COSTUME ( Fae Trickster)

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thats 100% accurate haha

absolutely loved it, thanks so much for making those :D

bad thing, now i want a full trove set xD or at least a playable limited deck of 40 with artifacts, lands and stuff :3

Based on one of the dungeons in Neon city :P

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COSTUME ( Revenant)


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dont have to go that far for the fish tho, there is lava right next to Dragon Crucible in hub.

rerolling stats on stellar gear will make it untradable

true, but there are so many things to get with chaos cores, plus many more are coming soon so i wont suggest doing that.

Fae with Glitter Bomb and high energy regen works fine too :)

/mf command gives you a warning "Do you want to close Trove and enter Metaforge?" ;)

If you stay in /hide this command wont display you on the list.

Griffon talismans only drop in Cursed Skylands worlds (thought its worth mentioning)

you can also do /getworldid , switch world and join back with /joinworld (ctrl+v to add id you just got with previous command). thats assuming nooone else is in local with said vendor.

note that you wont be recieving any loot if your Power Rank is lower than required for that world. plus each uber has recomended levels, you get best expierence gains if you stick to those.

fixed, ty @Frost_king3 :)

thats not exactly true, with patron you need 35 gem boxes to hit karma, you might want to specify it. however you do need 70 for chaos chests\troves of wonder\adventure boxes with karma bar.


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