Tomb Raiser

The unlife of the party! Animate minions, then heal them and damage enemies with your basic attack's piercing beam. Enhance your attack and defense with Banshee's Boon, and combine your Bonetourage into a Grave Goliath!

Tomb Raiser Builds

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Lame ol' TR January 2, 2017
TankSupportShadow TowersLeveling

TR is very bland to play, has mediocre DPS, but is a solid tank.

Critical tanky TR January 9, 2017
Shadow TowersDamageTankFarming


Tankiest Tank March 7, 2017
Shadow TowersTank

This is the Tank build for the Tomb Raiser, only usefull for Shadow towers.

Invincible TR (While Building DPS!) January 9, 2017
Shadow TowersDamage

By Following this guide, your TR shall never fall! (Literally UNKILLABLE) No glitch or bugs involved!

Kuki's Tomb Raiser Build. January 9, 2017

Tomb Raiser's stats build from Kukui's Class Guide with Empowered Gems from Underrated54's guide.

End Game TR guide by an end-game TR Pre-Valentine's
TankDamageShadow TowersFarming

This is a build i've been working on since TR released, and has been updated several times with the introduction of Troves of Wonder, Manle Of Power and other content patches. If you want more detail on this build, the original page I made is posted here =

DPS/TANK July 11, 2017 Sunfest
TankShadow Towers


but I'm already dead? October 10, 2017
TankSupportShadow TowersDamage

How to not die again as TR

Tomb Raiser, the Necromancer. Heroes
DamageShadow TowersFarmingSupport

We are Necromancers. We wont wait the Energy to Regen, and we wont kill our enemies. We just summon things, and they just kill our enemies and protects (tanks damage) us.

Akira's Tomb Raiser(FULL DAMAGE) October Update
DamageShadow Towers


Tomb Raiser Bomber Royale - Season 2
Shadow TowersSupport

Normal TR build, isn't good for farming normal dungeons


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