Based on the command list from Trove Wiki; Updated by me, All commands go in the chat box obviously.

This guide uses the keybinds found in the PC and MAC versions only. [ESC -> Settings]

Gameplay CommandsTop ^

/loc Displays your current XYZ location only.
/who Lists players who are in the same world as you.
/getxp : /xp Displays your current level and the amount of needed XP to level up.





Opens your friendlist (Pressing default O also does this)
Adds a player to your friend list. Right-clicking name in chat also executes this.
Adds a player to your ignore list. Right-clicking name in chat also executes this.
Un-ignores an ignored player.
/acceptalfriends Adds all friends at once.
/store Opens the store window (Pressing default N also does this).
/respawn Forces your character to respawn.
/showhat Toggles your hat model on and off; keeps stats active. [Hide Hat style does this as well]
/showface  Toggles your mask model on and off; keeps stats active. [Hide Face style does this as well]
/quit  Forces the game to quit immediately.
/getworldid Gets the "worldID" for the world you are currently in.
/joinworld Join the world with the specified ID at your previous location,
i.e. /joinworld the trovian maestros or /joinworld 7117528595983641280
/joinme Sends a request to join you the requester's current location. Right-click in chat does this.
/tutorial Teleports the player to the Tutorial World.
/kick Used in Club Worlds by high ranks and in Shadow Arenas aka Shadow Towers by their host to kick players.
/stats Shows some stats from you.
/clearcornerstone Resets your cornerstone back to flat land. Everything on your cornerstone will be deleted!
/mastery Shows some mastery rank stats and experience.
/welcome Opens up the welcome screen. [Default V]
/testarena Allows you to start a PVP match in your club arena without waiting for 10 players. No Battle EXP will be gained.
/getbattleboxinfo See the current time toward your next Battle Box.
/debugtext Displays FPS, RTT (time taken to receive a response from the server after you make a command in the game), WorldRTT (latency), rexmit (sending data again) and coordinates of the player's location on the top left of screen.
/sortinventory Sorts your inventory alphabeticaly.
/help Shows you some commands.

Chat Commands
Top ^

/1 ː /2 Switches to the global chat and world chat resoectively.
/join Joins or creates another chat channel. You can simply use the chat channel ID to switch over into the respective channel. e.g /join mining
/leave  Leaves a chat channel / number e.g Mining chat.
/say ː /s Sends a message to players that are within 40 blocks of range.
/whisper ; /w ː /t ː /tell Sends a private message to another player; user must be online to receive messages.
/c1 ~ /c5 Switches to club 1 chat. This goes up to club 5
/reply ː /r Sends a reply to the last whisper you received. This does not apply to messages you've sent but have yet to receive a response to.
/dnd Do Not Disturb, while in dnd mode, players cannot whisper or invite you.
/hide Hidden Mode, while in hidden mode you appear offline to other players. Toggleable in Settings under Social
/channellist What are my chat channels again?
/region What server location am I in?
/chatlist Lists people who are in the same chat channel.
TAB Highlights the entire message for quicker copying.
// Inputs a message to the appropiate chat channel without switching first.

ChatroomsTop ^

Any name can be used

/join price  Accesses the price chat for price checking.
/join trade  Accesses the trade chat to set up trades with other players in the chatroom. 

/join st Accesses the Shadow Tower chat to look for groups fighting STs.
/join shadowtower Accesses the Shadow Tower chat to look for groups fighting STs. 

/join ladybug Accesses the Ladybug Invaders chat. Useful for finding groups that farm Ladybug Invaders.
/join sky  Accesses the Sky channel to set up groups to farm the Sky Realm for Radiant Giants and/or Radiant Shards. 
/join recipe  Find people to share biome speciific recipe lairs or block recipes via mining.
/join fishing  Accesses the fishing chat to find people to fish with. This is useful for getting help catching rare fish. DOC
/join mining  Accesses the Sunlight BulbSunlight Bulb chat. Useful for Monday harvesting days. Moonlight Bulb
/join dragon  Official chat for theDracolatti(Candorian)Thallasion(Drowned Seas),Flakbeard, the Relentless(Drowned Isles/Treasure) World boss farm.
/join pinata Pinata Invaders event, where Pinata Coins can get Tysorion, , Pinatataur, Hyped-up Pinata. Pick up the Lively Launcher wings with your [loot] key.
/join hellbug Accesses the Hellbug Invader chatBashful Lovebug.FreeKill 50 Hellbug Monarchs in Defiance logging in with the same Glyph account. mount with completion of 50 Hellbug Monarchs kills in Defiance.
/join pumpkin Official chat for the Pumpkin Structures in the Peaceful Hills during Halloween or grown via Gardening. 
/join tree Snowfestivus chat to craft Subzero Snowflakes, Tannenbomber; and to obtaind Droppable Plethora o'Presents and Bouncing Bauble from the tree dungeons.
/join robot Snowfestivus chat for the Flameotron Mk. II. Enchanted Snowballs necessary to damage its shields. 300 Darknik Gear required to craft G.R.Y.P.H 3000
/join tentacle St. Qubeslick chat for the Tentacles in Medievial Highlands; 500 Slices to craft to ally.

EmotesTop ^

/sit Makes your character sit.
/pose Makes your character show off wings.
/epicpose Makes your character pose with your chosen mount.
/zzzː /sleep Makes your character sleep. (same premise as being afk for 10 miutes)
/wave Makes your character wave.
/dance Makes your character dance.
/laugh Makes your character laugh.
/cry Makes your character cry.
/shrug Makes your character shrug.
/bow Makes your character bow.
/showoff Unknown
/prance Exclusive only to people riding the mount Prancy Prance
/stomp Exclusive only to people riding the mount McEvilface

ClubsTop ^

/club list Shows all current members of a club. 
/club Lists all club commands.
/club invite  Invites a player to the club chosen. 。
/club leave Leaves a selected club. (Same premise by selecting 'Leave' from the roster)
/club promote Grants a player in your club a promotion. The chain goes from Member (default), to Architect (can build in default club worlds), to Officer (club management, such as inviting, demoting, promoting, and kicking), and Leader (can demote anyone and build anywhere). Promotion/Demotion/Kick/Invite messages are shown to all club members.
/club demote Demotes a player from the club.
/club kick Removes a player from the club. 。
/club makeprimary  Give priority to the chosen club over the others. [Flag icon?]
/club log Retreives a log from that club。
/renameworld Renames the club world (this also fixes club world that are set to "Default" for people who have bugged club worlds).
/zonerestrict Make a zone of a club world restricted to specific ranks. 。
Build Mode / Tab + Map shows the biomes.

Battle ArenaTop ^

Command Label Alias Description Syntax (Usage)
/getbattleboxinfo See the current time toward your next Battle Box. /getbattleboxinfo
/testarena Force start a PvP match with the current players in the waiting hub. Forcing a match will test the map however no Battle EXP will be gained after the match is finished. /testarena

ScreenshotsTop ^

Command Label Alias Description Syntax (Usage)
/hideplayer Hides your character model. /hideplayer
/showplayer Shows your character model. /showplayer
/screenshot Stores a screenshot in your Trove folder; this does not include the UI. /screenshot
/large_screenshot  Stores a screenshot whose size is double the normal resolution to four files, and each individual screenshot is a fourth of the screen. Add two parameters to save more tiles (i.e.; /large_screenshot 3 3). /large_screenshot [arg1] [arg2]
/timelapse Captures screenshots over a period of time; uses the camera angle from where the command is started; the minimum delay is 5 and the default delay is 20. /timelapse [delay]
/showui Toggles the UI on/off; not recommended; use F7 instead. /showui <1|0>
/epicpose Summons your mount, removes the UI, and allows you to select the pose of your character before taking a screenshot. /epicpose

Meta ForgeTop ^

NOTE: MOST commands listed here are used only in the Metaforge and will not work in the normal game.

Command Label Alias Description Syntax (Usage)
/mf Brings you to the metaforager. 
NOTE: once you use this command, you must restart to exit Metaforge.
/weaponpreview /wp Lets you test what a weapon blueprint looks like in-game.
(works outside of Metaforge)
/weaponpreview i
/hairpreview Previews hair creations.
(works outside of Metaforge)
/hairpreview i
/hatpreview Previews hat creations.
(works outside of Metaforge)
/hatpreview i
/facepreview Previews face decoration creations.
(works outside of Metaforge)
/facepreview i
/decopreview Previews cornerstone decoration creations. /decopreview i
/load Loads a blueprint. /load ii
/save Saves a blueprint (You may also use /save after loading a blueprint to save over the last loaded blueprint). /save ii
/wadd Adds a prefab to your inventory. The # is optional and specifies amount to be added, the default is 1. These can be found in iv \Prefabs and its subfolders. /wadd iii [#]
/dungeon Used to preview a fully-assembled dungeon. /dungeon ii
/settime Adjusts the phase of the daylight cycle. The maximum value is 24. /settime [0-24]
/timelapsedungeon Show your dungeon being assembled for troubleshooting purposes. /timelapsedungeon ii
/stoptimelapsedungeon Cancels or stops the /timelapsedungeon progression. /stoptimelapsedungeon
/floodfill Replaces all connected blocks of the type your cursor is over with the one you have equipped (like the paint bucket in MS Paint). /floodfill

i Where is the name of your blueprint. eg. /wp mysuperawesomegun,

ii Where is the path to a blueprint file. eg. /load D:\Trove\DungeonRoom1,

iii Where is the relative path to a blueprint file eg. /wadd placeable\mechanical\track for iv \prefabs\placeable\mechanical\track.binfab

iv Where is the folder Trove is installed in. 

Mods (Mod Loader and Steam Workshop)Top ^

Command Alias Description Syntax
/buildmod Creates a .tmod file out of the modded files located in override folders. /buildmod title="
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Great guide! A few suggestions : try using tab to push the line as it gets confusing some times.

Also add a note to the /kick command that can be used in clubworlds as well [if you're high enough rank which i think it's officer+]