Into the Deep

Into the Deep Geode Outpost Adventures

Adventure quests given out by NPCs at outposts on Geode Topside and in Geode Hub have been reworked to set a (slightly) harder challenge but better rewards. 

Geode Outpost AdventuresTop ^

In this update Geode Adventures and their rewards have been reworked. Now both adventures from Geode Topside and adventures from Geode Hub for Geode Caves are considered Geodian Outpost Adventures.

Quest NPCs on Geode Topside can be found at every outpost. Quest NPCs in Geode Hub have moved to the entrance of Geode Caves.

Only one Geodian Outpost Adventure can be active at a time. There is a limit of 5 Geode adventures per day now. Same Geodian Outpost Adventure can be completed multiple times per day.

Check your amount of available daily adventures with /adventurerewards chat command.

All adventures of this type reward with 350 Adventurine and Expierence. Completing adventures from Topside has a chance to grant additional Lesser Geodian Topside Cache, completing cave adventures has a chance to grant additional Rogue Reliquary.

Rogue Reliquaries take 500 expierence to be charged and 2 hours to reveal. They contain untradable Critter supplies like Curing Kit x10, Critter Treats x10, Comfort Blanket x10 or Metamatter. Using Lodestar increases amount of Metamatter.

Found on outposts throughout Geode Topside biomes:

Complete 5-Star Dungeons 2
Geodian Outpost Adventure / adv_geode_surface_dungeon_5star_2
There is much to be done, Trovian. The strongholds of the Shadows must be destroyed. Seek out 5-Star Dungeons on the surface of Geode and reduce them to ruins!
Green Sunwarrior Boulder outpost/geodevug_boulder_greensunwar

Mine Geode Topside Ore 500
Geodian Outpost Adventure / adv_geode_surface_mine
The Sunseekers need you to be as strong as can be if you're going to stand with us against Undertow. Gather up Veridium and Nitro-Glitterine and you can use it to craft or enhance Crystal equipment.
Purple Sunmage Pebble outpost/geodevug_pebble_purplesunmage

Found in the Geodian Hub next to Cave portals:

Care for Cave Critters 15
Geodian Outpost Adventure / adv_geode_gabbro_interact_critter
The critters need your help! Successfully feed, heal, or comfort critters in the Geode caves and I'll give you some Adventurine for your time.
Understudy Biol pebble_gabbro_aide

Collect Organics from Geode Caves 75
Geodian Outpost Adventure / adv_geode_thlan_collect_organic
Collect any organic materials from the caves such as Day Drop, Moonlit Moss, or Cogwine. Prove your cave competency to me, Trovian. Organics acquired via Trading Post or the Marketplace won't count!
Reliquary Keeper Umber pebble_thlan_aide

Find Builder's Crates in the Caves 3
Geodian Outpost Adventure / adv_geode_lazul_collect_inorganic
I'm looking for the Builder's Boxes, Builder's Chests, or Builder's Vaults that can be found within the ore veins of Geode's Caves.
Sous Chef Saltina pebble_lazul_aide

At Geode outposts (not the world-spawn ones) players can find Donation Station. Donate Geode materials for a chance to recieve a rare ally Pixel, Adventure boxes or Adventurine Strongbox Key.

Read more about donation stations here.

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