Quest chain - Hellbugs in Love 2018 - Feb 13, 2018 - Feb 27, 2018

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Hellbugs in Love 2018! from Tuesday, February 13, 2018 to Tuesday, February 27, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. Share the L.O.V.E. and smash those hugging Hellbugs during this two-week event.

Event items:

#1/10: Defeat Hellbugs in Dragonfire Peaks (50)

Hellbugs in Love 1/10: La dee dah! Cubepid here! Love is in the air once again, Trovian, and Hellbugs have appeared throughout Dragonfire Peaks. Let's hug them to blocky bits!

Reward Empowered Gem Box 3

Added Information:

  • Hellbugs respawn, but at a very slow rate.

#2/10: Defeat Viking Bonejarls (3)

Hellbugs in Love 2/10: The undead of Cursed Vale are always extra hostile this time of year. I think it's because they can no longer feel love, being dead and all.
Defeat some of the Viking Bonejarls that linger in Cursed Vale Dungeons and Lairs.

Reward Dragon Coin 10

Added Information:

#3/10: Open Boxes! (30)

Hellbugs in Love 3/10: The Sun Goddess teaches us to love everyone, especially ourselves. Treat yourself! Open some loot boxes.

Reward Titan Soul 1

Added Information:

#4/10: Complete Cursed Skylands Dungeons (10)

Hellbugs in Love 4/10: The Sky Realms are beautiful, especially at dawn. Why not pay them a visit? Soar high above the world, Trovian and let your heart be lightened.

Reward Diamond Dragonite 25

Added Information:

  • Cursed skylands Lairs(1-star dungeons) work too.

#5/10: Mine some Formicite (150)

Hellbugs in Love 5/10: Good solid stone is often taken for granted, but it will be the basis for our Heartseeker Lure. Let's build one together, Trovian.

Reward Chaos Chest 10

Added Information:

#6/10: Collect Cupcakes (15)

Hellbugs in Love 6/10: Now we need something sugary sweet to seal the deal. The Cupcakes in Candoria are perfect for that!

Reward Gem Booster Box 3

Added Information:

#7/10: Collect Cinnabar (100)

Hellbugs in Love 7/10: Add a dash of red for passion! How about some Cinnabars from the Forbidden Spires?

Reward Lunar Soul 1

Added Information:

#8/10: Collect Empty Bottles (20)

Hellbugs in Love 8/10: And then, finally, something to contain the energy, like bottles from Permafrost.

Reward Despoiled Divinity 1

Added Information:

#9/10: Craft a Heartseeker Lure 

Hellbugs in Love 9/10: Now we have the proper tools to summon our reward! Go to the Wheel of Seasons in the Hub and craft a Heartseeker Lure.


Reward Builder's Superior Focus 1 

Added Information:

#10/10: Trigger Magic Find (10)

Hellbugs in Love 10/10: One last thing to draw our reward to its new home - just a little bit of magic!

Reward  Snug Lovebug Rug

Added Information:

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