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I think I have found the culprit, it could be that it is no enemy after all but a not-currently-available quest npc from the new update

Commented on: Biome Environmental Overhaul mod


I tried making a version like that when creating it, basically merging both mods together, but the files that the Easy to see biomes mod uses changes many of the things on which this mod relies on from vanilla as a secondary effect, and for not having the knowledge to make it right myself and not being able to contact ExoDave to teach me I ended up discarding the idea

Commented on: Berserk Battler Status Indicator mod


you mean this? vampirian vanquisher effect is accounted as one of those effects

Commented on: Better Shadow Hunter Shots mod


the gif was taken before an update of the mod where I improved it, if you want the exact result as the gif you can get the initial upload version

Commented on: Builder's Tool - Distance Meter mod


have you followed the instructions that are on the description?

Commented on: Steam-Headed Speculator Boomeranger Clockwork Steampunk Costume mod

liked this! let me know if you need help with those to-do VFX, I'll be glad to help ;)

Commented on: Better Bonewalker Rapacious Raider mod

the correct path is blueprints\2023\mounts\griffon_viking\override instead of blueprints\override, you're welcome

Commented on: Overhauled Wreath of Flames mod


personal mod, will never be published

Commented on: Lava UI Merchant mod


I can't update the mods if the original mod that it was made out of isn't

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the bug should be better described as, if there is at least one person in the same world as you using the mount, no matter where, you will be able to listen the chirping sound of it on full volume. reproduction of the bug -> the shots at the start of the video should be enough to indicate from which game launch is it being heard

Commented on: Trovesaurus Wings mod


this mod has the first drawing design it had which was redrawn for the final version that is the Sagely Saurers wings which you can get for free ingame through the Promo section of Trovesaurus, I'm not the greatest artist I know :p

Commented on: Astral Echo Timer mod


hey, so first of all, no mount is needed for it to work, the file is called like so because it reuses a VFX that will be later used for a new mount as an indicator inside the game, not my decision but from devs, second, the bar only appears once you get an astral echo drop and will dissapear the moment the cooldown is out, if you're getting astral echo drops and still doesn't appear then that must be my fault, since I incorporated a check to make sure it's you the one who receives the drop and not someone else, and that check uses the camera position which is currently asynchronized and can result in not registering you and putting the bar in, if that's the case don't worry as the next game update will fully synchronize it (hopefully) and the mod will 100% work

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a better approach at reproducing that involves less timing I just found out, height difference must be of 2 blocks

Commented on: Cr0nicl3's Boss Radar Advanced Clean Version mod


only way to do that is by increasing VFX quantity setting on your video settings