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Main Quest Chain

#0/8: Finish the Complete a Delve part of the tutorial

#1/8: Speak with one of the House Quartermasters

Sunfest 2021 1/8: Trovian, houses Carys, Panatea, and Tysorion are back... and they're giving me a headache. They're creating some 'new flux' market and it's costing Trovians fluxillions! Pay one of their Quartermasters a visit for me, would you? They're on the top floors of those TALL TOWERS in the HUB

#2/8: Purchase a Rayoreum Miner's Banner

Sunfest 2021 2/8: Rayoreum? New flux? New currencies!? Trovian, this needs to be investigated immediately! Can you figure out a way to purchase one of those special banners they're selling?

Rewards: Flux 5000

#3/8: Equip the Rayoreum Miner's Banner while Mining

Sunfest 2021 3/8: Ok, Trovian, let's see what all the fuss is about! Equip that banner and go mine some regular ore...

Mining any ore in Adventure Worlds will rarely grant some Rayoreum Ore.

Limited amounts of it can be purchased from Sunfest NPCs in Hub.

#4/8: Forge a House Coin in the Hub

Sunfest 2021 4/8: Well I'll be a pebble's boulder... I'm going to spend some time studying this ore. In the meantime, it looks like each House is also offering a new currency?! Can you mint one of those coins, too? That special 'flux' they seem so eager to sell us seems to come from the Delves they're selling access to...

Forging a coin requires 50 Rayoreum Ore from previous quest step and 500 flux-currency special to one of the Houses. Special flux can be obtained in House-specific delves.

Each Sunfest NPC merchant sells portals for OTHER TWO houses. So, for example, to farm Flux mk. II you need to purchase a Gateway: Flux. Fissures (Tysorion) from either House Panatea NPC or House Carys NPC.

All mobs in said delves rarely drop correspondent currency. End chests always have some amount of the currency and end chests on Loot Levels always give a generous amount of it.

#5/8: Deliver Qubesly's Fine to the Carys Quartermaster

Sunfest 2021 5/8: Trovian, the results came back... this ore is pure bolognium! It's conjured through magic! I'm furious! I'm writing up an official notice for these houses! Do me a favor and deliver this hefty fine to the House Carys Quartermaster! Harrumph!

Rewards: Carysian Ducat 10

Interact with Carys NPC - he can be found on bottom and top floors of a white and gold house in the middle.

#6/8: Deliver Qubesly's Fine to the Panatea Quartermaster

Sunfest 2021 6/8: Great! Now deliver the Fine to the House Panatea Quartermaster, please.

Rewards: Panatean Ante 10

Interact with Panatea NPC - he can be found on bottom and top floors of a pinata-colored house on the left.

#7/8: Deliver Qubesly's Fine to the Tysorion Quartermaster

Sunfest 2021 7/8: Nice work! Now only the House Tysorion Quartermaster remains.

Rewards: Mark of Ty 10

Interact with Tysorion NPC - he can be found on bottom and top floors of a green house on the right.

#8/8: Craft Something at a Sunfest Workbench

Sunfest 2021 8/8: Great work Trovian, I- wait a minute! They all paid their fines with this so-called currency of theirs! Ugh, guess I need to find a lawyer. Trovian, these coins are worthless, but they ARE trading items for it... You can keep them, but I'd spend them fast if I were you! And thank you!

Rewards: Sunfest Petbox 1

Claim the coins from previous 3 steps and craft something at any of the 3 houses workbenches.

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