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Quest Chain - The Trials of St. Qubeslick - MAR 13,2018 - MAR 27, 2018

March 13, 2018 by Evilagician 7,003 4

The Trials of St. Qubeslick! from Tuesday, March 13, 2018 to Tuesday, March 27, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. Complete the trails of this noble knight of the Sky Realm!

Header image by xXDonDonXx


Event items:

#1/10 Complete 1-Star Dungeons (50)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 1/10 - Ho, me blockie! I am St. Qubeslick, noble knight of the Sky Realm! And who might you be? Are you brave enough to complete my trials?

Reward  Despoiled Divinity 1

Added Information:

#2/10 Defeat enemies in Permafrost (100)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 2/10 - Feel that, squire? Those are the cold winds of Permafrost. This time of year the denizens of that frigid land need a noble knight to keep the cold at bay.

Reward Lapis Luckbug 10

Added Information:

#3/10 Mine Shapestone (200)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 3/10 - A good knight needs good defenses. It's time I built a fortress of my own. Shapestone will do quite nicely for getting us started.

Shapestone can be mined in all Adventure worlds.

Reward Empowered Gem Box 3

Added Information:

#4/10 Defeat Jurassic Jungle Bosses (25)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 4/10 - Come, squire, your training continues. It's time for a test of strength! And what makes for a true test of strength? Dinosaurs!

Reward Heart of Darkness 5

Added Information:

#5/10 Catch a Jumping Jadefin 

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 5/10 - Do you have a favorite color, squire? Mine is green. I've always wanted a Jumping Jadefin as a pet, but I never could get the hang of fishing.

To obtain a fishing pole and lures, visit Saltwater Sam in the Hub. Jumping Jadefins can be fished up in normal water.

Reward Chaos Chest 10

Added Information:

#6/10 Defeat enemies in Desert Frontier (100)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 6/10 - I just got a report from Desert Frontier and the Steambots are up in arms. Get your weapons and your courage ready. We've got work to do!

Reward Ninth Life 1

Added Information:

#7/10 Mine Infinium (100)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 7/10 - I just realized what my fortress needs - Infinium! You know what to do.

Infinium can be mined in Adventure worlds starting in Cursed Vale and continuing into Uber worlds.

Reward Double Experience Potion 1

Added Information:

#8/10 Defeat Forbidden Spires Bosses (25)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 8/10 - I've discovered a new place to test your mettle, squire. I think you're going to like it there. Just watch out for wandering giants.

Reward Diamond Dragonite 25

Added Information:

#9/10 Complete 3-Star Dungeons (25)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 9/10 - Qubesly just informed me that there are even more grand fortresses out there than mine! I must see these glorious sights for myself!

Reward Shimmying Shamrock

Added Information:

#10/10 Defeat enemies in Shadow Tower (250)

The Trials of St. Qubeslick 10/10 - You have been a worthy squire, Trovian. Now you must face the true enemy of all who serve the Sun Goddess - the minions of the Shadow Titans! Honorable combat awaits!

You can enter the Shadow Tower lobby from the Atlas in the Hub.

Reward  Contained Chaos Spark 1

Added Information:

Daily Login Bonusses

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