The Golden Thread covering Geode Surface, this thread takes you through the process of obtaining your first Crystalline Weapon and upgrading Crystal Items and Gems.

Visit a Geode Topside worldTop ^

Trovian, the time has come to take action! The Sunseekers have managed to set up base camps on the Geode Topside deep within Shadow territory. Your combat skills are sorely needed to turn the tides of battle in our favor!

Open the Atlas with [HK:Atlas] and travel to a Geode Topside world.

Mine VeridiumTop ^

Before you can fight the Shadows here on the Topside, you're going to need some upgrades. That means you'll need some Veridium and Nitro-Glitterine. Mine the Veridium and I can provide the Nitro-Glitterine.

Forge a Crystalline WeaponTop ^

The Shadows here on Geode are not like those on your home planet. They are stronger, darker, and deadlier than their Trovian counterparts. Because of this, the Sunseekers imbue the essence of light directly into their equipment. Using the Sunseeker's Crystalforge at an Outpost Shrine, craft yourself a Crystalline weapon.

Equip a Crystalline WeaponTop ^

Equip your newly forged Crystalline weapon!

Defeat Enemies on Geode TopsideTop ^

With your new Crystal gear equipped you are ready to take on the Shadows. Venture out into the Geodian Topside and defeat some enemies.

Defeat Geode Topside enemies.

Complete a 5-Star DungeonTop ^

Complete a 5-Star Dungeons in a Geode Topside world.

Complete a Geode Topside OutpostTop ^

Stationed at each Geode Topside landing pad are Sunseeker Taskmasters that offer Adventures to those who wish to go above and beyond for some extra rewards. If you have a moment we could use the extra assistance.

Complete a Geode Topside Outpost Adventure.

Apply a Pearl of Wisdom to a Crystal ItemTop ^

Pearls of Wisdom are considered as precious on Geode as they are on Trove. They can be used to enhance your Crystal gear and weapons so that you can continue to overpower the Shadows.

Apply a Pearl of Wisdom to a piece of Crystal Gear using an Enchanted Forge.

Increase a Crystal Item's Star LevelTop ^

It's time to enhance your Crystal gear, Trovian. I've given you some Crystalline Cores to start you off. Between those and the Forge Fragments you collected, all that's left is Topside ore.

Upgrade a Crystal item using a Forge.

Collect Cosmic Gem BoxesTop ^

You'll need a greater boost in power if you want to take on some of the tougher Servants of Shadow. Cosmic Gem Boxes will contain gems, and materials needed to upgrade them.

Collect Cosmic Gem Boxes from mini-bosses and dungeon bosses in Geode Topside worlds.

Enhance a Cosmic GemTop ^

You're almost ready, Trovian, but my dark brethren do not play fair. I have one last thing to teach you.

Use Cosmic Gem Dust acquired from Cosmic Gem Boxes to enhance your Cosmic Gems using the Gems Tab on the Character Sheet [HK:CharacterSheet].

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