Into the Deep

Into the Deep Trovian Outpost Adventures

There are new Outposts with Adventure Hero NPCs in every biome in Adventure and Gem worlds. Complete their quests to earn Adventurine and rarely Locked Adventurine Boxes with allies and costumes. Trade with Outpost Merchant for new Food items and keys.

Trovian Outpost AdventuresTop ^

With this update every biome in Trove Adventure and Gem worlds can spawn an outpost with an Adventure Heroes NPCs that give quests. Each NPC only offers one type of quest. Beginning with the Permafrost World, players will always spawn in a world on an Adventure Outpost.

Each Trovian Outpost Adventure can only be completed once a day. Up to 3 different Trovian Outpost Adventures can be active at a time. Completing Trovian Outpost Adventures rewards 75 Adventurine, Expierence and has a chance of granting Locked Adventurine Strongbox as an additional reward.

It is possible to complete objectives in other biomes than you acquired quest in. For example: adventure from Desert Frontier – Mine 100 Shapestone can be completed by mining shapestone in any biome.

There is a limit of 20 Trovian Outpost Adventures per day.

Check your amount of available daily adventures with /adventurerewards chat command.

Outposts in Highlands:

Complete Dungeons 5
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_medieval_highlands_any_dungeons_01
1 Star, 3 Star, or even 5 Star dungeons, I don't care! I just want to see dungeons cleared of the evil that inhabits them.
@Medieval Highlands Adventure Giver outpost/highlands_adventure

Outposts in Permafrost:

Gather Glacial Shards 15
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_permafrost_glacial_shard_01
I can't stand to see so many Glacial Shards just waiting to be mined! Dig some up, please. Glacial Shards are a white and blue ore that can be found all over the Permafrost.
@Permafrost Adventure Giver outpost/tundra_adventure

Outposts in Cursed Vale:

Clear a Cursed Skull Pile 1
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_cursed_vale_skulls_01
These lands are cursed and I can't be free until all the cursed skulls have been taken care of. Please, knock one of them out for me Trovian, I beg of you.
@Cursed Vale Adventure Giver outpost/death_adventure

Outposts in Desert Frontier:

Mine Shapestone Ore 100
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_desert_frontier_shapestone_01
Shapestone ore, its everywhere in this desert! Shapestone ore veins are pink in color and you can find them on or below the surface of Trove. Mine some up, I'll make it worth your while.
@Frontier Adventure Giver outpost/frontier_adventure

Outposts in Fae Forest:

Gather Faerie Dust or Enchanted Wood 10
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_fae_forest_materials_01
Faerie Dust and Enchanted Wood can be found all over the Fae Forest and they unleash magic into the world when collected. Please, gather them up and let the magic flow!
@Fae Forest Adventure Giver outpost/fae_adventure

Outposts in Candoria:

Mine Formicite Ore 60
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_candoria_formicite_01
Formicite Ore is so tasty when paired with gumdrops, you need to try it! Formicite Ore Veins are blue in color and you can find them on or below the surface of Trove. Mine some up and you won't regret it.
@Candoria Adventure Giver outpost/candy_adventure

Outposts in Neon City (not Luminopolis):

Gather Robotic Salvage 5
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_neon_city_robot_01
ERROR, ERROR, N33D ROBOTIC SALVAG3. GATH3R FR0M R0B07S IN N30N CI7Y. 01010000 01001100 01000101 01000001 01010011 01000101 00100000 01001000 01000101 01001100 01010000
@Neon City Adventure Giver outpost/neoncity_adventure

Outposts in Jurassic Jungle:

Fight a T-Rex, you coward 1
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_jurassic_jungle_trex_01
You look like a coward, kill one of the T-Rex roaming around the Jurassic Jungle to prove me wrong.
@Jurassic Jungle Adventure Giver outpost/dino_adventure

Outposts in Dragonfire Peaks:

Collect Bleached Bones 10
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_dragonfire_peaks_infinium_01
Have you ever chewed on Bleached Bones? They are SUPER tasty! You should try them sometime! You can find them in Dragonfire Peaks and Cursed Vale.
@Dragonfire Peaks Adventure Giver outpost/dragon_adventure

Outposts in Forbidden Spires:

Find a Feather or Dragonscale 1
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_forbidden_spires_feathers_01
Fiery Feathers and Blue Dragonscales are hidden all over these breathtaking Forbidden Spires. You may be able to scare one up by knocking out the guardians that patrol this place.
@Forbidden Spires Adventure Giver outpost/spires_adventure

Warning: The Luminopolis 'defeat enemies' adventures now only provide credit for the first 3 mobs from any source.

Yoshimi club NPC located on Beacon of Heroes provides same Defeat 15 Enemies in Luminopolis adventure. That adventure counts as Trovian Outpost adventure instead of Club Adventure.

Read more about her adventure quest /here.

Kami outposts in Luminopolis:

Defeat Enemies in Luminopolis 15
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adv_neon_lumin_short_kill
Defeat Enemies of the Resistors in the Luminopolis region of Neon City.
@Kami of Fiery Fervor outpost/luminopolis_griffon_kamiroy

Defeat Dungeon Bosses in Neon City 3
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adv_neon_lumin_medium_dungeons
Defeat 3 Dungeon Bosses in Neon City to keep the Resistors strong.
@Kami of Resurgent Resolution outpost/luminopolis_centaur_kamiroy

Defeat a Rampage Boss 1
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adv_neon_lumin_kill_rampage_01
Protect Neon City and defeat a Rampage boss!
Kami of Considered Compassion outpost/luminopolis_sugarglider_kamipr

Craft a Charged Circuit 1
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adv_neon_lumin_circuit_01
The Resistors need resources! Craft a Charged Circuit at a Resistor Workbench in Neon City.

Collect Plasmium in Neon City 50
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adv_neon_lumin_collect_plasmium_01
Collect 50 Plasmium from the robots in Neon City to utilize their power. (Cannot be acquired via Trading Post or the Marketplace)
@Kami of Resurgent Resolution outpost/luminopolis_spider_resistor

Catch Jade Neon Darters in Neon City 3
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adv_neon_lumin_plasma_fish_01
Jade Neon Darters can only be fished up in Plasma. Must be fished up in a Neon City biome to count.
@Kami of Tumultuous Torrents outpost/luminopolis_dragon_fishkamibp

Mine Primordial Flame 15
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adv_neon_lumin_ore_fire_01
The Resistors need resources! Mine Primordial Flame for their cause. Primordial Flame is an orange and black ore that can be found in Neon City and the Dragonfire Peaks. Primordial Flame ore can also rarely be found within Shapestone, Formicite, and Infinium ore veins.
@Kami of Resurgent Resolution outpost/luminopolis_tortoise_kamigb

Make a Luminopolis Donation 1
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_luminopolis_donate_01
The Resistors have set up Donation Stations at the Adventure Outposts across Luminopolis. Please, Trovian, donate to one of the Luminopolis Donation Stations to show the Resistors we have your support.
@Neon City Adventure Giver outpost/luminopolis_adventure_startingzone

Outposts in Drowned Worlds:

Collect Water Gem Boxes 5
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_drowned_world_water_box_01
Collect Water Gem Boxes from Drowned Worlds. Water Gem Boxes can drop from dungeon bosses or world bosses.
@Drowned Worlds Adventure - Start outpost/drowned_adventure_startingzone

Catch Water Fish 10
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_treasure_isle_fishing_01
Catch some beautiful water fish for me, Trovian. Only real fish will count, I don't need another boot weighing me down!
@Drowned Worlds Adventure - Islands outpost/drowned_adventure

Outposts in Cursed Skylands:

Collect Air Gem Boxes 5
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_cursed_skylands_air_box_01
Collect Air Gem Boxes from Cursed Skylands. Air Gem Boxes can drop from dungeon bosses or world bosses.
@Cursed Skylands Adventure outpost/skylands_adventure_startingzone

Outposts in Igneous Islands:

Collect Fire Gem Boxes 5
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_igneous_islands_fire_box_01
Collect Fire Gem Boxes from Igneous Islands. Fire Gem Boxes can drop from dungeon bosses or world bosses.
@Igeneous Islands World Adventure - starting zone outpost/igneous_adventure_startingzone

Catch Lava Fish 10
Trovian Outpost Adventure / adventure_igneous_islands_fishing_01
Catch some heated lava fish for me, Trovian. Only real fish will count, I don't need another boot weighing me down!
@Igneous Islands Worlds Adventure - Islands outpost/igneous_adventure

Outpost Merchant and Locked Adventure BoxesTop ^

An Outpost Merchant can be found on all Trovian Adventure Outposts (not on Luminopolis Kami Outposts!) she will trade:

There is no limit on how many times those items can be purchased.

Adventurer's Lunchbox contains following food items:




Fruit Milk

+ 1 Flask Capacity

1 per 30 minutes

Pine Butter n Jam

+ 50 Lasermancy

1 per 30 minutes


+ 5 Movement Speed

1 per 30 minutes

Check our articles of previous update for How to Use Food.

Locked Adventurine Strongbox obtained from completing Trovian Outpost Adventures needs Adventurine Strongbox Key to be unlocked. Strongbox keys are not tradable, but boxes themselves are. Locked Strongboxes contain new allies, new mount, new costume for every class and pinata allies appropriate for the season, together with all mounts from normal Adventure boxes.


Uncommon, depends on in-game season of the year:

Rare, non-tradable Costumes:

Rare, tradable Costumes:

Donation StationsTop ^

Geode Topside outposts, Trovian Adventure outposts in Highlands and Luminopolis Kami outposts are now packed with Donation Stations. Donation stations are used to donate materials for the Trovian Protection Fund. Donating does not provide a guaranteed reward for every donated item, but there is a good chance to receive something in return.

Items to donate:

Geodian Donation Station

Highlands Donation Station

Luminopolis Donation Station

All donation stations have same reward pool.

Ally Pixel is a rare result of donating, its not tradable and can be deconstructed into Adventurine Strongbox Key.

At Luminopolis Donation Station players can also summon Rampage bosses for same cost as it would take to craft a Rampage boss beacon for clubs. Summoning one of them will immidiately spawn that boss at players location. Bosses spawned this way grant summoner 1 Sentience Shard per boss summoned and count for the Rampage challenge.

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