The objective of exploring caves is to harvest resources within them, the resources available is determined by the type of cave you have entered and how far you have progressed through them.

Thanks to Ylva for creating the images, and Chronozilla for helping with data.

Geode Caves

Caves are where the main exploration takes part in Geode. You can enter them from the Mining Facility in the Geode Hub.

How effective your resource gathering and movement are depends on your Modules, which can be crafted and upgraded.

Companion Eggs can rarely be found when exploring.

There are exploring related adventures which can be used to enhance your rewards. 

Care for Critters

Some adventures or reliquaries require you to care for cave critters, an icon will appear over their head and you have to throw the appropriate item which can be crafted from the Crystallogy Workbench.

You can also stun critters with your Climbing Claw

Resource Gathering


Walk over Crystal to collect them, you can use a Thumper module to reveal hidden ones.

Organic Resources

Use your Omni Tool module to collect organic resources, or hit them with your Climbing Claw module.

Ore Resources

Use your Omni Tool module to collect ores, you can use a Thumper module to reveal hidden ores.

New Inventory Tabs

There are two new inventory screens with Geode, the Modules and Geode Inventories. You can access these new screens by pressing the new tabs on the left of the inventory window.

The Modules inventory screen shows the level of your Exploration Suit Modules.

The Geode Inventory screen shows all Geode related items, including materials eggs and companions.

Tiers and Lairs

Caves have tiers which determine how long you can survive there and what resources are found. You can see which tier you are moving from and to by looking at the blue lights on the gateways.

Resources: All Caves

Resources: Moonglow Grotto

Resources: Verdant Veins

Resources: Sunken Sunvault

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this is a fantastic guide for new people on geode. ill have to link it to people from now on. thanks for this guide :)