensional entity. Just looking at it makes you squicky
  • Terror's Torrent by Trove Team - Adorned with a somber visage of strangely regal disposition, it emanates a palpable aura of dread
  • Relished Requiem by Trove Team - It makes it hard to keep your head on straight while in combat
  • Faithless Folly by Trove Team - None, not even those closest to the Moon Goddess, foresaw the darkness growing in her heart
  • Baron of Blades by Trove Team - Few weapons are so famous as to completely subsume their wielder's identities. This is one such weapon
  • Orbiting Obituary by Trove Team - Presages death and suffering in inconceivable quantities
  • Spite Spetum by Trove Team - It serves only because it hates others more than it hates you
  • Weighted Warpike by Trove Team - Heavy and unwieldy, it requires training and conditioning to use adequately
  • Highlands Halberd by Trove Team - In common use by the folk of the highlands, who appreciate is practicality
  • Obsidian-Tipped Spear by Cretoriani - A massive chunk of sharpened rock tips this ancient spear
  • Cactote Warspear by Trove Team - Cactotes rely mostly on unarmed combat, so some surmise this weapon is mostly ceremonial
  • Mark V Boring Bit by Trove Team - The Arcanium Revolution eventually made this manual mining tool obsolete through robotization
  • Sunscoured Fang by Trove Team - The remains of the predator species this fang belonged to litter the Desert Frontier
  • Arcanium Arete by Trove Team - One of the earliest arcanium weapon prototypes, it performs well beyond any of its creators' predictions
  • Gloomgaze Glaive by Zukusu - The patterns on its blade resemble a shifting eye, studying its surroundings
  • Grim Razor by Trove Team - The intricate blade looks perfect for sacrifices and other such unwholesome activities
  • Bone-Studded Bardiche by Trove Team - An otherwise plain weapon, the chunks of bone embedded in it hint at its sinister origins
  • Sheet Sleet by Zirk - Like the winter's chill, it finds a way to pierce to the bone
  • Silver Sliver by Byoo - A long spear comes in handy when fending off the predators of the Permafrost
  • Jagged Ice Lance by Trove Team - Likely employed by Frost Fae knights mounted on Frosthounds, or maybe Polar Worms
  • Permafrost Pilum by Trove Team - At the height of its might, the Frost Fae empire stretched across Permafrost
  • Hailstorm Halberd by Trove Team - Frostflake's teachings made the Frost Fae mighty and wise
  • Green Legion Glaive by Mrfondle - The Green Legion mediated in many conflicts between Fae and non-Fae
  • Ironleaf Spear by Destral - Believed to be of ancient Fae manufacture
  • Fallen Leaf by Destral - Issued to elite combat units who were not expected to return from battle
  • Willow Widow by Trove Team - Many widowed Fae embark on journeys of mourning and self-discovery
  • Tangle Raker by Trove Team - Fae use longer weapons to clear brush to avoid ambushes by hidden predators
  • Sanctum Sinari by Trove Team - Sinari are highly-prized heirlooms handed down through lineages of royal custodians
  • Ashen Agitator by Anzy - When all that is left is ash in the wind, its work will be done
  • Heartburn Halberd by Trove Team - Believed by some to heat the blood of a struck foe, leading to a swift and agonizing death
  • Dormant Drakelance by Trove Team - The draconic spirit within slumbers, its flame dim and fickle
  • Lava Lance by Trove Team - Its intense heat can pierce through dragon scales, making it a great jousting weapon
  • Guided Flameglaive by Trove Team - The handle on the head expands the wielder's possibilities in combat
  • Volatile Voulge by Trove Team - These weapons are notorious for exploding in battle, so use it with care
  • Flaming Filament by Erudito - Its edge is composed of a conductor hot enough to melt lesser metals
  • Shock Shear by Acculluz - It slices, it dices, it makes your foes cry, all from a safe distance
  • Socket Seeker by Cman0147 - Always looking to find a way to plug itself into your foes
  • Violent Vector by Trove Team - Designed to go in one direction, and one direction alone
  • Algorithmic Avalanche by Trove Team - Launches multi-pronged attacks from a variety of vectors, overwhelming the target
  • Exponential Exploit by Trove Team - Looks for an opening, then attacks it in a relentlessly scaling onslaught
  • Processor Prod by Trove Team - When mechanicals misbehave, this poker puts them back in their place
  • Citrineon Severlance by Trove Team - Decked with photon blades on two axes for optimal combat output
  • Partisan Piroulette by Uberzolik - Looks like its last victim bit off more of the blade than they could chew
  • Sharp Mint Spear by Trove Team - So sharp and strong, it will have your foes sucking in their breath
  • Plum Gum Pike by Trove Team - It looks squishy, but the rock sugar crystals on its surface leave deep lacerations
  • Soft Serf Spetum by Trove Team - Best used on foes' faces for a hearty helping of brain freeze
  • Cenobite Spade by Trove Team - Corrupt and drunk with power, few Cenobites remember their rigorous training with this weapon
  • Solar Sentry by Trove Team - A common sight in days gone by, when the Sun Goddess's followers kept the Sky Realms safe
  • Sunfire Scimistave by Trove Team - Shaped from a sunbeam captured and congealed by magical means
  • Sunbird Spear by Trove Team - Some believe Cygnus served the Moon Goddess before becoming a Celestial Paragon
  • Sol Blazer by Trove Team - When shadow reigns, a hero will descend from the Sky Realm to put an end to death's toll
  • Skyshard Svarta by Balthier - The blade of this rare weapon is crafted with refined crystallized clouds
  • Schism Seeker by Trove Team - Created to seek and seal weaknesses in the fabric of reality, it can also be used to rip them open
  • Tranquil Trident by BurningPhoenix - Not to be used for stirring up trouble or roiling people's tempers
  • Piercing Polyp by Martik - This strange coral colony grew around a mysterious aqueous crystal
  • Polly's Poker by Trove Team - Some parrots prefer to get up close and personal
  • Wintertide Trident by Trove Team - Retrieved from the frozen Northern Seas, it appears to have some connection to cold currents
  • Kraken Killer by Trove Team - Kraken, Leviathan, Megalodon, any oversized marine menace will do, really
  • Kaboom Harpoon by Trove Team - Don't point it anywhere except overboard. Seriously
  • Whisker Wedge by Trove Team - This stabbing 'stache ensures your attacks are always on point
  • Sparring Spear by Trove Team - It still hurts when you poke folks with it


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