Lore Week

February 11, 2019 by Etaew

Like the last week where we focused on improving the experience for mobile users, this week I am looking to improve the experience for people finding lore. Trove has a deep lore that is represented in the designs of the biomes and items within it, although it's not always easy for people to understand.


  1. Task
  2. Dates
  3. Rewards

TaskTop ^

  • Comment in this thread with a suggestion of what Lore we should present, ranked in the most important to you (at least 3 types of lore) and suggest how you would like it to be presented.

DatesTop ^

  • Monday, February 11, 2019 to Monday, February 18, 2019

RewardsTop ^

  • Valid suggestions in the form of comments will receive 1x Reward Token
  • Additional rewards may be given to people who go above and beyond in their suggestions and help
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i want so bad

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I want to ask u , u speak about mobile users from when is trove for mobile ??!?

como se descarga?

1 how to find dragons in worlds like chocolate dragons or pirate dragons

2 what is the best and easy dragon to go for

3 how to get rare fragments without giveaways

thanks a lot and i hope avery on wins

1. What is a Lure?


2.What is a type of lure?


3.I'm just messing with you.

1. Why do dragon fragments drop? where do they come from? is it possible that there were once dragons that flew freely across the lands but they were shattered into fragments by Daughter of the Moon?
2. What is with the secret portal to the realm where you craft the Porter Potty and why is there a red dragon there called Saltwater Sam? is it the same Sam the fisherman in the hub?

3. Why do Trovians have wings? did they create them so that they can get around faster because of their small stature? 

Может быть нам нужно сделать статью советов для новичка?

Did rewards go out for this yet Etaew?



They have just now.

I know I'm late to his  but hopefully you still see it!


The biggest thing Id like to see is biome backgrounds. For example, why is the Cursed Vale cursed? Why are the Faes magical? Is someone programming Neon Cities monsters to attack? And the biggest question: How are Candorias candies alive, and why do they want eaten 

Other questions are:

1. I'd like to see some sort l of rivalry between two places, like the fae land and the cursed vale, or the dragonpeaks, and permafrost. 

2. I think it would also be cool if we got more background about what the shadow tower actually is, where it came from, what summoned it, who is the Mother of the Moon?? 

3.  I kind of wish costumes had some sort of origin, like what happened to the dracomancer that made him into a turtlemancer, (Is it just like an evolution?)

4. How do biomes and class relate. Like gives us more details connecting class to their biome. Is Neon Ninja a program gone wrong? Did Chloromancers grow those giant  Sunlight Bulbs? Did the knight leave a king? Is Tomb Raiser responsible for all the undead creatures?

5. Lastly. I've seen this a lot and it's a fair question. Where is Luxion from? (Please be a new biome, with new class, and new gear)

1: Whats the story of the bosses of the shadow tower and where is the mother of Daughter of the moon?

2: Can Yabaki be considered a bird of paradise? If the goddess is powerful, where's she?

3: Qbthullu would be responsible for the attacks on the inhabitants of the geode? Why didnt we ever see him?

1 the history of fae forest and its war along with shutting itself from outside world?

2what clan is neon ninja from? there are 2 clans koga or iga that almost all ninja in cartoons animes and video games belong to and so

3 do they exist in trove?

1. Is DotM responsible for what happened to Geode?

2. Was Diggsly originally an inhabitant of Geode, which is why his shadow runs to Geode?

3. Did the DotM kidnap and possibly kill the Sun Goddess?

1. Are Dracoyle and Ice Sage couple?

2. Is Darknik Dreadnought an upgraded version of Spike Walker?

3. Where does Luxion live when he is not at the hub? The Skyland?

1 what happendto the sun goddes?

2 why does dotm never die?

3 what and where luxion came from?

liked this!

Diggsly's Shadow, why did it run off? what did Diggsly do to it to make him go?

Dragons, why do we trust such a beast, in other games they are painted as evil and horrifying but in Trove we trust them with our life, how could we do such a thing?

Mortsdot, why does he hide? is there something sketchy about what he has done? why does he not come from behind the statue? has he got something to hide?


Battle Box's: Why cant they give the coins as well?

PvP: Why did it get removed? Why couldn't they of kept it in with Bomber Royale?

Crystal Gear: What are the Crystal Gear drop chances?

That is all for now.


These aren't lore questions.

1) The 10 kill u9 farm : Why and how to do it?

2) Bomber Royale : did stop getting xp from it? How to farm it? It is worth after 10kill u9 farm?

3)Trove updates : why they don't fix the lag and do a support with a twitch prime pack?


These aren't lore questions

1.  Battle Royal, why trovians suddenly fight each other

2. Shadow tower, more about it and why it's important to fight it over and over like Steven Kings The dark tower, where it was repeating over and over.

3. The dragons we kill for egg fragments, they are so beautiful, I hate to kill them, but I always feel I am purifying the line, because they are corrupt.  A quest line for that would be awesome!

lore pieces I would like more context on are:

1) The club merchant Prince - The guy is suspicious and has something to hide for sure!

2)Chaos chests and Trove of wonders - chests filled with so much power must be explained!

3)The currency in the world of trove - Some vendors want flux,other ask for glim and there are many others asking for more specific currencies like pinata coins,heart of darkness ,titan souls etc. How does the economy work and how does each *currency* benefit over the other?


Hello! i dont win one time well i think i get lucky!


How, you haven't written anything that I've asked for? :)

1.Bomber Royal-This is a mode that has brought much confusion to me and i want to know the backstory of it and how it all came to place.

2.Mounts-What does the mount Fortras have to do with troves storyline were they the gods of trove worshipped by all or pets of the shadow towers

3.Shadow towers, and invaders-How do shadow towers and its bosses tie in with trove, what is the purpose behind them, and the daughter of the moon what is she to trove, also why are there invaders did they come to stop the trovian from doing saving the world?

1. Adventurers: What are their backstory's before they came to geode. What was their life like before they got summoned on by geode.

2. Mounts: How do all or any of the mounts including dragons tie into the entire story line of trove.

3.  Sun & Moon Goddesses: Where did the sun & moon goddesses go after the overwhelming and powerful light that the sun goddess used to get rid of the shadows.

4. Geode & Crystal Storm: Why are there two different updates of trove: geode & crystal storm? Why not just one but have them like the bomber royal mode where you can switch between them.

5. Bomber Royal: Also how does bomber royal fit in with the whole idea of destroying the shadows to bring back peace in the world of trove.

6. Shadow Tower & Bosses: How did the shadow tower come to trove and how did the bosses within the tower (Normal,Medium,Hard,Ultra Hard) come as well.

7. Crystal Storm: Why is it called crystal storm? Is there a reason for calling it crystal storm.

8. Luxion: Where he came from/lives? Does he live in the cursed sky lands or dragonfire peaks.

That's all I would like to know about for now thanks. :)

He mirado los comentarios y creo que lo que hay que hacer es:

1-Modo Historia

2-trailers en YouTube con distintos capítulos en serie revelando la historia de geode mas de lo que conocemos

3-Bomber royal: si se supone que es un battle Royal podrían añadir algunas temporadas con temáticas distintas y recompensas, esto nos puede servir para que deje de estar tan abandonado el bomber Royal y darle un poco más de emoción


Si no he entendido mal lore es un dragon q para mi es muy difícil de obtener y puede haber distintos métodos de obtención de dicha semana de lore:

1-bomber Royal

2-En cualquier caja del juego con un %bajo de aparicion

3-drop de dungeons

4-comprando por dragon coins

5-por cubits/credits

Espero que esto sirva y que sea lo que pida el concurso

Muchas gracias. 

Почему Trove?

liked this!

I would like to learn the nature of *us* adventurers and how we came to be! Our role is pretty simple fight against the shadows and protect Trove , but were we called from another planet in the time of need or did the World of trove spawn us as a fighting system against the shadows ?

Where do our powers come from?(were the powers given to us or were we born this way?).

Are There more of us (races) but without powers? (if so where are they?).

How come we don't see Evil adventurers?(Every one fights the shadows but how come nobody got influenced by the shadows and ended joining them and betraying us?).

Do our mounts and allies choose us and then end up showing themselves to us or we just happen to find them in our adventures?

lastly battle arena purpose? Is this a practice area for us adventurers to hone our skills in practice combat or is it just so we can have some fun competing against each other and proving ourselves?

Thanks in advance!



Shadow hunter besser machen 


1. Adventurers: How every class came to be. Their backstories, where they come from ?

2. Shadow towers: Why are we supposed to take all the bosses out ? The backstories of every bosses

3. Geode: Why do the geode world is ruined, what happened ? How could the adventurers help geode world ?


1: Sun goddess- 

Where'd she go, who are her lesser gods?

2: Moon goddess-

back story, is there a father/ mother of the two goddesses assuming they are sisters. 


What is its significance and what great tragedy happened? 

4: Dragons-

How are they tied into all of this? They seem rather important yet they're just there. 

5: Shadow tower bosses-

How did they come to be? 

1. The Moon and the Sun Goddess 

2. Qubesly

3. Biomes


1: The sea of regret (I think that is the name)

2: shadow tower bosses (daughter of the moon?)

3: The NPCs in the hub and in the the Geode


I added number 4 cause' i wanted to

4: Geode lore (How it was started ect.)

I personally think that it would be good to have some lore about the sea of regret!

Dragões 1.Primordial

Folclore 2.Luxion

3. cristal e geode

1.Primordial dragons

2.Luxion lore

3.Crystal and Geode

  1. Rồng nguyên thủy
  2. Con gái của câu chuyện mặt trăng
  3. Truyền thuyết về luxions


1. How to find flux fasttest way.


2.How to get Dragon fast.


3How to Vangardian





How to do things has nothing to do with lore, sorry.

1)The Daughter of the Moon Story

2)Primordial Dragons

3) Geode

Primordial Dragons
The Daughter of the Moon Story
Luxions Lore

Primordial Dragons
The Daughter of the Moon Story
Luxions Lore

Primordial Dragons
The Daughter of the Moon Story
Luxions Lore

1 ) Primordial Dragons
2) The Daughter of the Moon Story
3) Luxions Lore

1.Primordial dragons

2.Luxion lore

3.Crystal and Geode

1)Primordial dragons

2)History of the Lunar keeper 

3)История Рейя, Богине Солнца 

1] The daugther of the moon story

2] Luxions lore

3] Primordial dragons

1 ) Primordial Dragons
2) The Daughter of the Moon Story
3) Luxions Lore

1)The Daughter of the Moon Story

2)Primordial Dragons

3) Geode

1The battle between the Resistors and Amperium.

2The history lore of classes




liked this!

1)Primordial Dragons


3) Geode

1) Geode

2) Invaders/Shadows

3) Primordial Dragons

1) Geode

2) Invaders/Shadows

3) Primordial Dragons


I would like to know more about:

- the story of every dragon, origins and goals in the world.

-The story of the geode, about the new world, creatures and biomes.

-The Daughter of the Moon Story


Thanks for the votes :)

liked this!

liked this!

I'd like to know more about the class but I like being able to build a costume set and give each build is own back story. 

DOtM and the invasion of our relm. What made us choose our loyalty to the sun vs the moon. Are we in a civil war?

Why are there only 3 dragons to be found alive? What happened to the rest of them? How are they the only ones left?




Thanks for your votes :)

liked this!

  1. is there a type of collaboration between the different biomes or are they kind of enemies?

  2. stuff about the geode areas

  3. how fish can live in Lava, Plasma and Chocolate etc.

  4. Do the candorian eat candy, if yes. do they eat each other or themselves? if no, what do they eat then when everything is candy?


Thanks for the vote :)

Perhaps some of the following could be presented in a form of short  narrated video clips, sequence of pictures/art or comic strip form:

- Origin story of the sun-goddess, daughter of the moon, trove and geode

- The origin of dragons in general and eventually of every individual species

- The origin of all the classes and their abilities

Also of interest would be:

- the origin of Q'bthulhu and all the shadow titans

- the origin and fate of radiant giants (how they came to be, what happened to them...)


Thanks for your votes :)

1) Geode

2) Primordial Dragons

3) Luxions Lore

liked this!

I want to know lore about...


2.How biomes are created

3.Luxions Lore.

1)Primordial Dragons

2) Geode

3) Invaders/Shadows

1) Geode

2) Invaders/Shadows

3) Primordial Dragons

3가지 주제는 다음과 같습니다.

1)다이아몬드 용은 무엇을 위해 만들어진것일까?

2)용들의 생김새는 무엇들을 의미하는것일까?

3)그림자 탑 그 뒤엔 어떤 흑막이 있을까? 


Thanks for your votes :)

liked this!

그 지식에 대해 더 알고 싶었던 3 가지 주제는 다음과 같습니다. 

1) 원시 용. 그들의 중요성은 무엇이며 다이아몬드 용 달걀은 무엇입니까?

2) 그림자 거인. 그들은 무엇인가? 그들은 어디에서 왔니?

3) 그림자 탑과 그 상사. 누가 그것을 만들었습니까? 그들은 누구입니까?


Thanks for your votes :)

The 3 topics I wanted to know more about the lore are:

1) The primordial dragons. What is their importance and what is the diamond dragonite egg?

2) The shadow giants. What are they? Where do they come from?

3) The shadow tower and it's bosses. Who built it? Who are they?


Thanks for your votes

- Lore could be mainly categorized by Biome. Within each biome would be subsections for each separate lore topic related to that biome, with tags to connect closely intertwined bits between biomes. (For example, Desert Frontier's lore page would contain lore about the biome itself, the origin of the Gunslinger, the Arcanium Revolution and the Steambots, etc. Frost Faes would be mentioned in the Permafrost category, but redirected and explained in the Fae Forest category)
There could also be miscellaneous categories for things that don't fit into a biome, such as the Gods of Trove (Sun Goddes Elysia, the Paragons etc.), Dragons, Shadow Tower, Tutorial Story, and maybe even Events (which usually have a separate story attached to them).

- This part would be a lot of work, but you could tag items/collectibles/styles whose descriptions or themes relate to and add tidbits of the topic lore. It would add some credibility to all the information gathered, like a works cited page. This could be something users are allowed to help out with, as it's a monumental task. (The Shadow Tower sails for instance have some good details on the corruption by Q'bthulu)

- Three topics of lore I'd like to see explored are: 1) The creation of the Elemental Worlds and the Primordial Dragons, as not much is known about this; 2) The story introduced in the Tutorial, as it's very intriguing but was left very open-ended, and some attention might spur the D'hevs to pick up and continue that line; and 3) The origin of Flux. We all know and love this resource, but we never stop to think about what it is or where it came from.


Thanks for your suggestions and votes :)

1. I would present all the 'Elements' as Categories; e.g. Fire, Water, Earth, Sky, (Geode, Shadow/Chaos)

2. I would like to get to know something about the Story behind the sun goddess

3. Something about Dragons. How did they get into Trove?



Thanks for your votes :)


1. I would like to know more about the Qubesly breed, just because they exist from the earliest days.

2. The "geode planet" is indeed curious, most creatures are alike and there are various structures indicating there was civilization there, how did this happen? Were the creatures on the surface corrupted forms of the inhabitants of that world? And why are so many animals in need of help inside the geode?

3. I wanted more stories about pirates because they are cool, how about a great treasure hunt?


Thanks for your votes :)

1 we can get a one  loorekeeper dragon fragment for complete a five tasks from a NPC look like a Diggsly's tasks to find a he's shadow


Srry for bad English

1.Shadow Giants.They got mission from long-dead king to get at least one trovian for their experiment.

2.Dragons.About dragons you could only hear about them in stories but now you can see them almost on every player and you can obtain them with their favorite thing....COINS,but special coins and they are called Dragon Coins,you can obtain them with your glory!

3.Todstorm.He is servant for his master and that is Dautgher of the Moon,but todstorm still waits to stab knife in her back so he can rule the whole world of trove.


Thanks for your votes

Ohhhh i am a fan of reading story about lore and stuff. 

First.  The storyline for trove as where do it began.  We as a trove hero born into the world fighting under the blessing of the goddess. And a king of trove suddenly had vision or we as a hero got a vision that a really danger situation will come to the world of trove. (like a glimpse you saw a vision everyone you know and care suddenly suck into a dark vortex a.k.a world ender)  and suddenly a dark twist plot the goddess is the evil or make it like the devil has come from the abyss to conquer the trove realm. 

Second. A full fledge lore story on each class on how and where they began until they become the hero of their own class. Example like Reve has been cursed to fight until the world end etc.  And knight came from the normal village boy yada2. Something like that. 

Third.  Lore about tje dragon tht we can hunt like chocolatl flak and thal dragon on why the dragon still roaming the trove world. Adding a few more dragon to hunt will spice thing up. 

And i know this is not one of the suggestion in the lore.  When you will add a SEA server atleast pull alot of minecraft sea player into trove. 


Thanks for your votes, I've added them to the list of things that you would like featured more prominently on the site.

As for game servers, you'll need to ask the dev team that :)

liked this!

1: The battle between the Resistors and Amperium. Maybe explain where the Amperium came from and why they wanna take over Neon City/Luminopolis. 

2: The Sundering. I've always wondered when the Sundering happened. There's no official timeline for the lore, so The Sundering could've happened long ago or fairly recently in Trove time.

3: The Moon Goddess. Most of the lore from items and the opening cinematic seem to depict her as evil, betrayed the world of light, controls the shadows, etc. But a lore page on Trion's website shows Qubesly explaining why the Moon Goddess left and what happened to her. He explains something completely different. I think that since Qubesly is the "Messenger of the Sun Goddess" (as he states in the above mentioned page), he knows the truth about what happened, and the whole "Moon Goddess being evil, etc." is an accusation that the Trovians made as a way to explain why The Sundering happened and why the shadows are attacking. 


Thanks for your votes :)

liked this!

1 darknik dreadnought is Sonics old rival robotnik = darknik

2hydra from hercules

3daughtor of moon from avatar the last airbender 


This doesn't really tell me things you are looking to find out, but it might be interesting to have some trivia on the lore to show the original inspirations.

1/The creator of Dragons (my favourite is Aurym ^^)

2/The history/lore of classes

3/History of races


Thanks for your votes

1-shadow titans


3-who made the dragons


Thank you for your votes

In general:
Well from what I could see the lore tab is currently under More>Lore and it doesn't have any suggestive articles. So some suggestive articles in the following order with like a general title + the usual icons for more accessibility like the rest of the other articles. (i.e. Crafting or fishing ...etc) 
You might want to add another tab for on the homepage for lore under the category Database>Lore

Also to merge the current lore in Trove with Geode as they both exist in the same universe. It should be all under a same page, but could be finely defined by other subtitles. 

Content: (In order of their importance) 
 1. Trove main story lore -- The continuation of the tutorial, how did Q'bthulhu corrupted the world and especially the DOTM part. 
It would be nice to have a nice summary about the lore given in the tutorial, about the back story of how Q'bthulhu come into play. How the primal world get corrupted and got developed into the current states. 
Could have an extra subtitle and showed that how at the same time, what is going on in Geode and how Geode is being eyed by Q'bthulhu too. 

2. Characters/ Relevant Characters backstory 
There are tons of god and deities, classes and other relevant characters mentioned in the game.
2.1 A category that dedicated to the main deities i.e. Sun of Goddess, Q'bthulhu, Moon goodness 
Each with description of who they are + basic backstory + relevant event + relevant quoted lore referenced from known styles or items under the spoiler/expand tag. 

2.2 Important characters/ Notable individuals 
i.e. All titans, Cygnus, snow queen, the four birbs, Geode: Pebbles ..etc

2.3 Known fractions 
 Biome related info + Background info + Associated characters (Links to 2.2 when mentioned the characters)

2.4 Dragons

2.5 Classes/ Professions

2.6 Known races/ species 

3. Biome  (Could be integrated in the pre-existence biome pages) 
- On each biome, add the lore session of known events. In the format of the 
Name of Event
Description of Event
Relevant mention quotes from styles/updates 
I.e. Robot Uprising in the Neon City biome/ The Catastrophe in Dragonfire biome
- Reference to 2.6 

4. Well-known spectated fan based theories. 


Thanks for this, it was a lot to take in, but it's added to my result sheet :)

1: lore of the different biomes that you encounter in your journey

2: lore of the different shadow tower bosses

3: lore of the classes 


Thanks for your votes.

1.lore of the each dragons

2.lore of the each adventure worlds

3.lore of the each classes


Thanks for your votes.

Three types of lore... To improve the website, is it? This isn't my first language and I'm not very familiar with the website, but I'll try.

1) The story's characters and how they're represented. Not only the main story, but all biome-related story. (Geode, Luminopolis, so on) The dragons often have lore, too!
To improve: Have "Lore" pages dedicated to the important characters and a wiki-like description of them and their known or theorized relationships, maybe link to the already-existing "collections", the styles related to those characters so people get a feeling of how they're around despite the story not really having an obvious presence by itself. 

2) The narrative itself. The story in Trove is as fragmented as the world and doesn't seem to connect all the time, so it's hard to really keep your attention up for it sometimes.
To improve: Maybe have a single "Story" page under Database, listing known elements of the story thus far, for main story, biome story or otherwise, potentially linking the involved characters to the "Lore" pages suggested in 1).

3) I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but the "meta" lore, for styles but specifically for the dungeons. One thing I find interesting in Trove is how so much is user-created. It's such a big presence in the game, and learning more about the creators's vision is part of the fun.
To improve: Styles and dungeons already have a link to the source of who's submitted them. I think it would be nice to also have a blurb directly indicating what the intention and story behind the design was, when one was provided.

I hope I made sense or/and manage to give a constructive opinion? I'm still not sure if I'm answering the question right.


Thank you for your input some great points.

Collecting information on the world characters and having dedicated pages for them, collecting the main story in one place, and allowing designers to expand on the database pages for their designs the inspiration is a great idea.

1) the lore of the shadowtowers 

2) about how the different biomes came to be 

3) more details about the trovian people vs the shadow people


Thanks for your votes :)

liked this!

(Is this for the game or website?) You should make it so that in the "lore" tab there is a whole array of items that can be clicked upon that show their backstory. The tabs should be organized chronologically. The biomes should also be included so we could see its backstory too. Maybe if the characters have backstories (like the Lunar Lancer) that can also be included. I dunno if you should include the costume's backstories because that's going to take a lot of time to finish.


No, it's for the website.

The developers of Trovesaurus are not connected to the developers of Trove, and cannot influence the ingame content. If you want to ask for things to be added ingame, post on the forums instead.


This is another vote for lore on Biomes and a new entry for lore on Classes. Thanks for those suggestions.

I would like to see a new story line of quests for how the clubs came to be. the second thing i would like to see is how the different biomes came together to form each world. and the third thing i would like to see is more detail on how the battle between the trovians and the shadows. 


I'm not sure the Clubs exist in Lore, as that is a Player focused thing, but it's something I can investigate.

The formation of the Biomes is another valid point we can consider.

I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to about "how the battle between the trovians and shadows" 

1) The general backstory behind Trove. That would be the nature of the Moon Goddess's "betrayal", how she stumbled upon the Shadows, Q'bthulhu's attack, and the Sundering, leading up to the current state of the world. Essentially, everything covered by Qubesly's retelling pinned in the Discord server. People very commonly think that the Moon Goddess is outright evil and/or that the Moon Goddess and Daughter of the Moon are the same being; having the correct story being more public would be nice.

2) The story of the Desert Frontier/Steambots > Neon City > Amperium/Luminopolis/Resistors is often asked about, and is also one of the topics that we have the most lore about, so it would be a good topic to gather information on.

3) Geode is also one of the topics with more lore than usual, and its story is fairly interesting as well. I'd like to see what we have on that compiled too.


As for presentation, just a simple text story should do. I see a few other comments suggesting cutscenes/video presentations, but those would probably be a pain to make and even moreso to update as new lore is added, so it really probably isn't worth the effort. Adding relevant images might work, though. I'd recommend listing every source of information used somewhere, from item descriptions to quotes from Atronos.

I'd put a place somewhere on the site for user-submitted fan theories, maybe with sorting/rating/commenting systems, but not officially list anything that isn't explicitly spelled out by an official source. For instance, I've often mentioned on the Discord that the Daughter of the Moon is a creation of Q'bthulhu using the Moon Goddess's stolen power, but it isn't directly stated, only implied, so it still wouldn't be mentioned anywhere.


Im the only one so far who said cutscenes. And besides, they already made an intro cutscene for lore. 


Also, I like the fan fare lore idea.


Someone also mentioned a "narrated tale" earlier, which is fairly close.


Thanks for your comments, I've registered your very valid suggestion that the main backstory should be the primary thing we offer, from betrayal to discovery of the shadow to qbthulhus attack and the sundering.

The arcanium steambots -> neon city -> luminopolis -> resistors is another good section we could offer, as it's a major expansion, as well as geode.

The fan theories section is a good idea that we can likely do.

Also, continue with the forbidden spires lore quest lines and adding in more mounts/dragons for each new aspect.


The addition of new dragons is more something that Modders may be interested, but I have registered your interest in seeing lore for the Forbidden Spires biome.

I would really like to see some more lore on how geode came to be, as well as some in detail lore on specific geode characters such as those on the expertise quests. You could show this lore by doing some cutscenes on specific dungeons or interacting with characters in the geode hub. Additionally, you should continue with DOTM lore and continue on from the tutorial. Definitely add cutscenes to the beginning of shadow tower dungeons at the pinnacles, or even do smaller ones on floors leading up to the pinnacle.


Thanks for your suggestions, since this applies to what I can do as a site developer, not affecting Trove development, cutscenes aren't something I can encourage, but I would quite like them also.

I have registered your interest in more information (or better accessible) for Geode and the Geode Characters.

Una historia sobre la creación del mundo y los origenes de la luz y la oscuridad.


Thank you, the creation of the world and origins of light and darkness is a good topic.

The event where the goddess of the sun erradicated a bunch of shadows with the super light attack, the creation of qbthulu and the kingdom of permafrost and how it was destroyed, I would really enjoy if it was presented as a narrated tale of some kind


Thanks for your suggestions, I'd need to dig up what you mean with the super light attack.

As for a narrated tale, I think that is outside the bounds of what I can provide on the site, but it is a nice idea for proper lore stories, potentially with collaboration with an artist or renderer.

I wish to find out more about the daughter of the moon and the past (before everything went bad).

@MegaJackson (Jasson-I)

Thanks for your comment, I've noted that you like more information on Daughter of the Moon, it would make sense to wrap this in a Shadow Titans section with more lore for each of them.