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Additional changes and updates.


  • Pressure-Locked Delver's Caches can now drop two new portals for special Delve bosses: Delve Gateway: Flakbeard (Private 128) and Delve Gateway: Shadow Hydrakken (Private 128). These caches can also drop two new frameworks – Flakbeard's Head and Head of the Hydrakken – which can be placed in Club Worlds.
  • The Fiery Balephantom boss in Delves can now drop a Gateway which grants access to a new delve boss.
  • The Public Delve Matchmaker will now start a Public Delve after 5 minutes rather than waiting for 10 minutes.
  • Non-tradable versions of Ol' Wobbles and Ferdinand can no longer be unboxed from Pressure-Locked Caches.
  • [Devle Workbench] has been rearranged and now shows all craftable Allies under same category. New Banner Styles category has been added.
  • [Titan Soul]s and [Lunar Soul]s are now granted from each Shadowy Soul Vault. [Despoiled Divinity] is granted in each after the first Shadowy Soul Vault. Total obtainable amount of each per week has not been changed. Check our Delve Rewards page for more information.
  • New Deltaliths have been added to Delves – check out our always up-to-date Deltaliths Page.
  • Lucky Clovers, Experience Coins and Class Boosts can now be used in Private and Challenge Delves.
  • Pressurised Chests and Heavy Pressurised Chests in Delves that spawn after a Boss has been defeated now have a minimum PR to be opened, based on the Depth they spawn in.
  • Delves boss - Vengeful Pinata God – now has a limit of maximum frequency for spawning adds.
  • All newly purchased Flooring Catalogue recipes from Book NPC merchant in Understalks delve can no longer be traded.
  • 3 un-obtainable Mementos have been removed from Collections.


  • Added cooldowns for repeatedly inviting people to a club. Using /dnd (do not disturb) chat command and ignoring the user will also stop invites coming from them.
  • Club Rent due date should now always show correct information.

Additional Updates

  • All workbenches that let players craft collectable items now have checkmarks for already-in-your-collection items. Items without check mark (bright green frame) can be crafted, and greyed-out items without check mark (red frame) are missing materials to be crafted.

  • All recipes on the Mount Taming Bench now directly unlock mounts instead of giving tradable item versions. Already crafted mounts will remain unaffected and all Talismans themselves are staying tradable.
  • Chat command /getgemboxinfo or /getgbi on Wednesdays – gem days – will now display amount of gem boxes you are allowed to get/currently have been awarded for easier tracking.
  • Players can no longer use chat command /join to enter Tutorial world. /tutorial chat command still works.
  • Leaderboards should now correctly display top-down list when there are less than 5 rewards.
  • Amount of Adventures needed to earn rewards for the Weekly Adventures Completed leaderboard have been reduced. The top 500, 2500 and 250 are now eligible to get rewards as soon as they past the 45 completed Adventures mark.
  • 'Gather Glacial Shards' Permafrost Adventure now has a helpful image of the ore.

  • All other biome Adventures will stop displaying "!" above their heads once Adventure has been completed.
  • Added 'GM Master Quest' to the default inventory in Metaforge. This object is used for creating 5-star Dungeons.
  • The tooltip on Ice Sage's empowered class Gem has been clarified
  • Clarified describtions on Mucis blocks and special blocks that are used to craft them.
  • Corrected Mastery values on various Event collectables and items from [Chaos Chests].
  • Corrected the text used for the /stuck chat command.
  • Corrected typo on Moonblessed Magelance staff style.
  • Corrected tail on Lanterel, the Lasting Light.
  • Corrected missing tail on Phantataur.
  • Corrected ultimate of the Pirrot Raiser.
  • Corrected [PR0T0 Lancer] costume for Lunar Lancer.
  • Following un-obtainable items have been removed from Collections: Anubian Assassin's Bow, Anubian Spear and Anvil of Artifice.
  • Trove is now fully translated in to Spanish! Just go to Settings > Language and select Español from the dropdown.
  • Updated the introductory movie to reference gamigo instead of Trion.
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