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Talk to Amberine to Start the Geode Caves Expertise Quest geodianthread_00

Side Quest: Geode Cave Expertise - Talk to Amberine in the Trove Hub to start your adventure into the depths of the Geode caves and unlock better equipment for your discovery suit. You can find Amberine at the entrance to the Geodian Guild Hall.

Go to Moonglow Grotto geodianthread_01

It's time to explore the depths of Geode, Trovian! I'm Amberine. The caves are too dangerous for most Geodians, but the Sunseekers have opened portals just for Trovians like you. You can use either the portal down below in the Geodian Guild Hall or the Atlas to get to Geode. Once you land in Geode take an airavator down to the Mining Facility and use the purple portal to Moonglow Grotto.

Use Your Climbing Claw geodianthread_02

The main parts of your discovery suit are the GAS, or Geodian Acclimation System, and N-Charge. The GAS allows you to withstand the caves' atmosphere longer, while the N-Charge powers the rest of your modules.

My favorite module is the Climbing Claw! It can grapple onto higher ledges or knock back critters - without injury, of course. We Geodians would never harm a thing!

Use your Climbing Claw and latch onto a wall or ledge.

Use Your Omni-Tool geodianthread_03

For all your gathering needs, you've got the Omni-Tool.

It's short-range for now, but you can upgrade that later at the Module Forge.

Use your Omni-Tool.

Help 3 Cave Critters geodianthread_04

YOU THERE! If you MUST invade the home of the creatures who live in these caves, I insist you help them.

I had Amberine give you Critter Treats, Curing Kits, and Comfort Blankets to tend to the cave critters you find. They should already be equipped to your hotkey bar. If you run out, make more at our sanctuary's Crystallogy Center using materials from the caves.

Help 3 cave critters. Use Critter Treats on hungry critters, Curing Kits on injured critters, and Comfort Blankets on cold critters.

Gather in Moonglow Grotto geodianthread_05

Oof. Did Sunseeker Gabbro yell at you? Our Companion Master's frazzled after caring for all the creatures being hurt by Shadows... He doesn't mean anything by it.

Why don't you go gather some materials for us? That would get you in Gabbro's good graces for sure.

Use your Omni-Tool to gather 40 gleamstone, moonstone, day drops, or dream dew in Moonglow Grotto.

Run out of GAS geodianthread_06

Travel through the caves as far as you can!

Once your GAS (the red meter on your toolbar) runs out, one of our trained adventurers will come fetch you.

Explore the area until you run out of GAS. You can also return to the Geode Sanctuary at any time by pressing [HK:Homeworld].

Craft Critter Treats geodianthread_07

YOU are the Trovian come to save us? Hm.

I am Sunseeker Lazul. First, you will save more cave creatures - and save Gabbro some heartache. Then, we will see about saving us.

Come! Crystallogy awaits. Crystallogy fortifies. Crystallogy will make you bolder yet.

Craft 1 Critter Treat at the Crystallogy Workbench located to the west.

Redeem Reliquary Token geodianthread_08

Nice! Lazul gave you a Reliquary Token. Redeem it at the Reliquary Research Lab - and don't be alarmed by Sunseeker Th'lan, if you see her. She's on our side.

Take an airavator up one floor and head west to redeem your token with Reliquary Merchant Thundros.

Go to Sunken Sunvault (or another Geode cave) geodianthread_09

You are strong... Th'lan sees.

Carry the Reliquary! Remnants of Ancients lie inside. Down, deep, magic sleeps. Sunken Sunvault calls... Return the reliquary... return the Ancient to its home...

Take an airavator down to the Mining Facility and return to the Geode caves. Th'lan suggests you use the orange portal to go to Sunken Sunvault this time.

Charge Your Reliquary geodianthread_10

Ancient power locked inside... Th'lan knows. Reliquary hungry for magic. Magic flows through caves... Feed reliquary. Let Th'lan break it open!

Equip the Token Reliquary in your discovery suit loadout. Heal, feed, or comfort critters in the caves to charge your reliquary.

Open Your Reliquary geodianthread_11

The reliquary is ready... Th'lan hears. It hums. It sings. With gifts Ancients bring. Power from eons ago. It must be revealed.

Bring it to the revealer... Th'lan will crack it open!

Return to the sanctuary by running out of GAS or pressing [HK:Homeworld]. Take an airavator up one floor and place your reliquary into the revealer located on the west side of Sunseeker Square.

Gather in Sunken Sunvault geodianthread_12

You're allowed to touch the reliquaries!? Sunseeker Th'lan must like you. Hehe.

Would ya mind going back to Sunken Sunvault and gathering more materials? And don't forget to craft more critter treats before you go! It'd make Gabbro happy.

Gather 75 sun sap, day drops, gleamstone, or blazine from Sunken Sunvault. In exchange, I'll give you an Accelerite, which decreases the time it takes for reliquaries and companion eggs to open.

Go to Verdant Veins geodianthread_13

Sunseeker Th'lan needs resources from Verdant Veins!

Next time you're in the sanctuary, use the green portal on the bottom floor to go to Verdant Veins.

Also, Lazul noticed that you uh, might need help reaching high places, so she made you Prospecting Platforms. Use them to reach higher-up materials in the caves! If you run out, make more with Crystallogy.

Gather in Verdant Veins geodianthread_14

Twin stone... geminite... and greens from the deep... Wavy kelp... back and forth... Th'lan needs!

Gather these for Th'lan... and receive... the Ancients' gift...

Gather 75 cave kelp, geminite, gleamstone, or day drops from Verdant Veins.

Check out the Module Forge geodianthread_15


Want to increase your N-Charge capacity or power-up your Omni-Tool? With the right crafting materials, you can upgrade all of your equipment at the Module Forge!

See your available upgrades at the Module Forge, located near the portals on the bottom floor of the sanctuary.

Upgrade Your GAS geodianthread_16

If you want to travel deeper into the caves, you've got to upgrade your GAS!

So far you've mostly explored Tier 1 of the caves. This next GAS upgrade will allow you to withstand the intense atmosphere of Tier 2 - for a while, at least.

Upgrade your GAS capacity at the Module Forge.

Use a Thumper geodianthread_17

You earned a Thumper Core! Now you can make a Thumper at the Module Workbench, next to the Module Forge.

The Thumper reveals hidden crystals and shows you the full depth of ore veins!

Craft a Thumper and use it in the caves. As a reward, I picked up some reliquaries from Th'lan! Funny, she only let me have 'em once she found out they were for you. Hehe.

Gather Plants in Moonglow Grotto geodianthread_18

Our Companion Master - do you remember him? Sunseeker Gabbro? He's been really worried about the cave critters lately. The Shadows outside have them all scared...

He needs some plants to help the creatures under his care. Would you go get some for him?

Gather 35 pieces of dream dew, day drops, acrobat bark, and moonlit moss from Moonglow Grotto. Dream dew and day drops grow in Tier 1 and Tier 2. Acrobat bark and moonlit moss only grow in Tier 2.

Help 25 Cave Critters geodianthread_19

Be the light! I apologize for my rudeness the last time we spoke. Shadows have hurt quite a lot of Geodian creatures... and it, well, it's been difficult.

I am Sunseeker Gabbro. I wrote the book on Geodian creatures - several books, in fact! They're such fascinating creatures.

Could you go and soothe 25 creatures in the caves with Critter Treats, Comfort Blankets, and Curing Kits? I, and they, would be grateful.

Mine Geminite geodianthread_20

Gabbro told me to pass along his thanks!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I'm almost done with an invention that'll really knock your socks off! Go grab me some materials from Verdant Veins so I can finish it.

Mine 75 geminite from Verdant Veins.

Craft Rocket Boots geodianthread_21

With those Thrusters I gave you, you can make Rocket Boots! You can outrun anything with these - even Sunseeker Rowan! Unless he's wearing them too. Hehe.

Craft Rocket Boots at the Module Workbench in the Mining Facility.

Mine Ores geodianthread_22

The materials you've collected have helped us out so much. Now we might actually stand a chance against... you know.

The Sunseekers say that they've nearly depleted our ore supplies defending this place already. Would you mind getting more for us?

Mine 150 ore from caves of your choice.

Gather Uncommon Plants geodianthread_23

Hello again, young Trovian. The creatures under my care have bewildered my assistants by consuming every scrap of organic matter they could sink their little teeth into!

Unusual behavior, isn't it? Utterly fascinating! In the meantime, would you go and gather more plants for us?

Gather 20 moonlit moss, cogwine, acrobat bark, or cavebirds. These plants can only be found in Tier 2 of the caves.

Mine Blazine geodianthread_24

Exciting news! I'm ready to put the finishing touch on my latest invention: the Barrier Generator. I just need a few more materials from Sunken Sunvault.

Would you go to to Sunken Sunvault and mine 75 blazine for me?

Use Barrier Generator geodianthread_25

You can build the Barrier Generator now! The Barrier Generator shields you from environmental hazards in the caves and boosts your speed!

Sunseekers say that the deepest parts of the cave can be dangerous, so you'll definitely want to have this one in your back pocket.

Craft the Barrier Generator at the Module Workbench on the bottom floor of the Sanctuary and use it on your next adventure!

Gather Cave Kelp and Cogwine geodianthread_26

Amberine says you collect things well. You are useful. Do more of this.

We require 40 Cave kelp and cogwine at the Crystallogy Center. The depths of Verdant Veins flows with it.

Cave kelp grows in Tier 1 and Tier 2. Cogwine only grows in Tier 2.

Gather Sun Sap and Cave Birds geodianthread_27

Blazing and chirping... blooming and flying... Th'lan needs. Bring them for Th'lan! Down dark... sunken deep... much power. Must be unlocked!

Gather 40 sun sap and cave birds in Sunken Sunvault. Sun Sap grows in Tier 1 and Tier 2. Cave Birds only grow in Tier 2.

Gather Day Drops and Moonlit Moss geodianthread_28

Hehe. The other Sunseekers are all lining up to get your help next, now. But don't forget about me! I was your first fan. I get dibs.

Please gather 40 day drops and moonlit moss! They grow in all of the caves. In exchange, I'll tell ya how to make something awesome.

Use Path Painter geodianthread_29

You can now craft the Path Painter! The Path Painter allows you to you to paint blocks in the caves and can keep track of where you've been. Stepping on the painted blocks will also give you and Trovians around you a speed boost.

Craft a Path Painter at the Module Workbench and try it out when you are in the caves.

Upgrade Your GAS geodianthread_30

That was the last new module I had for you! You are becoming a cave-diving pro. You've already traveled as far in as I've ever been! I think you might even be able to travel as far as the Sunseekers soon!

Use the Module Forge on the bottom floor of the sanctuary to upgrade your GAS.

Gather Cave Birds geodianthread_31

AHA! Just the Trovian I was looking for.

A once-buoyant little Howlug under my care has been ill lately. To cheer her up, I'd like to surround her with her favorite plants - cave birds! Twenty beautiful, bountiful cave birds will brighten her spirits in no time.

Gather 20 cave birds from Sunken Sunvault. Cave birds only grow in Tier 2 and beyond.

Gather Acrobat Bark geodianthread_32

The Cave Birds weren't enough! This sweet Howlug has lost nearly all her bounce. She was so bouncy before! It saddens me to see her this way. I've written it all down in my latest book if you care to read more.

In any case, I believe what'll really put some bounce in her step is some acrobat bark.

Gather 20 acrobat bark from the ceilings of Moonglow Grotto. Acrobat bark only grows in Tier 2 and beyond.

Check out the Egg Incubator geodianthread_33

What a day! It turns out this Howlug wasn't ill at all – only pregnant! They're quite skilled at hiding it, you see, even from me! And I've written thirty books on it!

The Howlug was so grateful for your assistance, she insisted that you have one of her eggs.

Come have a look at the Egg Incubator at the Companion Ranch to the east and I'll show you how to use it.

Hatch Your Howlug geodianthread_34

Place place your egg inside the Egg Incubator and watch it hatch!

I have a feeling this one will hatch quickly. It must be excited to meet its proud new caretaker!

Bring Howlug into the Caves geodianthread_35

Wow! You really have your own companion? Gabbro says it takes a LOT for cave creatures to trust you. I'm almost jealous.

Gabbro told me that these creatures help you out as you explore. You can even level them up at the Companion Trainer if you have Bond Crystallizer!

You should bring this Howlug with you into the caves and see what it can do.

Upgrade Your GAS geodianthread_36

Your howlug looks happy to be with you! Hehe. I can understand why.

Feel free to explore as you like.

Once you get enough resources for your next GAS upgrade, you'll be able to go into Tier 3! That's further than I've ever gone. I'm impressed!

One more thing, while I've still got you: Thank you for coming to Geode. I was skeptical when Rowan told us that you might be able to save us. But after meeting you... I've never been so happy to be wrong.

Gather materials to upgrade your GAS to explore Tier 3 and beyond.