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Help Qubesly celebrate the new year!


Renewus is here!


Renewus 2020 1/7: Hi Trovian! It's me, Qubesly. Renewus is here, and you know what that means: we have protected against Troval Warming for another year and it is time to celebrate! Down a flask [HK:Flask] to celebrate Renewus!


Down a Flask to Celebrate the New Year


Renewus 2020 2/7: We fended off the Flamotrons last month and now I'm feeling a bit chilly. The Treasure Isles and Lost Isles are always a nice reprieve at this time of year. Clear out the pirrots so I can relax.


Defeat Dungeons in the Treasure Isles or Lost Isles


Renewus 2020 3/7: It is nearly time for the celebratory orb to drop in the Hub, Trovian. Head to the hub and hit the Orb in celebration, new Orbs drop every few minutes!


Hit the Renewus Orb in the Hub


Renewus 2020 4/7: Now that you have the orb's power it is time to take on some more dungeons. Take down 3 Star dungeons and kick those shadows to the curb.


Take down 3 Star Dungeons


Renewus 2020 5/7: You did it Trovian! This is going to be a great new year. Help me celebrate by throwing 10 Confetti Balls! You can craft Confetti Balls at the Fun Factory.


Throw Confetti in the Hub


Renewus 2020 6/7: Those confetti balls have me feeling drunk with power, Trovian! Take on some 5 star dungeons on the Geode topside to ring in the new year.


Take Down 5 Star Dungeons


Renewus 2020 7/7: I'm excited to see what this new year has to offer, head to the hub and Jump around to help ring in a new year of Trove!


Jump Around the Hub to Celebrate


Happy new year!


Personal Renewus Orb

Changed Strings

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  • $Welcome_featured_dragoncoin_description - Luxion of the Golden Hoard returns to the Hub for 72 hours twice a month to trade goods for Dragon Coins. You can find Luxion near the Dragon Crucible in the Trove Hub, catch him before he flies away!
  • $Welcome_store_double_dragon - Hatch two powerful dragons!


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