Forge Fragment Formulae

Accumulates experience as you complete Dungeons, Battle Arena and Bomber Royale matches. When fully charged it produces 100 Forge Fragments. This effect can only trigger once a week.

Designed by: Trove Team 100 Trove Mastery 100 Geode Mastery

Items which unlock this collection:


Forge Fragment Formulae has the following effects:

Legendary Tome. Produces 100 Forge Fragment when fully charged. Effect can trigger only once a week.

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How to Obtain

You can unlock the Forge Fragment Formulae in the following methods:

Found in the following Lootboxes:

The following lootboxes are currently obtainable.

Other methods to obtain:

Obtained as rare drop from Lesser Geodian Topside Cache, can be purchased from ingame Marketplace.

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