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a better approach at reproducing that involves less timing I just found out, height difference must be of 2 blocks

Commented on: Cr0nicl3's Boss Radar Advanced Clean Version mod


only way to do that is by increasing VFX quantity setting on your video settings

Commented on: Cr0nicl3's Boss Radar Advanced Version mod


funny enough, I'm working on something for that already, it won't be like this but will fit better

Commented on: Better Shadow Hunter Shots mod


it doesn't have its own separated set of VFX so I can't

Commented on: Personal Wormhole mod


something I did for myself, it's not a published mod

Commented on: Fixed In Place Combat Text mod


currently there's a limitation on the game's end that makes it to stop at I think it was 264 billion but it should display up to 999 trillion once that is fixed

Commented on: Cr0nicl3's Boss Radar Advanced Version mod


colors are set on the spawner script of each layer inside each .pkfx, some has only Color and others Color2, those are equal to float4(Red,Green,Blue,Alpha) each going from 0 to 1, I can't be more specific

Commented on: Cr0nicl3's Boss Radar Advanced Version mod


only through entering on the mod files themselves and modifying them, there's no such thing as custom settings for VFX

Commented on: Better I.C.E Rave Costume's VFX mod


Could I do it? Of course

Am I going to? Depends on the quality of said vfxs once are added, I only did this because they were horrible

Commented on: Bring Old Ringcrafting Bench Back mod


the one you're seeing on the image is the old one, with this paragon update it has been changed. This mod is to revert it

Commented on: Step Tracker mod


"Ever get lost after you Neon Ninja friend leaves a dungeon with a speed build? Ever just get lost!? Well dont worry no more, with this mod, it creates trail following the character for 1 second."


"1 second"


Not for the same purposes, not even close to be identical (the only thing in common is being a static ribbon, which doesn't even behave the same way), and they actually showed me this on Discord after publishing this, before this I had no idea that mod existed, and we got into the conclusion that it was in fact two different things, that's why it is still here published, else I would have taken it down

Commented on: Step Tracker mod


Yes. Holy Halo is needed since there is where the VFX of the trail is built into. The tracker is the aura basically

Commented on: Step Tracker mod


do you have the Holy Halo aura on your hat?

Commented on: Lava UI Collections mod


I use a program called "JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler", it's not so intuitive and doesn't let you do much, but it does its job