Sunfest 2020 - Quests / Drops

July 7, 2020 (updated 6 months ago) by Etaew


  • Complete the 11 part adventure to unlock the Sunfest Unity Pinata.
  • Defeat Sunfest Invaders with your house badge active to collect house coins. Sunfest Invaders replace several world npcs and normal invasions in adventure worlds.
  • Spend house coins for previous year prizes at the hub
  • Every few hours in the hub a portal opens to fight the Moontouched Menace
  • Three new packs in the Trove Store for 2000 credits
  • Top the special event leaderboard for a permanent version of the house badge

Changes from last year:

  • Players who enter the instance for the Moontouched Menace fight after it has been started come in alive and able to join the fight
  • The Panda talisman and Golden vale dragon fragments do not drop from the 2020 golden ticket chests and instead rat talismans, bound brilliance, and binding darkness can drop.
  • Top leaderboard scores give awards

Main Quest Chain

#0/11: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure (10)

Rewards: 1

#1/11: Select a House in the hub (1)

Sunfest 2020 1/11: Hi Trovian, it's me, Qubesly. This marks the 5th Sunfest in a row that have been stimied by shadows. Come, join me in the hub and select the house you want to represent against the shadows this year!

Rewards: Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

#2/11: Use your Badge (1)

Sunfest 2020 2/11: Use that badge to show your allegiance to a specific house! Your aligiance will shine proud… at least until you switch worlds!

Rewards: Golden Ticket Chest 2020 0

#3/11: Talk to your House Champion (1)

Sunfest 2020 3/11: Ah, Trovian, you look positively ready to come to the aid of the Sun Goddess. I'm building a big beautiful bonfire to let Elysia know that she is still loved and appreciated. Unfortunately, her sister is the jelous sort and keeps sending her minions to steal from the bonfire. Talk to your champion to see how you can help.

Rewards: Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

#4/11: Gather up Sunfest Sticks (15)

Sunfest 2020 4/11: Welcome to our House, Trovian! That little buddy with you is TERRIBLY cute, it’s a shame they will have to return back with us after Sunfest is over. Anyway, as qubesly said the shadows keep stealing fuel from the bonfire and our house has been tasked with recovering them.  Check out the bonfire so you know what the sticks look like and equip your badge to prove your authority to any shadows that may have taken them out in adventure worlds.

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

#5/11: Help Light the Fire (1)

Sunfest 2020 5/11: Bring those sticks back to the hub, Trovian, and see if you can't use them to get the fire going again. I'm sure qubesly will be pleased to see that you got them back.

Rewards: Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

#6/11: Gather House Coins (25)

Sunfest 2020 6/11: Ah to bask in the light of the bonfire is to be within the eye of the sun goddess herself. Along with the sticks, our coins help buy the fuel to keep the fire going. Take your buddy with you and knock out shadows to collect some house coins.

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

#7/11: Make a Generous Donation (25)

Sunfest 2020 7/11: Thank you for doing that Trovian. While you can spent your House Coins with our Purveyor to buy new goodies for yourself. The House would really appreciated it if you donated your coins back to our treasury at the Donation Station. Qubesly said that sometimes Pinatas show up for donors, so donate early and donate often!

Rewards: Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

#8/11: Fight the Moontouched Menace (1)

Sunfest 2020 8/11: Recently, every few hours, on the half hour a mysterious portal has appeared in the hub. Please venture through the next portal to see what adventures it holds. While you are there, make sure you rescue any friends you may find and defeat any lingering evil.

Rewards: Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

#9/11: CONSUME THE ORB (1)

Sunfest 2020 Finale?: Trovian. It is I, your friend, your pal. Coobesly. You know me, you've always known me. I've been here for you since the beginning. Do me a favor and go ahead and eat that orb you found on my minion. I mean. The menace you just defeated. It will help you on your quest.

Rewards: Heart of Darkness 1

#10/11: Return to Qubesly (0)

Sunfest 2020 10/11: Trovian, what have you done... You… you didn't just EAT the heart of darkness did you. Oh no no no. I knew the Daughter of the Moon was strong but. For her to reach into your head like that. Something must be done. Come back and see me at once.

Rewards: Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

#11/11: Join a House (0)

Sunfest 2020 11/11: Unfortunately, your old house wants you to make sure you still want to stand with them after the… shadow debaucle. I've given you a new a new house token so you can pick a new badge, should you so desire. Going forward I'll let you pick a new house each day. In case you want to compete for donations.

Rewards: Sunfest Unity Pinata

Daily Quests

Make a Donation

Make a total of 50 Sunfest donations for Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

Sunfest Daily Quest: We are in trouble, Trovian. As of last night the Pinata Invaders have stolen more of our coins from the treasury. Please go gather some back up and donate them back to restore our coffers.'

Return to the Hub

Quest NPC available after Moontouched Menace is defeated rewards Moontouched Pinata God Chest x1

Sunfest Daily Quest: Thank you for defeating the Moontouched Menace, Trovian. Please return safely to the hub and let your Champion know that I am safe!'

Revive the Bonflame

For Golden Ticket Chest 2020 1

Sunfest Daily Quest: The bonfire has gone out again and those shadows are to blame! Gather the sunfest sticks back up and use them to reignite the bonflame.


Pinata Invaders (World)

  • Common – House Coin x 1
  • Uncommon – House Coin x 5
  • Rare – Golden Ticket 2020 Box

Pinata Invaders (Invasion)

  • Common – House Coin x 1
  • Uncommon – House Coin x 2
  • Rare – House Coin x5

Moon-Touched Pinata God (first kill of the day)

  • Moontouched Strongbox

Moon-Touched Pinata God (every kill)

  • Every Kill – House Coins x 10
  • Common Drop – Common Moon Pinata Banner
  • Rare Drop – Rare Moon Pinata Banner

Pinata banners can be deconstructed into Golden Ticket 2020 Box.

Hub Vendor (for House Coins)

Cambist (hub vendor)

Takes the same amount of currency for each denomination with diminishing returns

Provided Goods

  • 99 Coins (limit 5 purchases per currency type)
  • 49 Coins (limit 5 purchases per currency type)
  • 19 Coins (no limit)


  • 20000 Flux
  • 20000 Glim
  • 400 Concentrated Compost
  • 400 Adventurine

Golden Ticket Chest 2020




Moon-Touched Piñata God Chest


  • Gem Booster Boxes, Empowered Gem Boxes, Lustrous Gem Boxes, Crystaline Core, Chaos Chests, or Dragon Coins


  • Gem Booster Boxes, Empowered Gem Boxes, Lustrous Gem Boxes, Crystaline Core, Chaos Chests, or Dragon Coins


SPECIAL – has a karma bar that fills after 10 opens


House Carys Sunfest Spirit Pack

House Tysorion Sunfest Spirit Pack

House Panatea Sunfest Spirit Pack

Daily Adventures

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If house badge wasn't activated, you will not get house coins after moon touched pinata kill.

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