Hubdate Tutorial Quests

Hubdate Tutorial Quests

Most of the Expertise quests have been reworked to provide better experience and easier learning curve for new players.

Starts when players first enter the game. This very first quest can always be re-done if player enters Tutorial World which is accessible through Trovian Atlas and /tutorial chat command. Movement, gear and other basic functions are explained in this tutorial.

Rewards earned:  unlocked Neophyte's Wings, small amount of resources and one Jumping Jadefin

This quest continues as player enters the Hub for the first time, but steps from here on cannot be done repeatedly.

Note: After completing that first Tutorial world, players can also enter Geode Sanctuary and start Geode Caves questline. This is optional and can also be done at any moment afterwards.

Talk with Qubesly in the Hub (near Trovian Atlas), complete few dungeons in Medieval Highlands and other biomes. You will be returning back to Qubesly in the Hub multiple times. Be sure to read the text of the quest, Qubesly moves! This questline explains some basic things about Trove and shows new players around the Hub.

Rewards earned: few Starter Chaos Chests, small amount of Flux and other resources, Patron (1 Day)

To complete this quest a player must interact with one of the following quest-giving NPC. They provide more tutorial quests that explain various Trove activities. Their quests can be completed in any order.

Building Expertise Quest – Talk with Bubs on the roof of Crafter's Corner.

Gemsly's Gem Expertise Quest – if you have reached level 10 with any class, talk to Gemsly near workbenches by Leaderboard Lounge.

Geode Caves Quest – Talk with Amberine in the basement of Guild Halls or in Geode Sanctuary.

If you have completed all those Expertise quests before their NPCs will be gone. However, you can always interact with Hero on the top floor of Leaderboard Lounge or with Marakeet by the Market Stall at Character Corner to complete this quest, they stay in the hub after their quest has been completed.

This questline takes you through Geode Caves and resources, explains Modules and their upgrades and teaches how to treat and raise your own Companions. You will also learn about obtaining, charging and revealing Reliquaries.

Rewards earned:  unlocked various Modules,  Module Parts for their crafting, some Geode materials and Reliquary Token.

Full steps of Geodian Golden Thread questline can be found here.

Bubs can be found on the roof of Crafters Corner building. 

This tutorial teaches you about basics of placing blocks of various types, crafting decorations and unlocking recipes. You will also learn how to craft and use bombs.

Rewards earned:  unlocked Barreling Bomb mount, few hundred of various colored building blocks and some Bombs.

Hobbes can be found on the ground floor of Crafters Corner building once you have obtained any Tome.

Obtain any Tome to start this short questline. You can craft one yourself at Runecrafting Bench, purchase one form the Marketplace or get some unlocked by buying packs in the Store.

With this questline you will learn how to use Tomes – and they essential for obtaining rare resources.

Rewards earned:  unlocked Corn Rollio mount, some Flux.

Gemsly can be found in font of the Leaderboard Longue.

Once player has reached level 10 with any class, Gemsly will appear near workbenches on outside of the Leaderboard Longue. This questline explains everything about Gems: where to obtain them, how to use them, how to upgrade etc. This quest can take much longer time than previous Tutorial questlines since you unlock Gem worlds as you level up and increase your Power Rank.

Rewards: lots of Water Gem Dust, Air Gem Dust and Fire Gem Dust, few Gem boxes, few Empowered Gems, Class Gem Key and most importantly - Gemsly as a personal ally!

Full steps of Gem Expertise Questline can be found here.

Marakeet can be found by the Market Stall at Character Corner building.

Player has to have a Total Mastery of 20 or above to start this ques. Talk to Marakeet at Character Corner in the Hub to begin this questline. It explains how to sell and buy things from other players through Marketplace. Claim profits from your sold listings to complete 'sell' objective.

Rewards earned: ally [Mark, Mini Marakeet], two Trove of Wonders lootboxes.

Hero can be found on the top floor of Leaderboard Lounge in the Hub.

Once a player has completed Gem Expertise tutorial and reached a Power Rank of 5.000 or above, Hero appears in the Hub offering questline about Topside worlds of Geode. This questline explains Cosmic Gems, Crystal gear and ways to obtain and upgrade them.

Rewards earned: three Greater Geodian Topside Caches, some Crystalline Cores, Pearl of Wisdom and other resources.

Full steps of Geode Phase 2 Tutorial questline can be found here.

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