Hyped-Up Pinata

Amped up to eleven, and ready to tear up the skies.

Designed by: Trove Team 50 Trove Mastery

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In honor of Sunfest, Pinates the Purveyor is also back in the Trove Hub to sell his wares! If you don’t already have them you can pick up the Pinatataur, Hyped-Up Pinata mount, or a Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg. He happily accepts Pinata Coins whether earned this year or during previous Sunfests.

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  • Exchange 2000x [item=Pinata Coin] to receive [collection=Hyped-Up Pinata]
  • As you defeat these pernicious pinatas you’ll earn Pinata Coins that can be traded in the Hub to Pinates the Purveyor for awesome rewards. Pick up a Pinatataur mount, a Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg (that can be used to craft Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings), or the Hyped-Up Pinata mount!

  • [collection=collections/mount/pinata_trove_flyshoot] category changed from 'InProgress' to 'Seasonal'
  • [collection=collections/mount/pinata_trove_fly] category changed from 'InProgress' to 'Seasonal'
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  • Very rarely the Celebratory Pinatas may also drop the spectacular Hyped-Up Pinata mount. This powered up pinata is a very fast land mount that can also glide through the air with the greatest of ease.

    Hyped-Up Pinata

    Pinates the Purveyor is back in the Hub and selling the mounts from our previous Join the Party events as well as the brand new Hyped-Up Pinata mount!

    [Патч] Trove - Присоединяйтесь к вечеринке 3! (31.01.2017)

    -=Третье пришествие Вечеринки!=-

    * Вечеринка достигла своей кульминации! Теневые Пиньяты-Захватчики вернулись вместе с новым невероятным маунтом: Hyped-Up Pinata.


    * Очень очень (очень) редко в мирах Проклятых Небес вам может выпасть Талисман Грифонов. Этот обмениваемый материал используется для крафта Грифонов в Верстаке Искателя Приключений(Adventurer's Crafting Bench).
    * Теперь вы можете скрафтить следующих 4х Грифонов:
    - Drumsticks (1 Талисман Грифонов и 60.000 Флюкса)
    - Paul Esteban Maclaw (1 Талисман Грифонов, 60.000 Флюкса и 750 Золотых Ракушек)
    - Falminar, Assuager of Burdens (1 Талисман Грифонов, 60.000 Флюкса и 1.300 Кристаллизированных Облаков(Crystallized Clouds))
    - Frostgale the Fierce (1 Талисман Грифонов, 60.000 Флюкса и 2,500 Ледяных Осколков(Glacial Shards))


    * Было добавлено новое испытание по сбору монет(создал Stedms). Удачи!
    * Теперь для достижения 3 и 4 уровней в испытаниях по сбору, требуется набрать 85 и 100 монет соответственно.

    -=Другие Изменения=-

    * Исправлен баг из-за которого Сундуки Хаоса иногда не складывались в инвентарь в Теневой Башне.
    * Было уточнено описание предмета "Golden Dragon Effigy".
    * Дракон Disaeon(реферальный) теперь даёт +30 Ранга Силы, а также следующие параметры(очков мастерства он НЕ даёт):
    +1000 к Максимальному Здоровью
    +1 к Максимальной Энергии
    +1 к Регенерации Энергии
    +50 к Magic Find
    * В MetaForge была добавлена команда /replaceblock, которая заменяет блок, на который направлена ваша камера, на блок, выбранный на панели быстрого доступа.
    * Костюм Конфетного Варвара - Йети теперь использует изменённую ульту.
    * Исправлена иконка корабля "Cobalt Carp".

    Join the Party Wave 3
    • The Party is at its Peak! Shadow Pinata Invaders are dropping again, and Pinates is back with the incredible Hyped-Up Pinata mount!

    • Very very (very) rarely in the Cursed Skylands a Griffon Talisman will drop. This tradable crafting material can be used in crafting Griffons at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.
    • Craft these four Griffons:
      Drumsticks requires 1 Griffon Talisman and 60,000 Flux
      Paul Esteban Maclaw requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 750 Golden Seashells
      Falminar, Assuager of Burdens requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 1,300 Crystallized Clouds
      Frostgale the Fierce requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 2,500 Glacial Shards

    • Stedm's coin collect challenge is now live. Good luck!
    • The coin collection challenges now require 100 coins for the top tier and 85 coins for the second tier.

    Additional Updates
    • Fixed Chaos Chests sometimes not being looted in Shadow Towers.
    • Text on the dragon effigy has been updated for clarity.
    • Disaeon now grants +30 Power Rank and the following stats but does NOT grant Mastery:
      +1000 Max Health
      +1 Maximum Energy
      +1 Energy Regeneration
      +50 Magic Find
    • Added /replaceblock to the metaforge, which replaces the targeted block with the block selected on your hotbar.
    • Candy Barbarian - Shaggy Yeti costume now plays its Ultimate VFX properly.
    • Revised the icon for the Cobalt Carp.

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  • NEW: [collection=collections/mount/pinata_trove_fly] - Amped up to eleven, and ready to tear up the skies (InProgress)
  • NEW: [collection=collections/mount/pinata_trove_flyshoot] - It flies, it shoots, it parties. Truly the pinnacle of Pinata evolution. (InProgress)
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