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Commented on: Bigger Dot Crosshair mod

liked this! v1.1 is broken. fix file paths

Commented on: Better invites - Configurable mod

liked this!

Bomber royale auto-accept 🙏
edit: actually nvm. not really needed

Commented on: Super Hotbar mod

liked this!

Could energy counter be changed to match your max energy? There are a few dragons that boost max energy so its not uncommon to have it above 100

Commented on: TheSymbols Chat Mod mod

liked this!

Could you also add an option to block max and prime paragon levels messages from chat?

Commented on: 2022 Bunfest Egg Waypoint mod


Thanks for pointing out. Fixed in latest version

Commented on: 2022 Bunfest Egg Waypoint mod


so what? send screenshot of egg thats not being highlighted. make sure to update this mod and use old one from "inspiration" section

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<Does a particular player in 5 different clubs have different "Last Login" times?> Yes, both myself and other club members see different last login times across clubs. Me and club1 member will see same time in club1. But in another club(s), player from club1 will see different login time in club2. It does match in some clubs but Im not sure why

Commented on: G.O.P.H.E.R. collection


[Order of the Moon's Treasure Box]
not sure why linking in 1st comment broke

Commented on: Purple Geode Surface mod

liked this!


Use TroveTools.NET. Or manually place .pkfx files in Glyph\Games\Trove\Live\particles\VFX\Particles\override; and .png in Glyph\Games\Trove\Live\textures\override

Commented on: G.O.P.H.E.R. collection


it will be automatically learned after crafting

Commented on: Mod Settings - Companion mod

liked this!

Doesn't see it mentioned anywhere but this mod has more options than config you getting from website. And if everything setup properly will take priority over config in override folder

Commented on: Lunar Knight Qubesly Merchant page


Fog vfx block