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Commented on: A Handy Dutchman Staff creation


Ah, i thought i recognized that ship but its a ghostly version. I think it might be a bit too close to an idea of Ship in One Hand , but the model does look pretty different. I believe those dark green and blue colors would work lovely with quite a few costumes. The design is quite bulky but i dont spot any serious issues with that.


New update inspiring you to make more fish and sea themed styles? :)

Commented on: Ghouls Gravedigger Staff creation


Not to ruin your day, but just to be clear here: Approved (by moderator) doesnt mean that creation gets in game (which is Accepted status for).

I do honestly believe that your design is really well made and has good chances for getting in, but i can not guarantee that.

Developers pick creations from Approved and Accept the ones they decide to put in game every half a year or so. Last wave was around the beginning of September i believe.

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The new version looks just marvelous, good job :)


For future reference, we also require a blueprint of the creation uploaded to the Files tab (next to Home, Edit and others). That allows developers to quickly download, check and add creations to the game. The blueprint should be named according to a pattern of styletype_stylename[CreatorsName].blueprint, so in your case - staff_ghouls_gravedigger[TipHat].blueprint  . No worries, this time i ve uploaded one for you, made from the files in the latest Troxel link :)

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My oh my, what a staff :D I absolutely love those asymmetrical double 'blades', the colors work so well together and the material maps are right on point. Seriously, well done! 

There are a couple of moments that i would like to mention before i could approve it though:

- You are using the 255.0.0 (color for the Glowing on Type material map) as a color for the two most red blocks on the main qb. Could you please adjust that to be anything else that isnt used as a map? Even the 250.0.0 would work. Having the material map colors on the main qb should not cause any serious issues, but its better to be safe.

- It might be reasonable to give more space to the area around the Attachment Point. Some costumes use bulkier hand models, and allowing for more room would ensure that they look good too. Costumes that have noticeable overlap in that area: Bee Trickster, Tricksy Bat, Sakura Sage, Partisan Pinatrician (this one has worst clipping, but in all honesty i doubt someone would purposely use these two together), Woeful Wisdom and Nefarious Nekomancer

- A very minor detail, but one of the blades has a very fragile connection. It could be good to add an extra voxel or two to make it look supported:

Im going to change to status of this one to Active for now. Set it back to Needs Review once you upload an updated model. Hoping to see it again soon!

In case you would prefer to create something completely different - you could set Active creation to Draft - that would free up a slot for something else.

Good luck!

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That sword looks quite nice :) The flowers are really pretty!

However, there are over 950 various melee designs in game, so every new sword really does need to be unique and perfect, and that can be really challenging to achieve. For comparison, there are only 250 Fist styles and 450 spear styles.

I would strongly suggest to try and turn this sword into a blunt weapon or an Axe, just to make it stand out from the hundreds of existing swords. You can keep it as a sword ofc, but i do believe it would have more chances of getting in game if it was not a sword.

There are few other moments that would need to be adjusted before this style could approved:

- First of all, the handle around the Attachment Point must be 1 voxel thick. The red wrapping on the current model occupies 2 voxels, which means it will noticeably clip with 3x3x3 hands that most character models have.

The should be helpful on that matter. You can also use a Lint and Export button in Troxel to highlight any issues of that sort, if there are any. Load your model in, find the button on the right navigation panel, chose the type of your model and click on it.

- Another thing, you have set the Geode Topside biome for this creation. Is that on purpose? I have a feeling that a sword with flowers of this kind would fit much better in Fae or Highlands. You should be able to change the biome if you Edit your creation.

If you are aiming for the Geode Topside though, i would suggest to read through the Biome page for the biome - . You can see all the styles, collectables etc that belong to the biome. There are some floral designs in there, but they are based on plants in Geode Caves. May be you could draw inspiration from that direction?

- Last but not least, you could try using some Material Maps on your creation - . These are used to add glow or transparency or metal shine to the voxels. Using maps can really help to make the design appear finished and refined.

I am going to change the status of this creation to Active for now. Set it back to Needs Review if you upload changes!
If you would rather create something completely different - set this creation to Draft. That would free up a Creation Slot for something else.

In any case - good luck!


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Congratulations! Your creation has been added to Trove - Dusky Lantern !

It can be unlocked with Cursed Recipe and crafted at the Haunted Workbench.