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Well hello, whoever got into my profile, I don't know exactly what you're doing here. Maybe you're here because of my mods? (I hope you love fire if that's the case)

In any case, allow me to introduce myself:

I know my name sounds cryptic but you can just simplify it by Cronicle, I'm a junior developer that has been in this community for so long now (since 2nd april 2015 to be specific) and decided one day to enter into the world of modding. I mostly do those mods that I've always wanted to see being a thing while also following a goal: to make my own custom appearance of the game and to make it feel as much as it can be to what it would have been if it was made around the element of fire.

You may be asking, why fire? Well, this element happens to be the perfect thing to describe me on what personality is concerned, my spontanious behavior, my way of interact with people. Basically you can say that I'm a poetic representation of fire itself and I feel identified with it (I know, I'm weird and I may sound like I'm crazy. Don't care though)

And this is already too long so I'm cutting it here, if you wanna talk with me I've connected my discord with Trovesaurus so you may find it somewhere, people wanting to learn how to make VFX are more than welcome.

I do not allow edits of my mods being published without my previous consent. If I do not respond, you might take it as a no

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