Polished Paragon

PC - Polished Paragon - November 16, 2021

Paragon Levels allow players who have reached maximum level to continue earning benefits from the many experience-generating activities within Trove. Since the system is effectively infinite, the rewards from Paragon Levels do not increase player power on a per-level-earned basis. Instead, they are used to craft new Crystal rings with gameplay impacting ability modifiers ("Hidden Effects"), as well as unlocking new mounts, allies, and other collectables to increase your mastery.

Though Crystal 1 rings and the fun Hidden Effects they come with are relatively easy to obtain, fully equipping all classes with optimal Crystal 4 rings or obtaining all available mastery from the system will be much harder. The content in this system is intended to be unlocked by players slowly, over the course of many additional patches & features the Trove team will introduce over the coming months and years.

Because the Signatory (Crystal) ringboxes can be traded (look for the new marketplace-search button on the Ringcrafting Bench for these Signatory ringbox recipes) markets will develop over time. Gunslinger boxes may be “cheaply” available on the Marketplace within a few weeks or days, but other, less-played classes may require more time before their ringboxes can be found at accessible prices. Playing such classes may be a good way for players to make some Flux as the markets for these ringboxes mature.

Each class you own can earn its own Paragon levels and rewards, and each Prime Paragon level on any class has a chance to drop a Primal Paragon Cube or Paragon’s Mark (among many other rewards). Whether you use those rewards to make Ringboxes to give to friends, sell on the Marketplace to other Trovians, or race to unlock all Mastery from the Paragon Workbench is up to you <3

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With the Polished Paragon update, we do not want Bomber Royale to be the best way for players to gain Paragon levels, and we want players to engage with it because they find it enjoyable or want to obtain the Bomber Royale rewards for themselves rather than to acquire economic power.

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