Additional changes including new ways to obtain Class Gem Keys, changes to Dungeons, Store, Collections and other fixes and adjustments.

ClassesTop ^

  • A Class Gem Key is now granted when each class reaches level 25. This also applies to all classes that reached level 25 before the update. Switch to a class to receive a reward for it.
  • Trial classes can no longer gain experience beyond level 4. Trial classes that gained extra experience and levels before the update get to keep their progress.
  • The Ice Sage subclass shield now successfully blocks 3 attacks for over 50% health while active (up from no attacks!)
  • Corrected the way the Knight’s shield and Ice Sage’s Ice Ward ability work to be more consistent in more situations.
  • If you own the Lunar Lancer class you can now switch to the fox head style for any class! If you own the Revenant class you can now switch to the headless style on any class! Fixed a bug that would previously allow the use of these heads by being quick.

Dungeons and biomesTop ^

  • Down with Lairs, up with 1 star dungeons! Lairs now only refer the dead ends in geode caves, opposed to previously referring to 1 star dungeons.
  • In Geode Topside worlds "Large Dungeons" are now more likely to appear as 5-Star instead of 3-Star.
  • Amount of 1-Star dungeons in Saurian Swamp sub biome of Jurassic Jungle has been increased. In the Primal Preserve sub-biome updraft trees are now less common to reduce performance issues for some users.
  • In the Medieval Highlands worlds Shapestone Ore is now more common, but Cinnabar no longer spawns there.
  • In all adventure worlds ‘Gather 3 Trovians’ objective spawns slightly less often and gives slightly better loot.

  • Luminopolis and Neon City now have slightly different map colors. Neon city kept the dark blue color, Luminopolis is now displayed as lighter shade of it.

  • Empty "Open Lava Seas" now has visual indication in the Igneous Islands world. There still isn't anything to do here, just the seas full of deadly hot lava, but it makes it easier to navigate to biomes with dungeons.

  • Thallassian's Biome in the Drowned Worlds now has a claw icon on the world map and dragon dungeon is displayed with proper icon to indicate if it has been completed or not.

StoreTop ^

  • Power Deal at 2500 PR for 5 Ninth Life has been replaced with a Power Deal offering 105 Diamond Dragonite for 1250 Credits.
  • From now on the first time each Credit pack is purchased it will give extra 20% Credits!
  • The Level 25 Pack has arrived. Purchase this pack to receive an empowered gem box of each type (Fire, Water, Air and Cosmic) and a Class Boost: Level 25
  • The Class Boost: Level 25 is a new item that, when consumed, sets the current class to level 25. It will set the class to level 25 regardless of the level the class is at when used, although it cannot be used once the class is level 25 or over. It is not affected by any kind of experience multiplier.
  • Class Boost: Level 25 cannot be used on trial classes or classes that are already over level 25.

Shadow TowerTop ^

  • Daughter of the Moon's "Backslash" attack should now do enough damage to one-shot even the most powerful of Trovians.
  • Attacking the Spikewalker in Shadow Tower as a melee character should be significantly easier.
  • Stiltstitcher enemies should now be easier to hit in combat and they should no longer drop blue crab trophies.
  • The Shadow Tower Lobby will now only open portals the player should be able to access.
  • The [Shadow Tower Key Mold] (found in Shadow Towers) has been renamed into All Purpose Key Mold. All craftable keys (including Leviathan Key) can now be crafted at the All Purpose Key Mold. An All Purpose Key Mold can also be found in Leviathan Lairs and colliseums in the Shores of the Everdark.

CollectionsTop ^

GardeningTop ^

  • Additional rare gardening allies can now spawn in all 4 of the Ally Habitats crafted at the Harvesting Station.
  • Read more about Ally habitats in our previous update articles about /gardening.
  • The Moon Goddess has chilled out a bit. Moonlight Bulbs will now disappear after 3 hours of offline instead of 1.
  • Mounts that plant seeds like Seed Sower and Bovine Buildmaster will no longer avoid club world gardening plant caps.
  • Moonlight Bulb's no longer spawn in Everdark worlds.

ClubsTop ^

  • Fixed some issues related to fixture placement and upgrading fixtures. If an upgraded fixture will not fit in the current space while being upgraded, it will be upgraded but also removed. The cost for placing the fixture again will be returned to the Club's clubit balance.
  • Fixed a bug with /clublog where it sometimes would get confused about a club's log if the club has more than one name.
  • Fixed an issue with Adventure Heroes sometimes not being summon-able at Rally of Heroes slots. If a club was previously in this state, please try summoning a new Hero. The platform may also need to be interacted with twice to resolve the issue.

Additional Fixes and tweaksTop ^

  • Events now require a Trove Mastery Rank at level 10+ to start their adventures.
  • Fixed an issue where the Atlas could become unresponsive after resizing the window.
  • Some of the early Golden Thread steps have been tweaked to reduce redundancy and increase accessibility.
  • Racing hourly challenges have been removed from rotation.
  • Deconstructing fish at a Compost Bin now gives all of the rewards a fish should give instead of just a trophy.
  • Experience coins now give errors when used on trial or max level classes instead of silently not working.
  • Renamed "Cosmic Empowered Gem Box" and "Citaria's Watery Treasure Urn" to "Empowered Cosmic Gem Box" and "Empowered Water Gem Box".
  • The Ship to Geode will finally depart the hub once it changes to winter.
  • The Crystallogy section of the Geode Adventures Tracker that has never been released even to PTS has been removed from game files.
  • The "Hel'Terain Trophy" that Luxion sold that transformed into the Darknik Warbot trophies in the tooltip image when placed have been converted into Darknik Warbot trophies. A real "Hel'Terain Trophy" has been uncovered and Luxion looks forward to making it available.
  • Cleaned up the event recipe collections to only show recipes that need to be unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing Thallasion to spawn in Shores of the Everdark.
  • Corrected some grey voxels on Armored Abyss Assailant.
  • The Invaders Killed metric now correctly increments for all nearby players instead of only the player who dealt the killing blow.
  • Rare drop rates for the Romancing Pinata-s and Shamrockin' Pinata-s have been made more consistent (and overall better) for the person throwing the pinata.
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To get class gem key reward for 25 lvl, need to switch also world, not only class.