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Mod Description

Minimap for trove

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.
  • Fix area in middle not clickable when minimap was open.

1.1 MB

  • Update to Boomeranger Blowup.

1.1 MB

  • Add option to limit refresh rate of the minimap updates (-1 = update on every frame, 1+ = update every other n frame, where n is the frames specified).

967 KB

  • Add position settings for minimap location text.
  • Add option to disable minimap location text.

966.9 KB

  • Add option to open minimap on startup (default: No, this also makes it stay open on world change when enabled).
  • Fix bug where map would not be able to open on world change after minimap was open.

966.9 KB

Configuration file should be placed in:
Minimap.cfg 106 B

Minimap for trove

  1. Go to and download the config.
  2. Go to %appdata%\Trove (or navigate there manually C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Trove)
  3. Create a folder called ModCfgs
  4. Place the Minimap.cfg inside the ModCfgs folder.

How to configure mod:
Install Mod Settings - Companion

Known issues:

  • Issue: Normal map can't be opened
    Solution: disabling Minimap (button in the bottom left).

  • Issue: Escape menu can't be opened
    Solution: disabling Minimap (button in the bottom left).

  • Issue: Interaction with other GUI with text inputs is loosing input focus
    Solution: disabling Minimap (button in the bottom left).

  • Issue: Cannot change camera distance for character
    Solution: disabling Minimap (button in bottom left).

There is still a sound effect while moving around/changing direction/jumping, it is extremely faint, and if you are using low volume it should not be audible, need a bnk audio mod to remove UI open sound to fix this (will be a seperate mod in the future).

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If possible the mod should get updated. With recent updates it is causing a lot of crashes and I came to like this mod.
i would love to see this be combatable with (auto replace tome) great mod
As others have said, without the player icon being larger, it makes knowing which direction you're facing a much slower process, which clashes with the speed meant to be had with a minimap, ultimately making this minimap less useful than the vanilla map when I can simply press M, align myself, and then take off running. The "Map White X Icon" mod has a larger player icon, so it does seem to be possible. Nice idea, though.
This mod is causing trove to crash.
Seems the update done today has broken the mod. When the Minimap up, you could still click various buttons on windows and such. Was never an issue unless you wanted to bring up the ESC menu, then it blocked it. But a simple map toggle would let you access it just fine.

But the update has now prevented any button clicking on various windows as long as the Minimap is up.


Thanks for the report, should be fixed now in 1.5.1.
can you make player icon more bigger?
Can we have an option in the settings to change the player icon size? I'd like to be able to make it bigger.
Change minimap_refresh_delay to 20 or so in the Config File and u can open ESC Menu.

Is it normal that the Minimap disabled everytime a world changes happen?
Thanks. I love this mod.


If you mean that the minimap gets disabled when you change world?

That is due to the UI reloading, i didn't want to make it persist on loading since if someone starts trove they might not want the minimap to be enabled all the time causing UI interaction issues.

liked this!


Interesting. Thanks!


I have added an option in "Mod Settings - Companion" mod to always show the minimap on startup, this includes world changes too.

liked this!


Oh, before ver 1.1.0 there is no hotkey to trigger the map, it was annoying to trigger.
After ver 1.1.0 it seems there is a nice workaround by replacing "Navigation Menu" UI instead, so everything worked fluently.
But v1.2 is a nice touch. You are awesome!

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Author: TheSymbol & Abbie

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Notes: Minimap for trove

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