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Commented on: Honey Bee mod

Yoo it's the honey nut cheerios dude

Commented on: Trove turns 6 years old, win a Magic Trove Carpet page

My very first memory of trove was a small ad for the open beta I saw on a website (that I've now forgotten). Everything in that ad appealed to me, but the first thing that caught my eye in that ad was the prancing piñata mount being shown off.


I clicked on the ad and went to the game's website, which then got me to download it. This game was the only other MMO I ever really got into at the time, and I've met some of my long-time friends from it.


One of them I had met while out adventuring, after hearing of a rare mount drop called Pemblock. I invited him to join me on my journey to acquire this mythical cubic dog, and we set out on our first adventure together. We fought through dungeon after dungeon, scanning through our loot every few runs. 


Eventually, it started to get late, and at this point we were just running dungeons to hang out. The journey together was fun enough that I'd pretty much forgotten about the reason I'd set out on the adventure in the first place.


Until the game decided to give me a very direct reminder...


Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a string on my loot feed

  • "1 Mount: Pemblock"

Filled with excitement, I shared the news as soon as I saw it. Our long journey ended successfully at last. After a swell celebration between us in the now-looted lair, we got ready to say our goodbyes and log off. But little did we know this was only the beginning of our adventures in Trove.


All these years later, who could've known I'd still come right back to this game. Or even have one of my designs accepted into the game! Every time I see someone riding on a Prancing Piñata, the memory of that first ad returns. Along with the adventures I've had in this game over the years. 

Commented on: Cat-a-log event

I swear I can't escape this cursed thing. My frst dev dream unlocked this, and now it's followed me to trovesaurus

Commented on: Desert Frontier event

What's this? There's no info on anything.

Commented on: 3 Years of Trovesaurus page

I think i found the site when searching for the wiki. it looked cool and I saw free stuff so I continued from there. I mainly use it for mod file info, mod hosting, the giveaways... I can't really think of much to improve on.

Commented on: Llama Escape Giveaway giveaway

fishing in hub + patience

Commented on: Phantataur Giveaway event

phantatuar!? I need this! Wasn't able to get one during halloween!

Commented on: Country Communities page

I think it's pretty neat. Just a place to to talk to others in the sam region as you.

Commented on: Artist x Modder Signup event

liked this!

I'll take a modder role! :)

Commented on: Positivity Fortnight page

I like gettin all that good rare stuff then sellin it for flux then blowing flux on gear upgrades & other rare stuff then being broke and sad again then repeat...

Commented on: Positivity Fortnight page

I just love collecting stuff. Gives me a good feeling of self completion whenever I get something really rare. Mostly ships and dragons because they're the biggest and rarest.

Commented on: Blitz and Glitz Costume Pack pack

no, they're automatically unlocked when you enter the code. but you could possibly trade the code, just can't garuntee you a fair trade.

Commented on: St. Qubeslick's Day Art Contest - Results page

I like MrWhoever's XD

Commented on: Unhandled tip / 126 tip

Commented on: Builder's Club Spotlight #17e03: Primal Grey Matters page

Those jurassic fossils are so cool! :D Seems kinda hard to build detail in trove, IDK how they do it.