Dragon Egg Fragment Mob Way-points Not Submitted

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added bee mobs

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added Neon mobs to mod, ok enjoy :P

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I have got a question: can you fix a Punchbot's model? cause somewhere it's weird

Does this mod now apply to the neon city enemies or not yet?

now it does, just update your :P

Why do the last update also add a waypoint to the Medieval Highland spider ? this is a little confusing...

They drop spinner dragon egg fragments. Very rarely.

any plans to include the neon mobs?

neon city biome and mobs are fairly dark, a lot of times it's hard to spot them from a distance, so to include neon mobs in this mod would help a lot of players. thank you.

It works to all new dragons?

just for curiosity ... what is the chance it will actually drop ... ? :P

Quick TMOD

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Author: Ainogommon

Tags: Cosmetics,Dragon,Npc,Candoria,Desert Frontier,Dragonfire Peaks,Medieval Highlands,Neon City

Notes: for egg fragment hunting for Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver, Rachnaphon, the Silent Spectator , Crisopeia, the Crucible of Souls and Yzzuli of the Honeybreez

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  • blueprint 28+
    • c_m_archeoceratops_basic_hips
    • c_m_beeniebot_body
    • c_m_bee_amperiumdrone_body
    • c_m_bee_body
    • c_m_bee_shadowshoot_head
    • c_m_bee_shadow_head
    • c_m_cannonbot_body
    • c_m_cornet_head
    • c_m_cyberdrone_body
    • c_m_cyberdrone_head
    • c_m_diatryma_head
    • c_m_dimetrodon_head
    • c_m_firefly_body
    • c_m_iguana_sarcosuchus_head
    • c_m_magmito_body
    • c_m_punchbot_body
    • c_m_quetzalcoatlus_basic_body
    • c_m_robospider_thorax
    • c_m_robot_body
    • c_m_robowraith_torso
    • c_m_scissorhand_basic_neck_01
    • c_m_spider_abdomen
    • c_m_spider_fae_head
    • c_m_stingdrake_head
    • c_m_taseroid_body
    • c_m_trex_basic_body
    • c_m_triceratops_basic_body
    • c_m_waspider_head
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Created: August 22, 2017

Updated: August 9, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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