Quest Chain - Rise of the Sunseeker- June 12, 2018 - June 25, 2018

June 12, 2018 by Evilagician

Trovians! Sunseeker Rowan traveled all the way from the planet, Geode, to ask for your aid. Help him build the Solidarity, from Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to Monday, June 25, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. 


#1/10 Interacted with FlaskTop ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 1/10: Hello! I landed – err, well, crashed – in your Hub last night.
Are you—By the light, you ARE a Trovian! We asked the Sun Goddess for help fighting the Shadow, and she guided us to you! I am Sunseeker Rowan. I traveled all the way from the planet, Geode, to ask for your aid.

You must come with me and... Were there always two of you? You're so spinny. My ship crashed and I – what was I saying?

Task: Use a flask near Sunseeker Rowan in the Hub to share it with him.

Reward  Chaos Chest 1

#2/10 Give Sunseeker Rowan Magical Items (5)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 2/10: Ahhh, thank you! As I was saying, my home planet, Geode, is being destroyed by Q'bthulhu's Shadows.

Geodians have never faced such evil. They've lived in peace for a thousand years. And while Sunseekers are trained to fight the Shadow, we are outnumbered. We need skilled defenders of the light, like you, to help protect the innocent.

I'm building a ship to carry every willing Trovian to Geode! Sadly, I used all my magic keeping the crystalline pod intact... Could you spare a few magical items? It should give me enough energy to continue!

Task: Use the loot collector to deconstruct items.

Reward  Dragon Coin 10

#3/10 Mine Shapestone (250)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 3/10: Now I can keep building! Err, well, almost.

I'll need more materials to make a ship big enough for everyone. I'm not familiar with this planet's resources, though. Do you know of a substance, like an ore or stone, that could give shape to our ship?

Reward  Empowered Gem Box 3

#4/10 Collect Mushroom Chunks (50)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 4/10: Things are shaping up! Though, I must admit, I'm a bit hungry already. It was hard to fit ME in that crystal pod, much less a meal.

Would you mind bringing me a snack? One of the merchants was munching on something called a 'mushroom', which sounds delicious. We also need food for the return trip, so gather as many as you can.

Reward  Sentience Shard 1

#5/10 Mine Primordial Flame (50)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 5/10: Mmm! Remind me to save one of these for Sunseeker Lazul. She loves tasting new foods!

In the meantime, is there anything on this planet that we could use to melt this shapestone? I'll need something hot to fuse all of our building materials together.

Or for grilled mushrooms! Or baked! Or roasted, with Geodian moss! Mmm, mm—AH! You're still listening!? Oops! Carry on.

Reward  Diamond Dragonite 25

#6/10 Defeat Foes in Cursed Vale (75)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 6/10: The merchants spoke of a place called the Cursed Vale. My ancestors lived in a golden vale here. If what I've heard is true, it seems my ancestral home has been corrupted.

I'm certain Q'bthulhu had a hand – or rather, tentacle – in the blight there. I fear Geode will share the same fate...

His shadow's spread far enough! Though we try to practice peace at home, it's clear that some of his servants will not hear reason. Defeat them! Lessen their hold on your land.

Reward  Gem Booster Box 3

#7/10 Mine Infinium Ore (75)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 7/10: Your strength gives me hope, Trovian. We must get you to Geode soon.

To that end, we should make the ship as speedy as possible. I borrowed a book on 'portals' from one of the merchants, and from what I read, the ore used in those should help us navigate the infinity back home. Would you mind mining some for me?

Reward  Double Experience Potion 1

#8/10 Trigger Magic Find (8)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 8/10: The aura of magic in the air has made building the ship easier. If it were stronger, I could make much quicker progress.

Is there anything you can do to strengthen that aura? It seems to grow every time you take down dungeons throughout Trove.

Reward  Sunseeker Elixir 1

#9/10 Defeat Foes in Fae Forest (125)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 9/10: With all this magic, I can sense so much more of the light – and the Shadow.

Darkness runs deep in the Fae Forest. Sunseeker legends say that the ancient Fae were lured by Q'bthulhu's false promises of power and gave themselves to the Shadow. Now, their kin tear each other apart in a war they scarcely understand. That is the breadth of his power. That is what we must stop on Geode!

Please, go and defeat foes in the Fae Forest. It will be good training for the battles yet to come.

Reward  Sunseeker Elixir 1

#10/10 Give Sunseeker Rowan More Magical Items (50)Top ^

Rise of the Sunseeker 10/10: While you were out, I discovered a way to imbue the ship itself with magic. Bring me more magical items, and we'll have a ship powerful enough to carry everyone to Geode and beyond!

P.S. If you wish to help even more, visit me in the Hub after you finish this task! If not, I and all Geodians are grateful for all you've done.

Task: Use the loot collector to deconstruct items.

Reward  SS Solidarity

Extra: More Magical Items for Sunseeker Rowan (50) / (75) / (100)Top ^

Give Sunseeker Rowan even more magical items to help him complete the ship to Geode, the Solidarity.

Task: Use the loot collector to deconstruct items. Loot collecting pinata coins or recipes also work. First one requires 50 decons, second 75 and the last one 100. 

Reward: Sunseeker Elixir 1 each.

Daily Login RewardsTop ^


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