We've updated the Trovesaurus database for the Summer Pin Edition.







Melee Weapon

  • Icy Citrus by Trove Team - The perfect balance of sweet and tart
  • Castle Creator by Trove Team - Shovels sand into something grand
  • Brilliant Blade by Trove Team - Consecrated to the Sun Goddess, who in turned blessed it with her power

Pistol Weapon

  • Beach Blazer by Trove Team - Dispenses with the formalities and gets right down to business
  • Summer Flamer by Trove Team - A tendril of sunfire, captured and converted into a weapon
  • Fire Fist by Trove Team - Consecrated to the Sun Goddess, it puts the darkness in its place

Staff Weapon

  • Spellmaster Solberd by Trove Team - The greatest Radiant wizards carried these poleaxes during processions honoring the Sun Goddess
  • Mirrored Magnificence by Trove Team - The summer solstice marks the high point of the festivities celebrating the Sun and Moon Goddesses
  • Solar Solenoid by Trove Team - Channels the sun's energy to magnify your magic

Bow Weapon

  • Sun Spotter by Trove Team - Traditionally crafted in late spring and strung in early summer
  • Buwin Sparrow by Trove Team - A ceremonial bow crafted in the image of migratory birds associated with the arrival of the summer season
  • Brine Breeze by Trove Team - Though less so than the Sun and Moon Goddesses, the Three Rulers of the Oceans are also propitiated with summer festivals


  • Summer Pin Head by Trove Team - Ready to hit all the happening parties
  • Bounteous Buffet by Trove Team - An assortment of juicy fruit to keep you hydrated in the sun
  • Solar Cap by Trove Team - Great headwear for summer enthusiasts, decorated with a sunny motif
  • Beach Head by Trove Team - Try not to shake your nogging too much, or you'll get sand in your eyes
  • Crown Grill by Trove Team - Fills the air with the heady perfume of cooking delicacies
  • Festival Firecracker by Trove Team - Proven to make you almost as popular as a party animal
  • Tropical Octopus by Trove Team - This all-natural scuba gear is great for surreptitious fish-watching


  • Sun Visor by Trove Team - Keeps you shaded and unjaded
  • Gourd Goggles by Trove Team - Firm and freshen up your face with a couple of cool slices
  • Rainbow Visor by Trove Team - Acceptable face attire for summer festivities
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