Decided to dig a little deeper for this contest, and lo and behold, Mau5's character sheets were filled with juicy lore and even more loveable characters. :3

Tired of all her children being endlessly slaughtered, rapscallion Rachnaphon has decided to pull the plug on this unfortnate Trovian.

My original cornerstone, perfect for a trip through memeory lane, with each floor dedicated to a biome theme. The exterior decorated with the heads of fallen enemies, each with a tale to tell.

Finally decided to do another one of these. Hope you enjoy!

Was taking a quick peek through the mods that needed art, took one look at the pancake manta's eyes and instantly fell in love! <3

Was originally going to do a shoe store, but I remembered the mole in the Foreman Footwear, and instantly liked this idea better. :3

No description entered

What a prickly predicament this sherrif is in. If only he could have noticed the glaringly obvious mega cactus behind him...

"Fetch Boys!" Waaiiittt... They can't bring it back if they devour it. Well that was a short-lived but very adorable game!

And after so much carnage and eaten candy, a new friend emerged from the rubble...

Loved the composure of this one.

A sketch of a tauntaunbeing hunted by a pack of voracious Tundra Threshers.

Have no fear, Super Sebastian is here!...Or will be in about *looks at watch* 42 minutes. It's a snail, It's a turtle, wait NO, It's SUPER SEBASTIAN!

This is how I always imagined Chrono, and now I finally got the chance to draw it out!

Flying around on that thing in front of hundreds of viewers must never get old...

You could say that anyone who enters this biome is going to be "boned."

Insects are one of my favorite things to draw, so I couldn't help myself when the opportunity arose. And because of the name of this contest, I added a bonus Dung Beetle!

Who needs acorns when you can have toast! Where's the ally that makes butter and jam?

Community superstar Delicious, as a Capricorn in it's natural habitat!

Isn't it beautiful how ice can come together to form such delicate shapes and patterns? Wait, is that a Spider?! Oh well, an ice spooder is epic too.

Bunnies are all the rage these days. But when weren't they? Boops for Bunnies!

After everybody treated her like a joke, Boothilda used her piscine powers to create a manifestation of her inner rage! She is now ready to take over the Atlas! If she could figure out a way to get off her summoning pad first...

These taunting tanks have always got each other's backs!

Nothing like a calm day out on the docks, feeling that cool salty sea breeze!


I'm just another Trove player, like you! For my art, I like to keep to the traditional style, good ol' colored pencil, pen and paper.

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