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The goal of this pack is to make a more pleasant experience of the game, while in the same time making the modpack "light", and not overburdened with controversial (or faulty/glitched in any way) mods which won't add much to the game.

Just some stuff to simplify the farm/grind (by adding more info about the resources/loot), adding "pinpoints" to the loot/bosses/event enemies, in other words - making the gameplay smooth and enjoyable. =)

And to add a bit more visual appeal, by altering/removing some "unnecessary" VFX/SFX.

See those kind of modpacks as a "Definitive Edition" of Trove. =)


There are also some mods, like Dragon Egg Fragment Mob Way-points or Fiery Feather mob tagger (or other ones, like tagging event mobs) which are useful, but, as this modpack is intended to be used on a daily basis - such kind of mods are not in it. They are useful during one-time farming to get the loot, and "useless" when you already collected the required amount of resources. So, you can download them, grind, craft the dragon, and turn them off or uninstall them. =)


Awesome piece of software to search for, install, and enable/disable mods on the fly: TroveTools.NET (not a website) ->

And another useful link, a Trove damage calculator by Pfiffel - here you can play with the stats, and see if new gems/gear will do any change to the DPS/survivability of your build ->

/Sadly, the damage calculator a bit outdated, as it doesn't include uncapped mastery and recent class buffs. But it's still useful./


Alternate links to mods in .tmod format (converted by me from original mods that are still in .zip format - so you can install them manually, if you don't use TroveTools.NET app):

1. Display No Clouds (UTILITY) - Ocgineer


3. No More Bright Biomes (UTILITY)

4. No More Dark Biomes (UTILITY)

5. Player Finder/trail (UTILITY) - KillerManiac


Some of the mods in this modpack are still in .zip (hence, if you don't use a TroveTools.NET app - use the converted .tmod's listed above) - and I'm still waiting for the mod owners to reply, to find a workaround.


P.S. For all those who wonder - yes, I'm deliberately using "old" (or origin ones, for similar ones) versions of some of the mods (for example - the chat mod v2.0.8, as in later versions you can't switch to a tab without opening the chat window, which will force you to leave either the WASD or the mouse to do so, unlike in v2.0.8 (up to this date, 06.2019, that bug isn't fixed), using which you could switch to a tab by holding a key bound to "Release Mouse", even while moving, especially useful when you want a quick glance at a new private message (by switching to its tab) and clicking back on global/world/ect, without having to stop moving/attacking).



Best regards. Take care.


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