Hyped-Up Pinata

Amped up to eleven, and ready to tear up the skies.

Designed by: Trove Team 50 Trove Mastery

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Fasti wrote:

Trove is heating up the summer with the Sunfest Daily Login Bonus Celebration! Just login to pick up Golden Ticket Chests for a chance at a huge mountain of mounts or a scorching hot stack of dragons!

The Golden Ticket Chests will show up in the Claims window each day you login starting on Wednesday, July 12th and ending on Monday, July 24th. These new chests may give an assortment of items but these top rewards are too hot to handle:

Hyper Pinata EX mount
  • This is a pinata mount that sprouts Pinata Wings on your Trovian whenever you mount up. As if that wasn’t enough, this winged pinata also glides and can fire off a powerful breath attack just like a dragon!

Draconic Superiority Complex - This rare prize will unlock the following 15 dragons!
  • Erel, The Ironbolt

  • Yorinn, the Dusk Shadow

  • Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark

  • Selene, the Celestial Storm

  • Panatea, the Partifier

  • Ludini, Patron of Playfulness

  • Fortras, the Herald of Battle

  • Albairn, Voice of Dawn

  • Aurim, Keeper of Histories

  • Dracocolatl, the Mellower

  • Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents

  • Drak-O-Lantern

  • Inora, Flame of the Enlightenment

  • Tysorion, Steward of new Beginnings

  • Tannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidings
It’s Raining More Mounts – Unlocks almost every mount in Trove!
  • Too many mounts to list in one place but it’s a ludicrous amount of mounts

To help celebrate this epic summer block party, Sunfest brings back every daily bonus being active at once! Get double XP, increased harvesting, more ore, and that’s just the start. Two weeks of daily bonuses sounds too good to be true – but this is the truest truth to ever true!

On top of all of this epic free loot awesomeness, an invasion of ill-tempered Shadow Pinata brutes looking to prove that we can dish it out but can’t take it.

This invasion works a little differently from previous events – you’ll find pinata enemies already spread out across the land on your adventures, so finding them is easy-peasy. Pinata invaders will also fall from the sky to refill their ranks but you’ll find more just by exploring. Sunfest quests will reward you for defeating invaders and tossing your collected pinatas to share with the world.

As you defeat these pernicious pinatas you’ll earn Pinata Coins that can be traded in the Hub to Pinates the Purveyor for awesome rewards. Pick up a Pinatataur mount, a Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg (that can be used to craft Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings), or the Hyped-Up Pinata mount!

Enjoy some fun in the sun and earn an unfathomably awesome loot just for playing. Kick back, relax, and let the sun shine in. This is one long party and everyone is invited!

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Fasti wrote:

Join the Party is back on the PC version of Trove to rock your blocks off! Face off against the foul forces of shadow as powerful Pinata Invaders bring the pain.

Take down the Pinata Invaders to earn Pinata Coins, a Celebratory Pinata, or a shot at the Lively Launchers wings, the Celebratory Pin Head hat style, or the rare mount, Celebratory Pinata.

Toss these special pinatas with your friends and get 3 Pinata Coins for yourself and 1 each for seven Trovians partying hard with you.

Very rarely the Celebratory Pinatas may also drop the spectacular Hyped-Up Pinata mount. This powered up pinata is a very fast land mount that can also glide through the air with the greatest of ease.

Pinates the Purveyor is back in the Hub and selling the mounts from our previous Join the Party events as well as the brand new Hyped-Up Pinata mount!

If you haven’t completed the Join the Party quests in the earlier events they are back again.

Party down all day, erryday!

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PostCard wrote:

Join the Party Wave 3
  • The Party is at its Peak! Shadow Pinata Invaders are dropping again, and Pinates is back with the incredible Hyped-Up Pinata mount!

  • Very very (very) rarely in the Cursed Skylands a Griffon Talisman will drop. This tradable crafting material can be used in crafting Griffons at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.
  • Craft these four Griffons:
    Drumsticks requires 1 Griffon Talisman and 60,000 Flux
    Paul Esteban Maclaw requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 750 Golden Seashells
    Falminar, Assuager of Burdens requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 1,300 Crystallized Clouds
    Frostgale the Fierce requires 1 Griffon Talisman, 60,000 Flux, and 2,500 Glacial Shards

  • Stedm's coin collect challenge is now live. Good luck!
  • The coin collection challenges now require 100 coins for the top tier and 85 coins for the second tier.

Additional Updates
  • Fixed Chaos Chests sometimes not being looted in Shadow Towers.
  • Text on the dragon effigy has been updated for clarity.
  • Disaeon now grants +30 Power Rank and the following stats but does NOT grant Mastery:
    +1000 Max Health
    +1 Maximum Energy
    +1 Energy Regeneration
    +50 Magic Find
  • Added /replaceblock to the metaforge, which replaces the targeted block with the block selected on your hotbar.
  • Candy Barbarian - Shaggy Yeti costume now plays its Ultimate VFX properly.
  • Revised the icon for the Cobalt Carp.

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