Into the Deep

Into the Deep update brings new Geode Topside worldbosses - Leviathans, together with significant changes and reworks to Adventures from clubs and outposts.

Update was released on 26th November 2019 on PC and going to be released later on consoles.

Disclaimer: all images including title image and Into the Deep logo (aside from Trove logo itself) are community-made

Meet the powerful bosses of Geode Topside - Leviathans! Only most skilled Trovians have chances to defeat them, and earn special rewards.

LeviathansTop ^

Leviathans are the new end-game bosses that can be found in Geode Topside worlds in a special biome – Eerie Vale. There are three different Leviathans for each difficulty of Geode Topside, so Lobstroso can be found in Uber 8, Timmense, The Powerful Pontoon in Uber 9 and Ifera, Underlord of The Deep in Uber-10.

A good group of adventurers with high Light is required to kill Leviathans. Lobstroso is tuned for groups of 8 players who are comfortable in U10. Timmense is tuned for those same players who have crafted the weekly torch from Lobstroso. Ifera should present a real challenge for fully geared groups of 8 players. Each Leviathan has its own special abilities and attacks. 

Beware, Leviathans need to be defeated within 10 minutes after activation of their Cursed skulls, else the boss will despawn. If a boss was not defeated, cursed skulls can be activated again to try anew. If a boss was defeated a chest will spawn, breaking it will reward 8 players nearby.

Leviathan chests have increased chance of dropping Crystal-3 gear, from them it is possible to obtain Crystal 3 not only in Uber 10 but also in Uber 8 and Uber 9, although the chances do increase with difficulty. Lesser Geodian Topside Cache, Eclipse Key Fragments, Gem Boxes, Cosmic Gem boxes and special Torches drop from Leviathan chests together with gear pieces.

Rarely Leviathans can drop special mounts:

TorchesTop ^

Torches provide additional Light stat and occupy banner slot in Character inventory. Directly from Leviathan chest players can obtain Fragile torches that will decay on next daily reset. 3 Fragile torches of same type can be crafted into one Tempered Torch at [Sunseeker's Crystalforge] at Geode Topside outposts, Tempered Torches decay at weekly reset. Rarely Leviathans will drop torches that do not decay, but they have less Light than Tempered ones.





Fragile Chitin Torch


Daily Reset

Drop from Lobstrosso

Tempered Chitin Torch


Weekly Reset

Crafted at Sunseeker's Crystalforge

Ancient Chitin Torch



Rare drop from Lobstrosso

Fragile Seasinew Torch


Daily Reset

Drop from Timmense

Tempered Seasinew Torch


Weekly Reset

Crafted at Sunseeker's Crystalforge

Enchanted Seasinew Torch



Rare drop from Timmense

Fragile Tendril Torch


Daily Reset

Drop from Ifera

Tempered Tendril Torch


Weekly Reset

Crafted at Sunseeker's Crystalforge

Enshadowed Tendril Torch



Rare drop from Ifera


Craftable Torch Recipes

Ego PotionsTop ^

Leviathans defeated per day are tracked by the new Daily Leaderboard Contest - Daily Leviathans Killed. Players who ranked in top 8 recieve an Ego Potion. Ego potion is purely cosmetic and increases the size of players head for 1 minute. Unused potions decay on next weekly reset.

BadgesTop ^

Your total amount of slain Leviathans is tracked by new Badges. Badges reward with Mastery points, Ego Potion and Leviathan Helmets.

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