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My take on the Mini Boss Radar brings Solid Bars instead of a rising white aura which will help in instantly seeing where the bosses are instead of waiting for the aura to rise, also it will include a version with a proximity sound so you can locate a boss with sound in addition to the solid bars... not that you need it but if you want it. Also, a purple bar will indicate that a boss has the ability to shoot lasers at you, you know those things pack a punch, while red is indicating that it is a wave dungeon where you have to defeat multiple waves of enemies to complete the dungeon. I hope you enjoy this mod :D [Works best with maxed out view distance]

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A shadow hunter's favorite mod for maximum cheese

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Love it so far. would also like to see it track radiant giants as well someday though.

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It works on the radiant giants as well. =)

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Does it identify dragon?

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Yes, it does. Also adds a sound notification (in a sound version of the mod).

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Author: ipmanOver9000

Notes: My take on the boss radar.

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  • pkfx 32+
    • character_mount_dragon_deepsea_headglow_02
    • character_npc_affix_aoeheal_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_beam_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_beam_magic_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_bee_01
    • character_npc_affix_clone_01
    • character_npc_affix_gravitypylon_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_gravitywell_01
    • character_npc_affix_iceaura_01
    • character_npc_affix_iceaura_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_icebomb_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_meteor_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_meteor_ice_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_mirrorimage_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_mushrooms_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_nova_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_sawblade_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_shadowchick_01
    • character_npc_affix_shadowchick_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_shadrone_01
    • character_npc_affix_spiders_01
    • character_npc_affix_spiders_01
    • character_npc_affix_spikes_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_stinky_01
    • character_npc_affix_teleport_01
    • character_npc_affix_teleport_summon_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_turret_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_turret_flamethrower_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_vortex_ambient_01
    • character_npc_dragon_egg_keeper_pirate_breath_01
    • environment_ominous_totem_active_01
    • environment_ominous_totem_idle_01
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    • better radar_ui
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Created: November 11, 2017

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 47,575

Downloads: 25,208

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This mod is a bit wonky but it surely is a great mod that provides quick information on the bosses whereabouts. When you see 2 bars coming from 1 boss it means that boss has more than 1 ability, not much i can do about that. I certainly like this version better though

Please comment your opinions ^_^