The Knight is a durable, armored fighter who wades fearlessly into melee combat. Charge your enemies to close distance, but if things get messy, your ultimate will restore your health and let you shrug off blows with ease.

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Bomber Royale Season 3 is now live on PC!

Trove Forums May 3, 2022 0 3

We’re proud to announce that Bomber Royale Season 3 is now live for PC!

Jump into action and discover new Bomber Royale rewards, maps, bombs and a brand-new queue system.

The update does not stop there as it comes with new player made dungeons, styles, a plethora of bugfixes & much more!

Here is an overview of today’s patch notes (PC only):

Bomber Royale Season 3 - PTS Patch Notes

Trove Forums April 14, 2022 0 1

Previously, no matter how much Stability was obtained by players, nearly all damaging hits would still knock them back a tiny amount.  These changes make it so that the damage done (relative to a target’s max health) and Stability are both able to reduce the effect of knockback from attacks, even to the point of nullifying it completely.

Patch Notes – Shadowy Spotlight

Trove Forums February 23, 2022 0 3

When going into a revamp for this class we wanted to keep the core concept of the class focusing on single target basic attacks while adding new tools to assist this playstyle. We have removed Radiant Arrow and replaced it with Shadow Seekers. Shadow Seekers uses a new resource called Seekers that are gained from basic attacking Shadow Marked targets. The Shadow Hunter now deals increased damage to Shadow Marked targets and Sun Snare now applies Shadow Mark to enemies damaged by it. Additionally, we have implemented a new ultimate called Sacred Arrow which fires a large arrow, applying a damage over time effect to any targets hit by it. Holding down the ultimate button will continuously fire these arrows until the Shadow Hunter runs out of energy. Sacred Arrow’s damage over time effect can stack multiple times.

PTS Updates - February 3, 2022

Trove Forums February 4, 2022 0 0

Shadowy Spotlight - PTS Patch Notes

Trove Forums February 1, 2022 4 3

PTS Patch Notes – Subject to change

Delves - Console Patch Notes - July 7, 2020

Trove Forums July 6, 2020 0 0

• Delves are dangerous, and death matters! Each time a Trovian dies, they must wait 5+ seconds before they can release. This time increases each time the Trovian dies. This timer is reset each time a boss is reached, and has no impact on how long it takes to resurrect other players.
• Releasing in a Delve will return the player to the beginning of that Tier.
• An "Intra-Delve Transport"--conveniently placed at the beginning of each Delve Tier--can be interacted with to transport a player to the forward-most checkpoint in the Delve.
• Clearing any room of all its enemies in a Delve Tier will make it a checkpoint, as indicated by a shaded-in blue background on the Delve-room display (where the compass is normally).
• When a boss is activated, any players still working their way through the path to the lair will be offered a teleport to the lair room to join in the fight. If the prompt is missed (possibly due to food delivery!), the player might miss out on the loot but will still teleport you to the group in deeper depths.
• Delves have modifiers signified by Deltaliths, visible in the first room and in the lair room. There are many of these modifiers, including ones that make enemies only take damage in melee range, have reduced health and take extra damage, increase or reduce their Darkness stat, and many more.
• Deltaliths at the entrance of Delves will appear next to the trophy of the enemy they affect.
• Delve themed Adventures can be found in the Delve building in the hub as well as occasionally after a delve level is completed.
• Delves are themed around existing biomes with a few surprises.
• The hive delves introduce a new liquid, honey! Honey increases health regen for players who stand in it, but will also dismount and slow down movement. (There are no fish that can survive in honey – it’s the birds and the bees, not the fish and the bees.)
• Before the Cursed Skulls will spawn in a given Delve Tier, players must complete an objective such as defeating a certain number of enemies, gathering Crystals, or gathering Ore,
• A boss trophy appears before every Boss Lair to give a quick indication of what boss players will be facing. The lair will also have Deltaliths indicating what challenges will accompany the boss.
• If the boss is reached and defeated fast enough, a Ready Station will appear. Interact with it and stay close by to speed up how fast the portal to the next level will appear!
• If the team took too long to reach or defeat the boss, a sign will appear and not allow access to the next delve level. Don’t worry – the next delve is always just a queue away.
• Flasks automatically refill once the boss is summoned and at the start of each new Delve Tier.
• Pell is available after the lair boss is defeated to allow players to switch between modules. Other NPCs and helpful adventuring objects might also appear after the boss is defeated.
• Expert Delvers may learn to spot signs in the Delve path that will indicate which way leads to the lair – it can be easy to get turned around in the middle of combat. Note that while these indicators are useful, some harder delves may have this indicator removed.
• Only 78 consecutive depths can be completed in a single delve run; upon reaching the 78th consecutive depth players will receive a message asking them to restart the delve and not allowing them to progress further.
• Stealthed Neon Ninjas can walk through the Blocky Components present in the Neon Underground delve biome.

Public Delves
• To enter a Public Delve, find the Public Delve Queue Portal in the hub where the Bomber Royale building used to be located, then just interact with the portal to enter the queue. The maximum amount of time spent in the queue should be no more than 10 minutes. Interact with the portal again at any time to unqueue from the public delve.
• A Delve entrance can also be found in the Geode hub down by the Geode cave portals.
• The difficulty of Public Delves is determined by the Public Delve Score for the queued class of each player that ends up in the Delve group.
• When queuing for a public delve, be aware that only the class active when queuing will be allowed. Private and Challenge Delves allow switching between classes at any time.
• The Bomber Royale portal is still available in the hub – look for it and the merchants in a small tent near where they used to be located.
• /joinme can be used to reinvite players who may have disconnected, but cannot be used to invite new players into a Public Delve.

Private Delves
• The difficulty of Private Delves is determined by the Public Delve Score for the queued classes at the time the Delve starts.
• A “Delve Gateway (Private)” – craftable at the Delve Workbench in the hub – can be placed anywhere, but once placed anyone can use it to register for that Delve.
• A single Gateway can be placed while in build mode. Placing the Gateway will automatically queue the player for the Private Delve. Up to seven more players can use the placed Gateway to be queued with the owner.
• The owner of a Private Delve Gateway can interact with it to proceed; the first interaction will send a message to all queued players to get ready, and the second interaction will rush the queue and send everyone in to the Delve. If at any time a full set of eight players are queued, the Gateway will immediately trigger and force everyone in to the Delve.
• If a Gateway is broken using the mining laser, it will return to the destroyer’s inventory and unqueue all queued players. If at any point there are no players nearby, it will unqueue everyone and destroy itself.
• Private Delves allow players to change their class at will.
• The /joinme command can be used to invite more players (up to a maximum of eight unique players can join a single Delve).
• Note that Private Delves are much stricter on what items and mounts can be used. Only Delve mounts and wings may be used.

Challenge Delves
• Challenge Delves are a fair playing field for all teams of delvers to compete against each other to see who can go furthest.
• “Delve Gateway (Challenge Mode)” and “Delve Gateway (Challenge Easy)” can both be crafted at the Delve Workbench in the hub.
• In standard Delves, every new Depth gives you a random Biome. You may find bees at Depth 110 in one Delve, and the Neon Underground at Depth 110 in another Delve. A “new” “Depth 110” is generated each time you visit a Depth 110 Public or Private Delve. In Challenge Delves, though, Depth 110 is only generated once each week, and all players must compete against the same monsters, the same objectives, and the same bosses to see who can get the Deepest, and who can do so the Fastest.
• Challenge Delves start at Depth 110.
• Any time a group successfully moves past a floor in Challenge Mode, the Challenge Delve Depth is saved. Every time a “Delve Gateway (Challenge Mode)” is placed it starts at the saved Challenge Delve Depth. “Delve Gateway (Challenge Easy)” always opens at Depth 110.
• At the end of the week, each player's achieved challenge depth will decay by 8, but will never drop below 110.
• Leaderboards will track not only the deepest depths, but also which group cleared any 3 consecutive tiers in the fastest time. The purple name is now associated with the top 100 players who reach the deepest challenge depths.
• Class switching is allowed in Challenge Delves, but only players who were in the original queue can join or be invited.
• Only Delve mounts or wings may be used.

Delve Rewards
• After defeating the Boss, a Pressurized Chest will appear! Every 3rd consecutive Tier this will be a Heavy Pressurized Chest with additional loot.
• After Depth 25, when a Heavy Pressurized Chest appears, a Shadowy Soul Vault will also appear, containing special rewards like Titan Souls, Lunar Souls, Despoiled Divinity, and Shadow Caches.
• A Delve Shadowkey is required to open the Shadowy Soul Vault. Delve Shadowkeys can be crafted at the Delve Workbench in the hub or at the Shadow Key Mold that appears within the Boss Lair after the Boss is defeated.
• Shadowy Soul Vaults can be opened an unlimited number of times, but players will only receive Titan Souls, Lunar Souls, and Despoiled Divinity from the first 6 Shadowy Soul Vaults opened each week.
• Shadowy Soul Vaults will only appear on specified depths in challenge delves after the completion of at least 3 consecutive depths.
• Binding Darkness can be found in chests and additionally has a small chance to drop from enemies in Delves.
• Shadow Shards are now available from picking up the crystals inside of delves after a certain depth.
• A new currency – Inert Geodes – can be acquired inside the Delves. Only a certain amount of this currency can be obtained at any given time, so make sure to use it before hitting the cap!
• The currency cap for Inert Geodes can be increased by obtaining an Inert Geode Wallet. Three wallets are available: two on Rokatan, the large merchant in the Delve building in the hub and a third on the Store under the “Geode” tab.
• Inert Geodes can be used to purchase mounts and wings that will work in Private and Challenge Delves or to craft a variety of objects at the Delve Workbench.
• "Pressure-Locked Delve Caches" can be purchased for Inert Geodes from a Geodian merchant trapped within Delves - open them to find exciting new Delve-related goodies! They can also be obtained as drops from Heavy Pressurized Chests, as a reward for donating Inert Geodes, and occasionally sold or exchanged for other Delve related goods.
• New delve recipes for advanced tracking potions can be found on Geodian Merchants that are also trapped within Delves. Trapped Geodians are freed occasionally when defeating Delve Lair Bosses.
• A new type of collectible can be found in Delves – Mementos. Each Memento grants mastery and is based on the enemies encountered in the Delve Tier.
• Mementos decay after 3 hours of online time if they are not learnt, but can be deconstructed in to Pressure-Locked Delve Caches.
• New Banners can be obtained through Delves. These banners can be crafted by combining poles, flags, and Inert Geodes at the Delve Workbench in the Hub.
• Decorative versions of these banners can also be obtained for players who want to decorate their cornerstones and club worlds. These recipes are sold by Pebble traders found when defeating Delve Lair Bosses.
• In addition to the Light Banners craftable at the Delve Workbench, for those with Enchanted Seasinew Torches or Enshadowed Tendril Torches, new recipes to upgrade these items can be found on the Sunseeker's Crystalforge in Geode Topside. These new upgrades can be deconstructed back in to the Enchanted Seasinew Torch or Enshadowed Tendril Torch.
• Delve allies can be rarely found in appropriate biomes within Delves or crafted at the Delve Workbench.
• Some of the Shadow Tower bosses have crept in to Delves and in the process have picked up some new mounts! Hydrakken has been unable to move his wall underground, but the others can occasionally be found. Daughter of the Moon has acquired 3 new mounts, while Pinata God, Spikewalker, and Weeping Prophet have all acquired 1 new mount.
• In addition to Crystal gear, Delves is the only place where Crystal 4 is available, but only for the most intrepid and hardened of explorers!
• Delves also give 6 badges for completion of Public, Private, and Challenge delves.

Vaca-matic Module
• The Vaca-Matic, a new module, is now craftable at the Module Workbench. The Vaca-matic sucks in nearby crystals in Geode Caves and nearby enemies in Delves.
• Crystals now have a small internal cooldown on giving back energy and reducing grappling hook cost.

Delve Day
• Shadow Day is now known as Delve Day!
• The bonuses for Delve Day are:

January 21st Hotfixes - Leviathan and Heads Changes

Trove Forums January 22, 2020 0 5

The latest Trove hotfix has arrived, and brings around some large changes to Leviathans and Heads as well as some changes to resolve some problems with Adventure Heroes.

Heroes Patch Notes - March 27, 2018

Trove Forums March 22, 2018 0 6

Trove Heroes arrives and introduces the new Vanguardian class, Luminopolis biome and more.

PTS Patch Notes - Trove Heroes

Trove Forums February 16, 2018 0 2

The PTS has been opened and updated to contain the testing release of Trove Heroes, jump on to try out the new Vanguardian class, the Luminopolis sub-biome, Rampages, Beacons, Beacon of Heroes and more.

Adventures Patch Notes - November 14, 2017

Trove Forums November 10, 2017 1 0

The huge Trove - Adventures update includes Clubs 2.0, Club Adventures, Hero NPCs, Club Fixtures, Club Ranks and Permissions, Adventures Window, Frameworks, Forbidden Spires Biome, Tethering, Mastery, Leaderboards, Trophies, Badges and Achievements, Store Updates, Luxion of the GOlden Hoard, Dragons, Knight Updates, Radiant and Stellar Rings, Plasma Fishing, Early Game Changes, LED Blocks, Music Note Blocks, New Dungeons and some Additional Updates.

PTS Patch Notes - Trove Adventures - October 19, 2017

Trove Forums October 19, 2017 18 13

PTS has been updated with the Trove - Adventures expansion including the following major changes; Character Copy to PTS, Clubs 2.0, Club Adventures, Hero NPCs, Club Fixtures, Club Ranks and Permissions, Adventures Window, Frameworks, Tethering, Mastery, Leaderboards, Trophies, Badges and Steam Achievements, Store, Luxion of the Golden Hoard, Dragons, Knight Updates, Radiant and Stellar Rings, Plasma Fishing, Early Game Changes, LED Blocks, Music Note Blocks and New Dungeons.

Eclipse Patch Notes - 22 août 2017

MisterY August 20, 2017 0 0

Les patch notes d'Eclipse introduisent le système d'amélioration et reroll de Gemmes, les Sous-Classes, le Foyer Shadow Tower, le Shadow Hydrakken, le Darknik Dreadnought, de nouveaux Dragons, l'Atlas Trovien, les améliorations de la Fae Trickster et plus.

Eclipse Patch Notes - August 22, 2017

Trove Forums August 18, 2017 11 5

Eclipse patch notes introduces Gem Stat Augment and Reroll System, Subclasses, Shadow Tower Foyer, Shadow Hydrakken, Darknik Dreadnought, New Dragons, Trovian Atlas updates to the Fae Trickster and more.

PTS Patch Notes

Trove Forums June 30, 2017 13 7

PTS is planned to be up this long weekend, due to be shut down Wednesday morning. Test the new Trovian Atlas and Sub Classes.

Megalithic Update: Console Patch Notes

Trove Forums June 23, 2017 0 3

The Megalithic Update arrives June 27, and will bring Consoles in sync with PC/Mac features. This includes the Dino Tamer class, the Jurassic Jungle Biome and more.

Patch Notes - Depth Charge - April 11, 2017

Trove Forums April 7, 2017 0 1

Depth Charge is an event that runs from April 18, to May 2 and features a quest series with mining robots and Qubesly.

[PT-BR] PATCH - 7AM PDT (2PM GMT) - AUGUST 18, 2016

Talita August 18, 2016 0 0

Tradução das informações sobre o patch de 18 de agosto de 2016

Club: Gamesguts Brasil


Talita August 16, 2016 0 0

Tradução do patch notes de 16/08 "Daily Loot"

Club: Gamesguts Brasil

Patch - Daily Loot - August 16, 2016

Trove Forums August 16, 2016 1 0

This patch changes the unsocketing cost of gems and adds daily login chests as well as other fixes.

Frosted Mini Update - Patch Notes

Trove Forums August 17, 2015 0 0

Frosted Mini Update arrives Tuesday August 18. It adds a new adventure chest, new sails, community creations and bug fixes.

Lack of Class (Changers) Edition - Patch Notes

Trove Forums July 28, 2015 0 0

Changing class no longer requires a class changer, and friends can now be invited offline, with requests showing at the top of lists.

Launch is Coming Update

Trove Forums July 7, 2015 0 0

Launch is coming: on July 9th, to be precise! With it comes the launch on Steam and the release of our latest class, the Tomb Raiser! But until then, we've got plenty to entertain you with!

PTS: Launch Update

Trove Forums July 1, 2015 0 0

The first patch on the PTS will be the launch update, although the PTS isn't accessible yet, the aim is to have it up today.

Preparing For Launch Edition

Trove Forums June 29, 2015 0 0

This patch continues to update the UI, adjusts crafting benches, tweaked class ability descriptions and more.

Welcoming Edition Patch Notes

cantafrond April 27, 2015 2 0

The Welcoming Edition patch notes have been posted. This update includes new daily bonuses, a welcome screen, new Treasure Isles merchants, and craftable Meownts!

Blitz and Glitz Edition Patch Notes

Trove Forums April 21, 2015 0 0

The Blitz and Glitz edition brings the new UI style to several more elements in addition to several new costumes on the store and various fixes and enhancements.

Fish 'N' Ships Update - Patch Notes

Trove Forums March 31, 2015 0 0

 The Fish 'N' Ships Update patch notes have been released. Introducing the Pirate Captain, Ships and Fishing for everyone.

Chaos Factor Edition Patch Notes

cantafrond March 23, 2015 0 0

The Chaos Factor Edition patch notes have been released. Get ready for early access to boats and the implementation of Chaos Factor! Maintenence will start at 7:00AM PST and should last for approximately 4 hours.

Cookiephant Edition - Patch Notes

Trove Forums March 16, 2015 1 0

This patch features four new mounts, including two new crafted corgis and two colors of FriedSushi's excellent Cookiephant mount. There's also a few new Knight skins in the chaos chest this week from player submissions (Bone Knight and Elysian Guardian) which will come to the store the following week. Both have some great new VFX, helms, and weapons.

Neon Nightsky Edition Patch Notes

cantafrond March 9, 2015 0 0

The Neon Nightsky Edition patch notes have been published! The update is scheduled to arrive on 3/10/15. Maintenence will begin at the usual 7:00 AM PST start time and should last for about three hours.

Spring Edition Patch

Trove Forums March 4, 2015 0 0

A new patch went live yesterday, and we have updated our database with the updated and new items, styles, collections and recipes.

Everything Edition Patch

Trove Forums February 23, 2015 0 0

A new patch has been announced, highlights include:

Take Flight Update - Patch Live

Trove Forums February 10, 2015 0 0

The take flight update will arrive today and patch notes are available.

Open Seas and Ally Edition

Trove Forums January 28, 2015 0 0

7/1/14 - PWN-E and Arena Polish Edition

Trove Forums July 1, 2014 0 0

5/15/14 - Terraformation Edition

Trove Forums May 15, 2014 0 0

5/6/14 - Dodgy Edition

Trove Forums May 6, 2014 0 0

4/29/14 - Return of the Hub Edition

Trove Forums April 29, 2014 0 0

4/3/14 - Hide Your Hat Edition

Trove Forums April 3, 2014 0 0

3/7/14 - More Ore Edition

Trove Forums March 7, 2014 0 0

2/21/14 - Welcome Back Atronos Edition

Trove Forums February 22, 2014 0 0