The Geode update introduces a new vibrant hub with much more NPC activity than we have seen before such as walking around and talking.

Concept art thanks to Victor Hao, images thanks to Ylva.

Reliquary Research Center

  • The Ancients hid magics...
  • Chaos is coming...
  • Shadows approach... Th'lan sees...
  • You carry Shadows... Th'lan sees...
  • Power hidden... inside reliquary...
  • Reveal the reliquary...
  • He sees us... Th'lan knows...
  • The Ancients... gave us power...
  • Dust of Ancients... makes all of Geode...
  • Help Th'lan... unleash reliquaries...
  • They are coming... Th'lan knows...
  • The ancients hide here...
  • The Ancients sacrificed... to give power...
  • Reliquaries have secrets...
  • Reliquaries... must be revealed...
  • Every day... Th'lan fights... Shadows...
  • Alone... Th'lan is...
  • Shadows... want power...
  • Keep reliquaries... from the Shadow...
  • He cannot get... the ancients...
  • Th'lan... does not want to hurt...
  • Too bright... for Th'lan...
  • The power... can stop him...

Bomber Royale Blastadium

  • Rowan - leader of the Sunseekers, travelled to Trove to recruit Trovians
  • Every Trovian likes a good fight, right?
  • Over here, Trovian! Ready for training?
  • If you ever wish to beat the Shadows, you must train.
  • The Shadows won't fight themselves.
  • Ready for a fight? Come this way.
  • Come, Trovian! Train against the best.
  • Will you be the last Trovian standing?
  • Gabbro, Th'lan, Lazul are true warriors. Don't underestimate them.
  • Train with the best to be the best.
  • Shadows are preparing for battle. Are you?
  • Go to Battlemaster Bakoom for your battle rewards!
  • It's Trovian versus Trovian in here.
  • Did we meet on Trove? Come and prove yourself in battle!
  • You tired of the peace and quiet? Get in here.
  • This battle simulator was made for you. Use it!
  • You didn't fly across space to mine ore! Come train in here.
  • This is the only place to fight on Geode!
  • If you want to fight, you found the right place.
  • Geodians thought you'd feel at home in the battle dome.
  • Mind yourself. Sunseeker Th'lan gets jumpy around Trovian weaponry.
  • Th'lan isn't much of a talker, but she is quite powerful.
  • Th'lan left the Shadow behind. I admire her for that.
  • Come and train for battle!

Companion Ranch

  • Gabbro - companion trainer, likes to read
  • Are you interested in Companions?
  • I've written a number of books on Froleek.
  • Companions are such fascinating creatures!
  • Gleemurs adore attention! Just look at them.
  • Qubrik are such enigmatic creatures!
  • Years of study have made me an expert on Companions.
  • The Shadows have terrified these poor, sweet creatures...
  • Companions can be quite shy - unless they're hungry!
  • A well-trained Companion is a great help in the caves.
  • Many Geodians would love to raise a companion!
  • Do you have a treat on you? The creatures like you!
  • Those poor creatures in the cave are so terrified.
  • Jelotl love to be tickled very much. Alotl, even! Baha!
  • Look how the Zepperays drifts through the air! Lovely.
  • Howlugs eat ten times their weight each day! Fascinating, no?
  • A hoppet once jumped to the top of Sunseeker Spire! Astounding!
  • Cragglepods love to scuttle about in Sunken Sunvault.
  • There's always something new to learn about Companions.
  • Eight different species live in the caves! Isn't that marvelous?
  • My next book is about the creatures outside this sanctuary.
  • We must rescue every creature from the Shadow.
  • I wrote the book on Companions! Marvelous creatures.
  • Lazul's crystallogy potions can calm cave creatures! Make some!

Crystallogy Center

  • Lazul - crystallogy master, likes to cook
  • Come! Create! Be useful.
  • Crystallogy fortifies us.
  • Crystallogy may save your life in the caves.
  • What have you created today?
  • Have you made yourself useful?
  • Prepare today. Fight tomorrow.
  • Amberine speaks well of you.
  • We have no time to waste.
  • Shadows are just beyond the horizon...
  • Create your potions while you can.
  • Crystallogy may save us all.
  • Create! Create! We have no time to spare.
  • One good potion can save thousands.
  • It is a good day for Crystallogy.
  • Crystallogy is good for the soul.
  • My knowledge of Crystallogy is yours.
  • I will protect Geode, or return to the stone trying.
  • Craft! Create! Make something of yourself.
  • Sunseeker Gabbro is a hard-working Companion Master.
  • We Sunseekers will teach you all we know.
  • We must prepare if we are to survive.
  • We must hurry. The Shadow approaches.
  • I will teach you all I know of Crystallogy.


  • Amberine - module tinkerer, inventor, found in Mining Facility
  • What a great day for a cave dive!
  • Have you tried the thumper yet?
  • Hmm, I need a little more sparkzite...
  • Exploring the Chiseled Caverns today?
  • Come to me for all your cave-diving needs!
  • The ancients left so many secrets in the caves.
  • The Builder must've been huge if we all fit on his chisel...
  • I still have so much to learn about the caves.
  • I've got your back if you run out of G.A.S!
  • My favorite cave is... Ah! I can never choose.
  • You think I could visit Trove one day?
  • I hope you're not too homesick here.
  • We're so glad to have your help, Trovian!
  • I'm itching to explore the caves myself.
  • So much to invent. So little time.
  • The elders say Verdant Veins was the Builder's favorite.
  • Sunken Sunvault is hot today. Stay hydrated!
  • Moonglow Grotto makes me wanna dance! Hehe.
  • We go through resources so quickly here...
  • Thanks for helping keep this sanctuary safe!
  • All this inventing sure tires a pebble out.
  • Upgrade your modules at the Module Forge!
  • You look ready to cave dive! How 'bout it?
  • Pebble Pell - adjust your discovery suit loadout, found in Geode Caves

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Sunseeker Landing Guard

  • Only those strong enough for Uber-10 may enter.
  • Uber-10 awaits, when you're equipped for it...
  • It is dangerous to go to Uber-10 unprepared.
  • You will be ready for Uber-10 soon, but not yet.
  • Return to the Chiseled Caverns and train.
  • The world of Uber-10 awaits you... soon.
  • The world beyond is still too dangerous for you.
  • You are not yet prepared to face Uber-10 Shadows.
  • Return when you are ready for Uber-10.
  • You are not ready for Uber-10.
  • Train, or you be defeated in the Uber-10.
  • Go train with Rowan before you attempt to enter Uber-10.
  • Descend the spire. Return when you are fit for Uber-10.
  • Continue your training, Trovian. Then, return.
  • One day, you will be ready for Uber-10. Today, you are not.
  • You are not yet ready for the challenge of Uber-10.
  • When you are strong enough, Uber-10 awaits.

Sunseeker Return Guard

  • Safe travels back to Trove.
  • I wish you safe passage to Trove.
  • Your shuttle to the Solidarity awaits.
  • Enjoy the journey back to Trove.
  • Looking for passage back to Trove?
  • Remember, Companions can only live on Geode.
  • Are you bringing souvenirs back to Trove?
  • Shuttles back to Trove are here!
  • Keep your head and arms inside the shuttle!
  • This shuttle will take you up to the Solidarity.
  • Come through here for passage back to Trove!
  • Did you enjoy your stay on Geode?
  • Return to Geode when you are ready for Uber-10!
  • The Solidarity will take you back to Trove.
  • Thanks for visiting Geode.
  • If you want to go back to Trove, look no further.
  • Catch your shuttle back to Trove here!


  • How did you get up here, friend?
  • What's the first rule of friend circle?
  • Are you a friend... or not?
  • We don't talk about the friend circle.
  • It's good beneath the sun, no?
  • I didn't know we were recruiting.
  • We could always use new friends.
  • Are you lost, friend?
  • Friends forever!
  • New friend. Hello.

Crystal Guardian

  • Please refrain from touching these.
  • Don't touch these. It's for your own good.
  • Hands off... for your own protection.
  • Look, but don't touch.
  • I'd keep your hands off, friend.
  • You shouldn't try to touch these.
  • Keep away from these, friend.
  • These are too dangerous to be handled.
  • I'd recommend leaving this place.
  • Don't touch the crystals. For your own sake.

Sunseeker Guard Biped

  • Be the light, Trovian.
  • Safe journey to you.
  • May the Sun Goddess light your path.
  • You're looking well today, Trovian.
  • Keep on your toes. Shadows never sleep.
  • Stay your blade on Geode, Trovian.
  • In times of darkness, become the light.
  • Greetings, Trovian.
  • Safe travels.
  • My ancestors lived on Trove once.
  • Keep up the good fight.
  • Has Sunseeker Gabbro shown you how to raise eggs?
  • If you seek occupation, Crystallogy is fine work.
  • Sunseeker Rowan is looking for you, Trovian.
  • Welcome to Geode.
  • Have you trained in Rowan's battleground yet?
  • Sunseeker Th'lan knows much about reliquaries.
  • Flown beneath the sun, lately, Friend?

Sunseeker Guard Boulder

  • Build well, small one.
  • Building is good for the health.
  • You are strong for one so small.
  • Build. It makes you stronger.
  • Builder guide you.
  • I thought Trovians would be Rowan's size at least.
  • Keep the fighting to Rowan's training ground
  • You're looking... short today.
  • Never get underfoot of a boulder.
  • Looking boulder than ever. Ha. Ha.
  • Be the light.

Sunseeker Boulder Orange

  • Are you off to Sunken Sunvault?
  • You are warm. Like the Sunvault.
  • Explore Sunken Sunvault while you can.
  • Where are you blazine off to? Ha. Ha.
  • Sun Goddess guide you.
  • May you walk the path of the Sun.

Sunseeker Boulder Green

  • Have you been to Verdant Veins?
  • Have you seen a green pebble around?
  • It's not so easy, being green, you know.
  • Verdant Veins is a fine place to visit.
  • May the Builder guide your Omni-Tool.
  • Builder be with you.

Sunseeker Boulder Purple

  • Are you going to Moonglow Grotto?
  • May the sun and moon always shine.
  • May you glow as the Grotto.
  • Do all Trovians glow like the moon?
  • Don't moon about, Trovian.
  • Never forget the Moon Goddess.

Sunseeker Guard Pebble

  • Greetings, Trovian.
  • You are welcome on Geode.
  • Be safe in your travels.
  • May the Ancients watch over you.
  • If you must fight, go find Sunseeker Rowan.
  • If Amberine approves of you, then I do too.
  • We will beat the Shadows together.
  • We're grateful you're here, Trovian.
  • Raising eggs is an excellent hobby.
  • I wonder where Percival disappeared to...
  • Be the light, Trovian.

Sunseeker Pebble Orange

  • Are you heading to Sunken Sunvault?
  • You're quicker than blazine, aren't you?
  • Have you explored Sunken Sunvault today?
  • Did I just catch a whiff of Cave Bird?
  • That Trovian must have some Sun Sap on them!
  • It's a lovely day to visit Sunken Sunvault.

Sunseeker Pebble Green

  • Are you off to Verdant Veins?
  • I hope you're off to mine some geminite.
  • These Trovians are as tall as cave kelp.
  • Today's a fine day to explore Verdant Veins.
  • The Builder must have helped bring you here.
  • If only I could travel with you! I'm green with envy.

Sunseeker Pebble Purple

  • Visiting Moonglow Grotto today?
  • If you can save us, perhaps you can save the Moon too.
  • You've got a bounce in your step. Is it Acrobat Bark?
  • That glow around you... is it moonstone?
  • The air smells sweet around you. Like Dream Dew.
  • We appreciate your assistance, Trovian.


  • You have a lot of weapons! Why?
  • Why do Shadows want to hurt us?
  • I wanna watch you fight in Rowan's battleground!
  • Shadows are scary! You'll make them go away?
  • Where's Percival!? He's gone!
  • Do you really fight Shadows?

Pebble Orange

  • Wanna watch eggs hatch at the Ranch?
  • Froleek are cute! And ticklish!
  • I want a Gleemur of my own.
  • Cragglepod are the BEST!
  • I want to raise a Companion one day.

Pebble Green

  • Crystallogy is the best!
  • Lazul's nice to teach us all Crystallogy.
  • Where did I leave my crystallogy book?
  • So many crystallogy recipes to learn!
  • I wanna join Friend Circle!

Pebble Purple

  • Did you know Th'lan came from the Shadow!?
  • I love watching reliquaries open!
  • Don't be scared of Th'lan! She's nice!
  • Have you met Sunseeker Th'lan!?
  • A Shadow ate my dream dew!


  • Uh oh. Almost squashed a Trovian.
  • You're a quick one.
  • Trovians are small! Like pebbles.
  • I fell in the caves once. It hurt.
  • Cave milk makes you bolder.
  • Trovians should drink more cave milk.
  • It used to be quiet here.
  • Lazul is a great Sunseeker.

Boulder Orange

  • Maybe I should train with Rowan...
  • Companions are good. Like Trovians.
  • Trovians shine bright. Like the Sunvault.
  • I like that Trovian. It is cute.
  • Those Trovians move fast!

Boulder Green

  • Trovians are squishy. Like jelotl!
  • That Trovian looks like Qubrik.
  • I want to see Trove one day.
  • These visitors are loud.
  • It was so peaceful here.

Boulder Purple

  • I will explore the caves one day.
  • Can these Trovians can help us?
  • Shadows fight. We do not.
  • I should train with Rowan...
  • Trove must be a... loud planet.

Lost Candy

  • If only I had a way to go Home...
  • I want to go Home!
  • Could that portal take me Home!?
  • Maybe I can find a portal around here...


  • I saw someone out there! Someone STRONG.
  • There was SOMEONE out there! I saw them!
  • No one believes me, but I saw someone like you out there.
  • The others are probably looking for me...
  • Someone out there is looking for us. I know it.
  • Who's out there? I know I saw someone.
  • Someone else is coming to save us too... Someone strong.

Geode Lair Instructor

  • When you see this sign in the caves, you've reached a lair!
  • Lairs in the caves are signaled with this sign.
  • We placed these signs in the caves to point out lairs.
  • These gate signs in the caves mean you've reached a lair!
  • In the caves, these signs signal lairs.
  • This sign, in the caves, means you're entering a lair.
  • Watch out for these signs in the caves! It means a lair's ahead.
  • In the caves, this sign means a lair is just ahead.
  • When you reach this sign in the caves, a lair is ahead.
  • These signs signal lairs in the caves, friend.

Sunseeker's Only Guard

  • Read the sign, young Trovian.
  • Sunseekers only. Surely you see that.
  • You shouldn't be wandering here.
  • Might I point out the sign?
  • You may have a reprimand in your future.
  • Tsk, tsk. You're not a Sunseeker just yet.
  • Only Sunseekers beyond this point.
  • One day you may be allowed back here legitimately.
  • A troublemaker, I see! Rowan would have words for you.
  • Rowan wouldn't care for this disregard of signs.

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