For the next 2 weeks we celebrate the things that we like about Trove. Let us know in the comments things that you enjoy doing, or features that you like about the game.

Please note that this isn't the place for things that you don't like, nor is it a place for constructive critism (that will come later).

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I love playing trove with friends, stomping through dungeons like no tomorrow. All of us getting good gems other than that one really unlucky guy. Laughing at myself getting perfect gem stats and my friends getting health regen :). The custmizable side of the game is really fun too we hhave mini build contests to see who is the best builder we then all together made a massive world

I love playing trove with friends since you do dungeons together, level up together then make a club world. The game is excellent honestly and its filled with laughs and i also like to build

I love the club worlds and how you can also Build Whatever you want, just the way you like it. The community is also amazing as they help you so much


I love how much you can customize yourself and and your cornerstone.


i like the community and building

I enjoy every aspects of Trove but the most is decorating. I love customizing my cornerstone and club worlds because i want them to be unique, interesting and cozy. Fortunately we have plenty of recipes that we can unlock and get cool furniture, decorations and other for our house or building, also the ways to get recipes are pretty good. We can be like interior decorator and make nice looking interiors. Its great that we can customize decorations to our style and preferences which gives us a lot of ideas. I find that decorations puts a "soul" into everything we build, it diversifies the game. Im a creative person so i have so much fun decorating and always spending hours on it.  

I like gettin all that good rare stuff then sellin it for flux then blowing flux on gear upgrades & other rare stuff then being broke and sad again then repeat...

I love building on Trove and I love making the world flat, it might sound boring, but it's so peaceful to me, cause my mind goes blank just breaking the blocks and seeing everything just look plain!

I love being a boomeranger and blowing everything up! Enemies, dungeons, the hub, my house on accident XD i just love to blow it all into oblivion

I enjoy playing with my friend and crushing all the enemies from the shadow tower all the way to the shadow arena. I like to think that one day all the enemies in trove will be crushed by the Trovians!

I enjoy Trove because a lot of things , one of them is Gardning, i mean the process of it; making sponges then collecting watter then this then that, it feels like im actually doing something not just pressing a button.It just feels like a whole experience when comming back after a while and collectiong the fruit of a hard work .

I like trove for the food related things and how nice the people are. Why because I like food I mean who doesn't!

I enjoy trove because of the community, yes the grind is usually a pain, but the community is great, its such a creative game where much of anything is possible. The themes of the dungeons in the biomes match it so much as well.

Disfruto buscar materiales para poder formar mi casa, me encanta estar en equipo con mis amigos realizando castillos y subiendo máster y lv.

I enjoy trove because I can build anything I can think of. Some of the things I've done, is a gigant floating castle for my club members.
I like how trove allows me to express my ideas in their build mode, so varied and complete :)

What I like most about trove, is the theme of dungeons osea peude sir with your friends and each one receives its own loot there are no such fights for the items who catch it first and so = D

Picka boo

I like the market aspect the game gives off and how you have to achieve flux. I also like the endless amount of mounts one can get in this game.


I enjoy the teamwork that this game allows me and my friends to have together when playing.

I really enjoy the amount of player created content that is implemented into the game, it really makes you seem more connected to the game and the developers

The reason i still play is because my club, such a nice community

For me, it is the community that keeps me always entertained. I have met many nice people and I always enjoy having fun with them. Another thing I love are creations, such as mounts and costumes, I am always looking forward to add something new to my collection. 

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I love the continued support of the game by the devs good patch and bad they've always been there trying to make us happy

I love fishing because it's exciting to see what you fish up and it gives you resources that would be tedious to get otherwise.

Love fishing.  I can sit back relax, watch a movie and fish all day long.  What can make fishing even better?  Fast fishing week of course.  Can't wait for some plasma fishing

I love playing with my friends :)

Why I LOVE Trove:

1. Building - I have done a lot of builds from my freaky cornerstone, to my awesome Bastion at our club. Check out my imgur for trove build pictures, just type = imgur mhepz 

2. Modding - Right now im still halway on learning to mod, but im really greatfull for lots of contribution from the community for some awesome mods. Cheers to the great modders.

And last,

3. The Trove Community - The community itself keeps me coming back to Trove. Trove community is overall a friendly community, there were some toxic players but they just comprised of small percentage of the community itself.

Thank you Trove for a wonderful game and always make changes so that every players aven the end gamers still have something to do within the Trove World. Keep grinding guys!!!

I like being able to just mindlessly grind dungeons and being rewarded for that too. It really helps me calm down. To me that's sorta like meditation of sorts. Then there's being able to build. That is a major plus for me. I really like being able to express myself through art.

I love the fact that you guys and gals at Trion are so dedicated to your game. I read a lot of places that the RNG factor upsets people and blah blah blah but for me it's one of the most integral parts of the game. No matter what there is always more to do in this game. Whether it's chasing PR or dragon farming or building or whatever strikes your fancy. Obviously I want to win this contest but more than that I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for an amazing game! Hopefully I can catch your June 30th livestream and win a cool anything (come on Chaos Coin lol)! I made my first 10k PR last night by the way, it's so exciting chasing down those higher numbers. Keep up the greatly appreciated work :)

I like that you can be in more than one club at the same time, giving you more freedom to choose. Also, that you can use mods to play the game as you like. Another feature are the weekly contests, that gives you useful rewards for improve. Finally, you can loot the styles of the weapons, and use it in your main weapons without changing them.  

I enjoy making flux off the market. 

I enjoy being able to build my own creations and even have a portable cornerstone to show off my creations. I'm a builder by heart, and you can make some truely amazing looking art with Trove with enough time and patience.

I also enjoy dragon farming. It's nice and laid back cruising on a boat while listening to music and everytime I hear that dragon noise I get excited because it's a good amount of flux.

I enjoy planning big large scale builds with my friends and taking the time to build them one step at a time as well as our own individual ideas in hope of inspiring others to build amazing things as well as just simply being able to say we built that.

I love doing challenges with dragon armies blowing up dungeons.

I love collecting all the mount in the game. I'm trying my best to get all of them and love trove community 

I like how you can run around in the open endless world and fight/kill dragons out in the open in order to craft your own


I love hanging out in clubs with all others and having a party ;3 Clubs make trove so much more social

i love club worlds because it make the game more enjoyable you can meet friends and build beyond your imagination without club worlds i think trove would get dull after some time it keeps the games alive!

Arena is the best

I like playing around and trying to collect mastery points and actually fighting enemies (even if it sounds boring) since it reminds me of an old game that I used to play and that it got shut down for meaningless reasons.

Grinding gem boxes, leveling some classes, getting all my classes at least 2.5k /5k pr.

i love mining and crafting

I like the fighting mechanic, the marketplace and also blowing evreything :)

I love just flying around with my dragon, and mining with some good music in the background, or a good streamer is so relaxing <3

What I like in trove is the graphics, though I am playing on the lowest settings because of my laptop. The variety of classes which suites every individual's personality and gameplay. I commend also the difficulty of the shadow towers especially in ultra mode which makes it more challenging. I also like the Weekly contests, in that way you can make people play trove more often for them to get those essential rewards to boost their character levels. All in all, Trove improved some aspects of my life such as:

1.) Patience
2.) Perseverance
3.) Understanding
4.) Socialization and
5.) Creativity

I didn't regret playing Trove for 2 years ^_^

I like to gringe dungeon in trove because the fighting system in this game is the best of all game I've ever played

I love building random stuff just for fun :)

I love upgrading my characters because I love seeing bigger numbers.

i love opening boxes and seeing if i get lucky and i love ctf too


I enjoy the weekly contests and shadow tower runs in trove

chillout , speedruns,play with friends

I enjoy creating pixel art in Trove because it calms my anxiety and helps me express my creativity. :)

It fills me with determination.

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I enjoy being a trovian... 

I like doing shadowtowers and see how fast im doing them and my progress since last time

I like doing the shadow tower a lot, because it feels almost like an arcade game in trove, dungeon after dungeon and boss after boss.

Com certeza é construir no clube com os parça não tem nada melhor que isso !

I like to build in the game. It relaxes me and makes it possible to highlight all my ideas. It also allows me to share ideas with other players. I'm just saddened that the develloppers do not enlarge the club's properties and that new content can be released at the same time as the adventure game.

Community keeps this game alive thats the best thing about game, also clubs which gives a possibility to create your own group and play together

I like to maintain my club and to keep others happy while doing the best I can to help people                                                                                                                                                        I also like that there is a very big range of mounts and wings to collect and my aim is to get them all ;)

I like that you have to constantly grind to be able to do good in lategame so you cant just become the best in no time

I'm quite new to this game, however :

  • I enjoy gardening, fishing and decorating my cornerstone. It breaks from the usual dungeon farming and is appreciated after a sometimes stressful hourly challenge;
  • I appreciate that there is a special bonus each day, it helps answer to "What shall I do ?" when logging in.

I really like to build in trove because I was first inspired by Voxul, after that I realise that building in trove was like building in Minecraft but up 1 level. In trove there is such a wide variety of colours and the amount of jumps you can have helps a lot. I am able to make use of my creativity to make things in Trove after that judge what I have built and improve on it. There is barely any limits to what u can build like a Dragon a castle a city, this is why I think building is the most fun thing for me in Trove

the leaderbords are one of my favorite activities to do, when you rank up in the leaderbords it like you have what it takes to be a pro player and you win cool stuff.

the competition of trying to create and upgrade the best characters is what brings me back

Trove is a very nice game, it has a couple things mixed together like PvE, Building, Creativity, Crafting, and stuff. Well I am actually also addicted to trove, what makes me love to play trove is actually also that there are some good communities or people inside, sharing stuffs together, info, even life-based chit chats on the communities, well trove is just refreshing unless something bad happens suddenly :P

I love expressing my imagination by building in club worlds, by making items for Trove and getting that juicy loot. :D The feature that I like in trove is when i can use, for example, my Knight's sword in my Boomranger, it kinda makes it easier to get better items

I just love soaring through the skies on wings or my dragon. It relaxes me somehow :)


Fishing, specially on time bonus weeks. Because it relaxes me somehow :)

Brainless farming is wonderful.

I also enjoy collection challenges and farming radiant shards with new people.

Leeching gem boxes is fun though :))

I like being able to mine with other players and everyone nearby getting the materials. More games should be like that, it causes much less arguments and is a good way to make gathering resources more fun, productive, and easier for everyone. :)

Farming Radiant shards, Mining and farming ultra it's a good way to spend time in this beatiful game ^^

I love collecting


Solo mindless farming is a good stress reliever for me.

I play trove so I can have fun with friends and so I can get away from reality. I have been playing Trove for 75 days in a row now and I have not skipped 1 day of it. I have met a lot of nice and friendly people while playing. I love trove, its addicting, creative, very well designed, fun, somewhat challenging, and Unique in its own way. I love everything about this game. I will be playing it for a long time!!! I love Fishing, playing PvP, killing Enemies, and collecting mounts, equipment styles, mag riders, dragons, allies, etc.

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What i love the most are propably the 3 things: being able to skip a whole dungeon if you know how, the ability to swim/fly and the exploring. Also i love the building but destroying is much simpler and who doesn't like explosions? :D

I enjoy do dungeon because i like farming, and making flux with stellar drop and the movement speed of the neon ninja while farming :D

I enjoy playing trove because it is fun xD :D

I enjoy seeing myself start gliding and 2 seconds later of flying, I rubberband back onto the ground. I also enjoy the feature that I pressed jump 20 times to find myself on the ground still.


I also love the RNG feature. 

I enjoy playing trove because it is simple and easy to understand.

It is one of the few games i am able to enjoy with my mentally challenged little brother.

He loves Trove and is playing it since almost 1 year on PC.

I hope that i am able to grab a reward for him to make him happy.


It's nice to hear that mate, I also have a friend who is mentally challenged. Playing Trove makes him improve his socialization skills and one way to calm his mind everytime he experiences high levels of Anxiety (panicking).

My favorite part about trove is playing with friends and family. I enjoy going into dungeons with them and destroying the boss. 

I like crashing..


Collecting things is nice, since it feels rewarding to continue increasing your Mastery while filling out the Collections lists.

i love ranking up mastery, ontaining all the different mounts, allies, costumes and other designs is really fun and cool too see

i like how you can snipe a boss with shadow hunter if you know the dungeon well enough without having to go in the dungeon


i like doing dungeons with club mates and running ST. I also like seeing the monsters explode

It's really nice talking to clubmates and seeing the community work together. I also love the builds and mods and other creations that people make.

I am a collector, which means that I really enjoy collecting mounts,wings,costumes etc that I have not collected. I enjoy this because it is always fun to earn something you don't already have. I love grinding U9 aswell :D

i love geting mounts and riding them and i like to level up my mastery too

I love fishing and also love farming for flux and playing wityh my friends

I really enjoy mining, as well as fishing. It really calms me, and i find it satisfying to collect shapestone by the hundreds xD I also really enjoy dragons, I ended up getting my ancient dragon in 6 days :D

I just love collecting stuff. Gives me a good feeling of self completion whenever I get something really rare. Mostly ships and dragons because they're the biggest and rarest.

I really enjoy building in trove because it allows me make my mark in the game

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the thing i enjoy the most is flying with the wings ,however made this idea to have wings in the game is a pure genius

Thing I enjoy the most is flying with my incredible neon nightsky wings <3

Fishing is without a doubt, the best thing in trove. Would love to see a huge fishing overhaul with new rewards and rods.

My favourite feature would be the chat becuase it allows people to share what they want weather it's loot or just whats been going on in their lives and now I say no more

i enjoy jsut about everything its a fungame you can get behind.

What do I enjoy about Trove the most? Easy, the community of a good club, where people help each other out and have fun Troving together.

I really like that classes and chaos chests can be obtained easily. Unlike before when you need to buy a class coin for alot of flux. Same with chaos chests or you need to be 100 mastery rank just to get 1 per day. Any free to play player like me can play trove much better because of that update.

[Deleted User]

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I enjoy the fact that all resources are shared amoung players, creating a less toxic environment

I like how satisfying it is to slowly fill your collection and mastery bar, and feel great when you complete a large category (Dragons, Badges, etc.)

I like the gem update which allows us to add a lot of stats, because before it was much harder to have a lot of stats, with gems you can even out your class.

I love Trove and have played it for a long time. I have seen it expand with new ideas and power systems. I love the way you level up and how everytime you upgrade something you get an incredible feeling of satisfaction as you watch a bar increase or a number climb higher. Overall its a great game and is just overall a really "fun time". 

I really enjoy the idea of being able to upgrade your gear and form your own class around it. You can gather gear with any stats you want. I love that idea because you cann enjoy making our character super fast, or super jumpy, and also super tanky. 

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I love trove because everytime I obtain something new or get a higher pr, it feels like I accomplished something.This is something I only get when I am playing Trove.

I just enjoy Collecting all the Mounts, Allies, Costumes and Wings in the game, it's fun using all the items and seeing all the neat VFX.

I love quite a lot of things from Trove. From the gameplay it has, the classes (mostly the Ice Sage), the cool styles and aesthetics that the game and mods can offer, it being a free game, building stuff in cornerstones and club worlds, and I think most specially are the friends that I have found within the game. These are the reasons why I still keep playing Trove.

I love to fish in trove and hug someone special in game hihi :)

I love that i can play trove whit my friends and that i can make new friends while playing.I love crafting mounts,costumes and collecting items .

I enjoy farming gem boxes with my friends in trove. While the grinding itself is sometimes tedious, the results are really enjoyable. Often times, I'll open 100 gen boxes to find one good stellar gen to put on one of my classes, but it's worth it because it's a permanent step toward being one of the best at the game. Also, as a plus, I stack up a lot of chaos chests through this and often times find something cool in those too! However, the most important thing to me is that while I'm doing this, I get to have fun and make memories with my friends.

I like it when I find clubs that help each other out and when I get super lucky when i get gem dust to upgrade my gems.

I love loot

I love trove because, it's an amazing game overall. I never thought I'd find something that would bring such joy into my day. From the few days ago I started, it's been an absolute BLAST. I also LOVE watching my character grow to higher heights, while at the same time earning new things.

 I love Trove because it is in the my favorite genre of game, MMORPG. I just enjoy advancing my character to higher levels and making it stronger as I go along, while also changing its look while doing so. I also enjoy the many different mounts and allies that are in the game, and the amount of diversity they each have.

I like trove because of the grindness the game has and is a pretty good F2P game.

well, since im not with that much spare time these days, im only loggin to put my crap stuff for sale and pick the daily rewards... and btw the game is laggin as hell when im playing and theres nothing done to improove the game for ages even with all those similar games popping out... just didnt gave up already cos i didnt found another free one like this game to replace it ^^ sad but true for many players as well...

I truly enjoy the old school MMO aspect that trove has finally brought to xbox. Spending time grinding to get the perfect rolls on gear and making new friends while trying to better kill times and improve your character. Trove is a blast even when it's being a never ending grind. Thank you to the trion world's trove team for creating a very entertaining game.

I love Trove, I really don't think their is anything that I dislike. My favorite class is the Pirate Captian, my favorite mount is Paul Esteban McClaw. (Thank you Twixler for creating the Griffons). I enjoy building Pvp Arenas, but I really love the community. I have met a lot of players on Trove - some good, but some bad - altogether though, these set of players make an amazing community. Which turns into an amazing game! The devs are nice and helpful - for the most part. There are some changes that could make it better, but that isn't important right now. 

I honestly hope everyone enjoys the game as much as I do. <3

Trove is truly a wonderful game that has had me hooked for a long time.  The thing I like most is the simplicity of the game.  Anybody can get started with little to no background knowledge and still enjoy the game and it's features.  There are always people there to help you when you need help or have a question.  I love Trove!

I love Trove for their type of community , most people in global or the people i met is friendly and is non-toxic . I really love socializing and helping people when i am free because i think that helping people is good and nice ^__<

I love Trove for the types of classes and mounts it has.

i love trove and how youtube still has alot of videos on trove, when i play it, i feel like im in the trove world, keep going, and i hope this game can come on the Nintendo Switch in the future!

I really love trove and all the gun styles and all the people who play this game are very friendly and nice. Trove is a game that is so addictive in all the right ways, and keeps you crawling back for more and more loot and adventure.

I enjoy helping other player. It feels good to help because I've been there being a newbie player. A friend of mine help me through alot. He thought me that when the time comes and I become strong enough player it'll be my turn now to help other player. Currently, I'm not yet stronger enough but I try to help in the best way I could. Trove is a good community with alot of things to enjoy. Isn't it great to help out each other? :)

 I love the fact that money mainly contributes to cosmetics/extras because it puts me on the same playing field as everyone else.

I love the character animations in Trove. My favourite two are Neon Ninja's jump (with flip) and Shadow Hunter's dodge.

Thank you, Twixler and Dopesheet.

I enjoy building and looking for glitches

I enjoy collecting dragons because of how powerful they make you look compared to most other mounts

i just simply love ganda <3

I lo've the MMO aspect of the game, and the leveling takes time towards the end, but is fair. 

I enjoy collecting things and leveling my characters to see how far I can go. Trove also has a great community for an MMO, and I feel it's one of the most fun free-to-play games out there.

I started playing Trove a little over six months, I'm still not a "ppl" but one of the things that caught my attention in this game was his system of capitalism, it makes a game in which it is not necessary to spend real money to get good items, almost all items in the game can be caught simply by playing, buying with flux and trading for other items, another thing that also caught my attention was the fact that it is an open community game for modifications and improvements, both that several items like hats, melees, faces and other items in general, have their design done by the community.

The community is so nice. Clubs are really a nice way to know people and also let your imagination go.

I really enjoy the community in trove. If you have a question, there will be numerous people willing to answer and to help out. I also love my guilds as they're like a family to me.

well i played trove since 2015 till now that I had my own job ..

i also like the sub-class features just like on my other mmorpg Phantasy Star Online 

..Playing trove gives me knowledge on building your ouw character stats that is missing on me ..


i also enjoy the farminng and hunting features like searching for a dragon or grinding materials such as crafting and reinforcing materials ...the only sad part is its hard to invite someone ..specially with long names ..hope that sometimes or maybe next time you could just copy thier names by simply clicking it 


i also like the new way of getting the dragon coin and caches haha sorry i havent played for a yr due to my ojt .. 


by the way go high ..trove ..




One thing I like of trove is the chat, because if you need help the people are good persons and helps you, and because you can enter in a amazing club with a lot of persons :D

One of the biggest things I like about trove is the combat. It's not perfect, but it's engaging and puts you into the action more than something like tabbed targetting and having to wait on spells that aren't ultimates.

I love Marketplace in Trove because only there I don't need to spend entire day to collect or get something ^^

I love trove beacause I have a coletion of beautyful things and I love collect things lol

I love trove because I love mmorpg's and trove is the best that I have played since a long time.

I love trove because of grind and killing enemies, it looks like old doom 2 (especialy at flaminng mountains agains demons) but with  magic weapons and crazy characters. Grind and kill! 

I enjoy meeting new people and being part of such a large community. The loot system and marketplace keep things interesting.

I love Trove because there is such a variety of different ways you can play.

When you get tired of one thing (for instance, dungeoneering), you can go off and do something else (build in a club world, collect ore, farm needed ingredients, etc).


You can play hardcore or casually, depending on what you feel like at the moment.

 I like trains!!


Ok, seriously, I like fishing :D

I like the fact that there are many ways of getting what you need. You can buy, you can trade, you can grind, you can get from other ways... I mean, some itens can even be gotten via fishing! This is what makes this game awesome, there no "correct path" to get where you want. There are many paths, and we can choose the one we like the most.

Creativity of all the builders in Trove is awesome! I like to discover all of the epic buildings and pretty nice club worlds.

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Going to remove it as it doesn't seem legitimate.

I love trove because I LOVE LOOT COLLECTORS And cute girl <3

For me, I generally enjoy MMORPGs and have played a couple in the past coming to the conlclusion of saying: Trove is hands down one of my go-to mmos to play because it's simple, it feels casual, I enjoy voxels and have enjoyed mmos for a few years. My favourite part in-game is the costumization of classes. There's a ton of amazing styles to choose from to make your character look unique and creative. Also being able to submit your own designs to either be accepted or used a mod is great for anyone who wants to share their creative talents. I love how there's so many talented people out there.

Actually recently there isnt much to do, just getting daily loot login off waiting for the next big update but chatting/meeting some people is nice though and sometimes help building or just being around.

I like the fact that there is always something to do. I'm a fishing addict on the game as it provides all types of materials that I sell to make flux to buy everything else I need. Can't wait til plasma fishing arrives! :D

Always New Players!

My favorite thing to do in Trove is making beginners follow me while riding my Dance Pad, towards a cornerstone plot, and then i trap them inside! :D

The community!

Finally a game without the toxic community, in trove there is always some cool person you can chill with for hours. Community is what keeps you playing after your done with the rest. ;)

I love trove because of the combat mechanics and the way the game makes you interact with other players.

I enjoy building and running dungeons. I really enjoy the whole collection system of this game.

Liked the ladybug event as I really enjoy the farming for items from mobs you know have a rare drop. Would love to see more random mobs with rare loot to hunt. Example would be a certain area has a chance to spawn a rare and that rare has a chance to drop a item.

The thing I like most about Trove is grinding and building, it's such a carefree game compared to other more competitive ones.

I love touring club world, looking at pixel art that people have made there and making my own pixel art whenever I can! :3

Love my dungeons. Can stop doing them. Average around 500-1000 a days depending on mood. But this game is meant for it. New dungeon styles needed though. 

My favorite part about Trove is forging your Shadow gear into Stellar. It takes a while, but I think that it sums up all of the best parts of the game.

Tbh, i'm not really a big fan of farming/grinding, it really bores me, but trove's goals, or at least the ones i set for myself in trove where appealing and achievable enough to motivate me and make grinding interesting.

edit: the modding and building communities are also amazing.

What i love about trove is colecting mounts especially DRAGONS, oh and also the comunity made stuff  

I like farm and grind ~(ˆ°ˆ)~

Need more farm and grind \ ( ̄▽ ̄) /

I love all dragon


I love fortras the bomber dragon its soo cool

There's one thing I like about Trove.

Community-created stuff.

[Deleted User]

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     Trove is a game based around the community. There really isn't too much competition in the game, so everyone is generally courteous to other players. This gives it a avery chill and relaxed atmosphere, which I love.

     For example, the biome challenges. Since everyone gets rewarded the same, there's no real reason to fight over who gets the boss kill. Also, these challenges are a sight to behold, countless players flying in a fllocktowards the next dungeon. It really gives a communal felling, knowing everyone shares the same goal, even if it's just for those brief 20 minutes.

The thing I love about trove is that everything gives you mastery exp, so each single new thing you collect contribute to your character. That's what motivates me to get all the things :]

I just love farming flux in trove just for that one new mount that gives me more Mastery so I can be closer to Max Mastery

The thing I love about trove the most is after a long day at work I am able to escape into a little trove bubble for a few hours.

I love Build ! Clubs are very important for me.

I like to customize my character and grind for better items and gems, and i like to collect all the mounts. :)

what i like about trove is how it has a endless amount of possibilities

i like to farm for a hour or 2 when the wekk resets hoping to get a AWESOME SAUCE gem...most of the time its bad but...I WONT GIVE UP TRING UNTIL I AM CLOSE TO NUMBER 1(in a million zillion years that is...)

end of enthusiastic writing...

What i love about Trove is the gem system (yes im a grindy person) I grind alot hoping to find perfect gems that has 1600+ pr and yes good stats. I also like gambling alot on boxes and levelling my mastery to whatever the max is. I like to do speedruns to and meet other endgame players, And sometimes helps newbies. Overall if i were to rate trove it would be 7/10

Since Trove hasn't been updated in a long time I don't really enjoy ''playing'' as in ''farming'' for better gems and more flux. The reason I keep playing Trove however is because I met so many nice people and I keep on meeting new people. I like to play the game while chatting a lot with them or talking in Discord. This makes the game more fun because there are so many nice people out there in Trove.

Trove is a place where I can go to be myself away from reality. I like being able to collect and spend in game money and buy things in game to expand on my collections. I like leveling classes. I like how many awesome items players have made in the game and how the community thrives on player made content. Most of all, I like how many friends i have made, and its all because Trove is played all around the world.

Well, the most enjoyable thing in the game for me is character customization xD i just love designing every single one of my characaters into a unique theme :) i bought lots of style stashes just for that xD

Believe it or not my favourite part of trove is flipping and making flux .. I know most people find it boring but I just love it when it pays off and you your flux increase and then you can spend it on something you really want this give me the best feeling like I've actually achieved something

I love building up my club and hosting club events and give aways. I meet new people every day, have a chat and a laugh, and when I get positive feed back from members it always puts a smile on my face. 

I enjoy and am thankful for classes that aren't your typical classes like the tomb raiser and pirate captain.  I am a big summoner player and very few games do them justice, trove is one of the few games where they've managed to keep the minion count small but make them feel like they pack a serious punch.  Very well designed and I love both classes.  I also enjoy the daily bonuses so I can plan my schedule around xp day or gem box day or all bonuses active week hehe.  Haven't been playing long a month maybe but for a simple game i'm hooked.

I enjoy the shadow towers and hanging out with Trove streamers. Trove helped me make some great relationships with other streamers and it is so much fun to hang out with them!

i like the shadow towers because it gives you more of a challange and a goal to work towards, its like they are the bosses amoungst bosses, like the dark gods of the game, ITS LITTY FAM :D

Activities that I enjoy in Trove is hunting Dragons.  Why? Mad flux

Features I  enjoy in Trove are Mods because I can customize the way Trove looks, for intsance, Clock mod to know when challenges are coming; Diasable Outlines which removes the black outlines around blocks and make it look like Trove is a whole new game.  The possibilities are endless...
    Ability to create new channels and/or join existing ones to know when dragons are found.

Where should I begin?

I was first curious about this game when I saw a video where Verlis pulled his Ganda from a Trove of Wonder.  I didn't know what the game was at the time, so I scrolled through the comments, found the game, and downloaded it on Steam.  It hooked me from the getgo.  It was a simple game, but I liked that about this game.  As time went on, I started gaining my wealth, and I heard about the streaming community from DismantleTime when he proclaimed his birthday stream.  I had so much fun that day, and I tuned in whenever he streamed Trove in the future.  I remember when I first heard about Radiant Utopia, when they had a pinata party.  I fell in love with the world and wanted to join.  Once I made my first radiant, a staff (which was pretty hard to do back when pentas cost about 40k a piece), the first thing I did was ask for an invite to the club.  I did leave, but I came back after another pinata party and made some really good friends.  I enjoy hanging out with people that I have come to know through the clubs I'm a part of.  The grinding is fun, but when I get bored, I like to build up my personal club to break up the action, or mod when I feel like it.  It's a fun thing to do, and the chance to get items in game (like the Leafy Levitators) is really awesome.  I don't think any other game does something like that.  And now, I'm in the top 400 rank of mastery with all classes at 30 and I'm still an active player of this game.

Wow, that was a long nostalga trip.  Sorry for the wall of text.

I think grinding for gems, while infuriating at times, is fun! It's enjoyable to see your character get stronger and for results to really show when applied in different gamemodes.

One of the most enjoyable activities to do on trove for me is talking with friends and collecting mounts and especially dragons!First of all talking with friends is quite obvious why it is enjoyable!Its just fun XD.Next collecting mounts is really fun cause of the sheer amount that exists in the game.There are so many cool concepts ranging from corgis to magical birds.Its really enjoyable and it gives you a sense of satisfaction when you get that mount that everyone has been talking about!


The ability to add mods


I like completing dungeons because all the dungeons in Trove have its own characteristics. Their shapes, colors and all. They always come to me fresh and that I find it amusing. Also, the way Trove let players fly around the world. It makes me feel free. Looking up and down, from left to right. Being able to fly around and see beautiful structures and creatures fascinates me the most. It eases my mind.

I like that there are many things to do. I usually farm dungeons, but if I'm not in the mood then I can go farm ores, or if I don't want to farm at all then I can go build something nice and creative in my cornerstone or club world.

Grinding and chit chatting with people 

there is nearly no game has grinding like trove 

I like the grind. Not many say that, but i do. I like that feeling when a good piece of gear or rare drop hits the dungeon floor. Shadow towers are fun as well. Over all i like the game so much that i started streaming it daily. Mainly cause of the community, ive met alot of nice players who play and genuinely want to help others as i do. 

I just farm Radiant Shard's for the Vault Recipes :(

I love to getting money without putting too much efort in it. Why ? Tell me, who doesn't like getting this way money(in legal way) ^^

I love build ! Clubs are very important for my !

I really really enjoy finding new pieces of gear or weapon designed by people other than the creators of trove. Involving the community is clearly their goal and by doing this they've achieved it 

I enjoy going into pvp and getting battle trophies and getting my shadow hunter's ultimate to actually work and one shot a u9 boss.

Well, what I enjoy  most about Trove is that there are no real "quests", I'm free to do whatever I like, all classes are somewhat equal in terms of usefulness and different enough to justify another playthrough, the colorful and simple graphics and the driving purpose behind it all to just "grind it all". Cheers!

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I really like Trove for the great communities, making friends since im always lonely, building awesome stuff, and great mods.

I enjoy a lot about Trove.  I really like the class choices.  The difference classes and playing styles make the game interesting and they give you something the work towards.  I like how Trove can have endless possibilities of what you can do.  Some examples are grinding your mastery, grinding your character level and building/talking in your club or global world chat.  Which leads me to my next enjoyable part about the game.  I LOVE clubs.  I enjoy talking, building and helping each other out.  I enjoy taking a break from the grinding to build an epic structure in my club world.  My next favorite part about Trove are the weekly competitions.  I have fun trying to be in the top during the competition.  Like I said earlier I enjoy having something to work towards.  Over all almost everything about Trove is enjoyable there has been a lot of time and effort put into it which makes is very fun. 

One of the most enjoyable things in Trove is talking trash in global/clubs, and helping out people who are asking for help. Not in terms of giving materials or flux, but in the sense of farming with them or carrying people in ST. The appreciation of a simple "Thanks a lot ! :D" makes me feel that I'm not wasting my time, rather making someone else happy, and that's a nice bonus.

I have met some friendly and amazing people on Trove who I enjoy talking a lot to. Although we're not playing together, doing our own things yet chatting in the club makes the game a lot more enjoyable for me. The friendly community in game is what makes me comeback to Trove for more.

The feature I like in Trove is the Club feature. I'd really like it if Trove allows more Club slots XD I'd want to join 10 more clubs if I could. But I understand it's just to prevent chat spamming. There's plenty of features I could list (e.g. the class system, market system, etc.) but I could write a book with that. 

In trove I like to go out exploring and fighting dungeons especially with other trovians. Going in guns blazing and bombs explodin on mounts with friends makes it much more fun. I like the exploration and exciting thrill with explosions strategies and massive damage. The loot chaos chests and fun make it worth it in the end.

I like Trove for its diverse array of classes and worlds for the player to explore in. There are also countless crafting opportunities for anyone and everyone to partake.

well i like play trove because i can talk to random people in chat. you know, when playing games sometimes feels a bit lonely.


and Of course, mod is the best. beacuse it's always cool

i really like the unique dungeons

I enjoying adventuring in the game as it fun and a great time to chill and chat. Also I love the mounts in the game as it add diversity to your personal style.

I enjoy the concepts behind Trove. Repetition: the same thing that drives some of my friends away from the game gives it an attractive quality to me. Something that I can appreciate in a game, especially one of this caliber, is the capability to become a seamless addition to a regular day's schedule. I work a 9-to-5, and the game is a nice break I can take for an indeterminate amount of time. The detail and constant updates to the game give way to anticipation for things other than Tax Season for me. I can't tell you the speculation I was doing before the Mantle of Power update, and I'd previously assumed that it'd be gamebreaking and make hard grinding obsolete. 

Well, it only made it gamebreaking, but the fact still stands-- I'm playing to this day, even after the fact. The game is endearing that way... if there's a true issue, it'll be patched in a later date for certain, and if there's content that could be added, it's added. It has decent communication with its community (Trovesaurus, for example), and if the servers could be improved, would be one less thing off of its bucket list. 

I like a lot of things ... thats why i play trove.


But i want to highlight the creativity of the game.

If its something collectable or the awesome buildings

wich are so many around in the amazing clubworlds.


Thanks to everyone who is contributing to that game!




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Please remember the actual task for this contest :)

I really love the things that the Trove community has made: artwork, mods, dungeons, etc.


They really know how to make Trove alive and giving their own point of view of the game with their own personal touch.

I Love the collecting system!

I like the various costumes that provide a framework for players to make it their own. I also enjoy the aesthetics of the allies that recently seem to be more detailed and vivid, imo. 

I really enjoy all of the player created content.  The Boomstick! Is my personal favorite so far.

Leveling up , farming Dungeons and Building clubworlds with my friends.

I really like trove, so far been playing about month and half. it appeals to the ocd part of me in collecting items mounts and stuff.The build part is amazing, in so much as the stuff i seen people Build and how creative they are. First thought were this is a simple game  but it get more complex as you dig in. 

Farming and Figthing are Life! Cube are Magic ! Trove is this kind of Magic of Life!

I love clubs! They are the most fun part of the game and what has made me keep playing the past year!

I really like the physics and effects items we can build with. Bounce blocks, mag rails, music notes, face of flow, updraft, etc. Please add more!

I like upgrading stuff because it's really interesting process of finding materials to upgrade items!

I like the dragons and mounts collecting system really much!

Adventure and discover items

i like the weekly events and the grind to get better isnt THAT bad

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