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Catch up with with Hero to Learn about Geode Topside geodephase2_02_objectivesetany

Main Quest: Geode Topside - Talk to Hero in the Trove Hub to help explore the Geode Topside! You can find Hero near Qubesly on the balcony of the Leader board Lounge North of the Landing Pad.

Complete a Geode Topside Outpost Adventure geodephase2_adventure

Stationed at each Geode Topside landing pad are Sunseeker Taskmasters that offer Adventures to those who wish to go above and beyond for some extra rewards. If you have a moment we could use the extra assistance.

Complete a Geode Topside Outpost Adventure.

Forge a Crystalline Weapon geodephase2_craft

The Shadows here on Geode are not like those on your home planet. They are stronger, darker, and deadlier than their Trovian counterparts. Because of this, the Sunseekers imbue the essence of light directly into their equipment. Using the Sunseeker's Crystalforge at an Adventure Outpost on the Geode Topside, craft yourself a Crystalline weapon. Extra Crystalline Weapons can be broken down into Forge Fragments and Cosmic Gem Dust.

Increase a Crystal Item's Star Level geodephase2_crystalupgrade

It's time to enhance your Crystal gear, Trovian. I've given you some Crystalline Cores to start you off. Between those and the Forge Fragments you collected, all that's left is Topside ore.

Upgrade a Crystal item using a Forge.

Complete a 5-Star Dungeon geodephase2_dungeon_5star

The Shadows have built a new kind of stronghold on our surface. One that summons great numbers of their forces to attempt to overrun our shuttle outposts and keep us from advancing further into their territory. It will be especially important to keep these at bay.

Complete a 5-Star Dungeon on Geode Topside worlds.

Defeat Geode Dungeon Bosses geodephase2_dungeon

Excellent! We'll make a Sunseeker of you yet. The Shadows have built strongholds on the Geode Topside much like the Dungeons on your home planet. Tearing these fortresses down is crucial in the fight to take back our home from these invaders.

Defeat Dungeon bosses in Geode Topside worlds.

Equip a Crystalline Weapon geodephase2_equip

Equip your newly forged Crystalline weapon!

Collect Forge Fragments geodephase2_forgefragments

Crystal gear and weapons are unlike the equipment you find on Trove. To upgrade, they require a special component called Forge Fragments. While occasionally you may find Forge Fragments strewn throughout the Topside, your best bet is to acquire them by Loot-Collecting Crystal gear.

Collect Cosmic Gem Boxes geodephase2_gemboxes

You'll need a greater boost in power if you want to take on some of the tougher Servants of Shadow. Cosmic Gem Boxes will contain gems, and materials needed to upgrade them.

Collect Cosmic Gem Boxes from mini-bosses and dungeon bosses in Geode Topside worlds.

Defeat Enemies on Geode Topside geodephase2_kill

With your new Crystal gear equipped you are ready to take on the Shadows. Venture out into the Geodian Topside and defeat some enemies.

Defeat Geode Topside enemies.

Mine Veridium geodephase2_mine

Before you can fight the Shadows here on the Topside, you're going to need upgrades. That means you'll need some Veridium and Nitro-Glitterine. You mine the Veridium and I'll provide the Nitro-Glitterine!

Veridium can be found all over the Geode Topside. Mine Veridium for fun and profit!

Apply a Pearl of Wisdom to a Crystal Item geodephase2_pearl

Pearls of Wisdom are considered as precious on Geode as they are on Trove. They can be used to enhance your Crystal gear and weapons so that you can continue to overpower the Shadows.

Apply a Pearl of Wisdom to a piece of Crystal Gear using an Enchanted Forge.

Reach Power Rank 5000 to Draw Hero to the Hub geodephase2_powerrank

Main Quest: Geode Topside - Hero has been watching your progress. Reach Power Rank 5000 to attract Hero to the Trove Hub.

Enhance a Cosmic Gem geodephase2_upgradegem

You're almost ready, Trovian, but my dark brethren do not play fair. I have one last thing to teach you.

Use Cosmic Gem Dust acquired from Cosmic Gem Boxes to enhance your Cosmic Gems using the Gems Tab on the Character Sheet [HK:CharacterSheet].

Visit a Geode Topside world geodephase2_visitworld

Trovian, long time no see. Last time we met I was saving you from Todstrom. Look how far you have come!

The Sunseekers have managed to set up base camps on the Geode Topside deep within Shadow territory. Your combat skills are sorely needed to turn the tides of battle in our favor!

Open the Atlas with [HK:Atlas] and travel to a Geode Topside world.