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Geode TopsideTop ^

An Adventure World, where Sunseekers continue to fight against the forces of Shadow who have taken over Geode's surface.

Clear Dungeons for a chance to earn Crystal gear. Defeat bosses for Cosmic Gem Boxes.

There are no cornerstone plots on Geode topside, but players can access Loot Collector, Personal Chest and Rejuvenation Station at outposts. Merchant Geode Crystal Items (workbench) can be found at outposts on which players spawn into the world.

Daily bonuses affect Geode Topside.

Reaching Geode TopsideTop ^

You can travel to Geode Topside as you would any other world, from the Trovian Atlas, which is now available directly from the UI (CTRL+A by dafault on PC).

The worlds have the following requirements:

BiomesTop ^

All three sub-biomes on Geode Surface share same dungeons, natural structures, monsters and ores, but each has unique terrain. There are Lairs (1 star), Dungeons (3 star) and Big Dungeons (5 star). Full list of Geode surface dungeons and outposts can be found here.

Cerise Sandsea

Hollow Dunes

Weathered Wasteland

5 Star DungeonsTop ^

Find and activate the Dark Heart within the dungeon to start the encounter. Bosses and Cursed skulls spawn in random 5 locations around the dungeon. Complete the dungeon with certain time remaining for additional rewards.

Lesser Geodian Topside Cache contains:

AdventuresTop ^

  Purple Sunmage Pebble and Green Sunwarrior Boulder are found at every outpost on Geode Surface. They offer Complete 5-star dungeons and Defeat Dungeon Bosses adventures, both reward 2x Nitro-Glitterine (values from PTS)


Geode Surface has Undertow-themed corrupted shadow creatures. Most of them have ranged weapons or abilities.

Sand Skitterer

Lanky Lurcher

Umbral Shadefin

Silverfish Skopekreep

Crustacean Corsair

Moray Magician

Airfish Shadowlamprey

Pentapod Shadowcaster 

ResourcesTop ^


A sparkling, highly volatile ore.


A crystalline green and blue ore that hardens reality against extra-dimensional invasions.


Both ores are found allover the surface of Geode. Most commonly they can be found in caves of Hollow Dunes sub-biome and in spiral mining caves found in other two sub-biomes.

Sandseasower Dragon Egg Fragment has a rare chance of dropping from both ore veins.

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