I agree with virus ..  just in case i played once BR with this mod,it`s showing everyone throwed stick bomb aura    for normal player  stick bomb is also a good way to make a trap for other player   but if everyone have this mod, those bomb become useless due to everyone will known "oh there have a stick bomb." and trying dodge it even bombs hide in underground or other place player can`t see it.

for other mod like egg finder, boss beam, those mod make we farm easy is true,but that for PVE ,this one for PVP   it`s totaily unfair for the player who doesn`t have this mod 




got 10 DDE here but i don`t get any 3 stats BLUE EMP STELLAR GEMS ANYMORE!  WHY!


But AI system is broken so its still need manual control now xD

doesn`t notce that is missing  sry 

COSTUME ( Vanguardian)

怂.jpg   这个就下次吧 不过这个既然是比赛我感觉还是我自己来最好吧hhhh

but... this one is made in minecraft right?


Come from other universe  Doesn`t belong Amperium or resistors

just think about how about this dungeon can spawn in skyland without ground xD



(ya i know its kinda old meme but i still want say it )

and gratz  its get accept XD

really  it`s  soooooooo cute !

XD i forgot make a screenshot      

COSTUME ( Vanguardian)


No i remember that (x)


basicly want join boot dragon contest  but i forgot upload a screenshot to gallery  so .. whatever XD


just want trying to make a new rig thing    original file come from PTS 

A lazy one and bad in speak English (x)

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